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  1. Well, the award ceremony went well! The conversation within the others afterwards, I am not so sure about! Some of them got a LITTLE mad!
  2. I agree with the thing about bosses! They think they are king of the world! And that we all shouldn't have a personal life. I had a boss that told me to come back to work if I was not in labor. When he called and the nurse told him I was in the delivery room, she said he got huffy with her and said, "Well, shit! Now I have to work her shift and mine." He also, after I went ack to work after 6 weeks, told me to go to another store to work cause he already hired someone to work my shift. What a ass! Oh yeah, forgot to say, I am glad Diego is getting the award. But that kiss he got from Azre
  3. I am glad they got back together. And everything Sablo did (with the help of Diego) worked. I have never seen anyone go that fast to the love of his life. WOW! I am impressed! hehehehe Well, shut my mouth, I can't help it if I am a slow old 66 yr old lady lol
  4. Oh I want to see the tattoo! Oh sue me for being a dirty old woman! I can't help it! May not get much out of me but you can try lol Hope Theo loves everything Sablo has done to get him back!
  5. And I am the back burner since I get left out lol
  6. Never open a snack pack of pudding with your teeth or you will get squirted in your mouth. lol
  7. Never open a snack pack of pudding with your teeth or you will get squirted in the mouth! lol
  8. WOW! I am impressed! It looks awesome!
  9. It is good to have best friends to console each other, but to fall asleep on the same couch together when you had a misunderstanding with the love of your life! Not sure how that will go!
  10. He doesn't have to cause I was just being a pain in my ass (and yes I am saying it right lol) 😁🤣
  11. Hope Theo and Sablo get back together. They are so right for each other!
  12. Hopefully Diego can make amends with Theo for his brother. Poor Sablo!
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