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  1. Mochatyger

    Chapter 23

    The chapter opening was quite the tour de force and to be able to elicit the range of emotions from us is testament to your writing skills. Excellent chapter!
  2. Happy New Year - here's to a brighter 2021! Currently reading/following stories by Mark Arbour (Northern Exposure and Gap Year) and really enjoying Famous Last by lomax61.
  3. Mochatyger

    Chapter 9

    To @Jdonley75, I am not at all disappointed with how this story is being told or unfolding. Please, please do not follow through on "dumping the entire idea". The fact that readers are reacting in the way they are is testimony to a job well done. Your story telling has elicited emotional reactions because your characters have flaws and experiences that are relatable. Thank you for sharing your gift of story telling. I look forward to the continuation of this story and hopefully future stories. Thank you!!!
  4. A key detail is the inconsistency in Nat's account, and probably why Rush felt something was missing. In the newspaper report of the incident: Howe recalls, "I was supposed to pick him up that morning. I knocked and knocked, and finally, used the key he kept hidden." Yet, in her recount to Rush: “Was the door open or do you have a key?” Rush asked, startling her. “It was open. I mean, the door wasn’t ajar or anything, it wasn’t locked. It never was.” Something is definitely not right. What does Nat know? Was she involved? Her hot and cold behaviour as recounted in Jake's blog makes you wonder in light of this inconsistency of her account and the fact that she was startled by Rush's question.
  5. Previously one was able to delete a notification once read. I may have missed it, but I no longer see this feature with the upgrade. How do you delete notifications? Thanks!
  6. Mochatyger


    Very powerful - loved it and I want more. Definitely should continue!!
  7. Awesome chapter - I love how this story is unfolding. Looking forward to the next chapter. Much love from a Toronto, Ontario fan. Leo
  8. Mochatyger

    American Land

    Wow, what a great close to this installment of the continuing story of CJ and his wonderful circle of family and friends. I always look forward to each chapter and await with great anticipation for the next installment with Walls. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of writing with us.
  9. Mochatyger

    Chapter 50

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. I look forward to a possible continuation of Aiden and Ethan's story or further development of Corey, Darius and Cody's relationship.
  10. Loved, loved this story. Hoping there will be a Book 3 in the series. Thanks for your stories! Leo
  11. Hey There! To reply to each of your new friends here on GA, click on their names and leave a comment on each of their profiles, that way we'll know you replied to us. Glad to see you joining our group!

  12. Rush, thanks for the welcome!


  13. Welcome to GA~!~

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