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  1. Just thought I would drop in and say hi! Hope you all are doing great!
  2. Just came in to say hi! Hope you all are doing great!
  3. Story Reader


    I really loved your story. You are a great story writer! 😁
  4. This was a most powerful story of a man that should have had love his entire life in a short letter. Gary, you should have a OSCAR for writing this. Hope I don't start crying all over again before I go to bed. But the tears will be worth it.
  5. Story Reader


    WOW! I have missed reading your stories. I am back to reading online again. I will comment more when I read more hehehehe
  6. I was thinking of a guy that came to my cosmetology class to talk to us about his profession when I read this. He was a very good hairdresser and I had the privilege being a volunteer for him to cut my hair. He passed away a few years later in the 90's of AIDS. I even have his obituary. I would have loved to see and hear Michael perform. But in my financial situation, that can't be possible. I bet he is fantastic. You writing this makes everyone be inspired of being a truly loving person when they know that God loves everyone, not just straight people. I will always support the LGBT community
  7. Don't know how my border collie doesn't hurt herself the way she lays down. Wait she doesn't just lay down, she flops down hard.

  8. Just wanted to let all of you to know that I am fine.
  9. Just wanted to let you all know I am doing fine.
  10.                   Going to the Dairy Queen in Texas (USA)


    Employee: Welcome to Dairy Queen. Order when you are ready.

    Customer: I want a large Cotton Candy Blizzard.

    Employee: Cotton Candy Blizzard? And what size?

    Customer: (Rolls eyes) Large

    Employee: Will that be all?

    Customer: Yes

    Employee: Will that be all?

    Customer: YES!

    Employee: That will be $5.38 at the second window.

    The moral of this story is the employees at the drive throughs need a hearing aid to hear customers talking loudly through the speakers!

  11. I think I am literally a cat magnet in my neighborhood. I was letting mama cat out for a bit and when I opened the door to let her out then there was a black and white cat on my porch. WTF! Do they all think I will rescue them on my small income? Anyone want some cats?

    1. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Well, glad I did not rescue that cat cause I figured out it was a male cat and mama cat is in heat again. Her kittens will be 6 weeks old in 2 days and cats go into heat again during this time of year. I am keeping her in for 2 weeks to make sure she doesn't get pregnant again. Don't want any more kittens. My female dog is a nervous wreck lol

    2. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      And now there is another female outside that is in heat and the male cat is bothering her. WTF! Do these cats think that I will rescue all of them? I guess I am a cat magnet. Use to be a dog magnet. Or maybe I am a magnet to both!

  12. 77lW7bA_0FZgY6UcWq0eGy8yIwNaANKM26FI1VKvjs6ViH66oP4WnMqVjsodvgc1dtzqH4MyZNtxwWQVs3zLy-fKT6XtCvmIeCPCl3uum4XYR_LoSiljVcRvV7RlAhHN4A6HxU1QHHByJHgTLac9kAVo-Ydc7mFoMLoIk_MWJSLS4HZ9KxNo1DEb9y3vvw4ewHkKm4WaXE0Mk_v5lX6Xx-K8Lzt_C6Gk9HveqIlpKbdDPCj_mylkqn_6MZoQ4TvaW-YUuoGZSzEkawVpnEjEOjljPYgSrVwc1WkKP78eTEZvesbHF7_ZtmtV8AuiP4At1awu2BaijQVIaXA59v0ZRPAIM3Lh_jQdA3PZEblrVMI2Mj1CKNvjX3vypiQiaPaOUyfFyLJByzJh8Ls7kv94jL-9J6TSLf99tQhtzARM5lb5NISQBZhjsvC3agK4bO4uEquZRGUQqn5DUJZZJhQq0lIj6-U2eVnvCo96QTCWNJR1pZfyXl4vZxqI6cOXYcqEcqLb64TKASkm9l3sGSayk8ZJ5xgFSLkNv-_fkbV8thqpmE0JWH87rNaKG3kKFjlo50TUzlzhRMO3AqBD-dqOT35jMpMcinTLE79fXCIZmFo-B855UmqgFTyhw98wTNOwXjvcJbAeHmrlqj5Sdex9-GDgqAVYfbYbgmAheQaRkJ02pTdNNIetxfS_Vs4UtxztZSXTKbZB0ewwdu-AaCv6ydV_oQ=w559-h625-no?authuser=0

    The black cat I have been feeding had her babies 3 weeks ago. It rained hard last night and she came in to eat and was soaking wet. I told her that if she would bring her babies to me then I would make a box home for them and put them in it. The next thing I knew they were all on my front porch. You can't tell me cats don't understand what you are saying.

    1. Slytherin


      The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cat GIF by MOODMAN
      They own your house now -_- :funny:

    2. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      @Slytherin, my female border collie will argue with that one on who owns my home lol She thinks she rules the whole house lol🐕 first 🐈cat and 🐈🐈🐈 kittens second, third, fourth, and fifth in her house and I am last lol

    3. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      WOW my pic of the cat and her kittens are gone now

  13. Pray my electricity isn't going to go off. Severe thunderstorm with hail. I will come back and update you!

    1. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Well, the electricity didn't go off the other day and it is still raining.

  14. I had my 2nd covid-19 vaccine dose today. My arm is so sore! Don't laugh! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. Headstall



    2. dughlas


      Glad to hear you got both shots.

    3. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Thanks Gary and Dughlas

  15. Hi everyone! I want to put in a request for a prayer for my cousin, Debbie (Hanna) Gilbert. She has cancer and she is not expected to last much longer. Hospice tried to put in a catheter but it was too late. Her kidneys is already shutting down. Please pray she passes quickly so she will not hurt any more. She is 65 years old. 1 year younger than I am. Her and her big sister finally after 40 years has made peace with each other recently so that is a great thing. Her family with both her sisters will be there for her but they also need prayers to help them through this. I will keep you all informed as my sister tells me. May God keep each and everyone in his arms. Amen

    1. Headstall


      My thoughts and prayers are for you and your cousin, Sherye. :hug: 

    2. chris191070


      Prayers and thoughts to you and your cousin x

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