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  1. I recommend this story to any reader on GA and you will be entertained by this BRILLIANT author! This story is about love, peace, deceit, bullying, true friendship, family, and how a true alpha can make his life a better place when he has friends that can help him achieve what he needs. This story will entertain you in every aspect with how this author wrote it with true imagination. This story will make more stories come to light in making more enjoyment for the readers. So come and read it if you haven't. You will be amazed!
  2. Story Reader


    Now that is the kind of ending I enjoy! Before the ending, I thought that Dorian didn't deserve to die, but when I seen in the end that he hadn't, I jumped for joy and cheered! The way you had Ethan save him was the most brilliant way of all and that makes you a great author with the most brilliant mind to entertain readers. So, keep up with your brilliant artistry of writing and we will always be entertained.
  3. Story Reader

    Full Circle

    But is his mom baking them or Levi? That is the question!
  4. Story Reader


    We see who is doing the poisoning and disrupting the pack members trust and I believe Levi is trying to control Dorian so he can have the pack as his at some point but why?
  5. Story Reader


    I think we know how Dorian is getting poisoned but why?
  6. Story Reader


    Dorian ignored the other guy and focused on Levi. “Then I guess you better learn to keep your mouth shut about Alpha Wagner before you say or do something stupid and get forced out. Guess as friends we could help keep you quiet by keeping a dick in your mouth as often as possible.” I want to be a part of this kind of friendship lol
  7. Story Reader

    Chapter 38

    I hope Wesley has the strength to stay away from Cyrus
  8. Story Reader

    Chapter 36

    T least they are alright even though they got caught lol
  9. Here is a story of how a bully learned his lesson in how to treat people better and finding his true mate! You will enjoy this story and also might learn a good lesson too. Keep up the great writing and you will go far in that way of life of entertaining everyone!
  10. Story Reader

    Chapter 20

    I know I have not commented on your story here on each chapter, but I still enjoyed reading it. I loved the way you wrote how Chris learned his lesson and also found his true mate like Aiden and Ethan did. I still have more of your stories to read.
  11. Story Reader


    I want more! Standing ovation to Solus Magus! LOUD APPLAUSE!
  12. Wow! I am impressed and awed with this story and recommend this awesome sci fi story to be read by all! Solus did an excellent job of keeping me entertained and in suspense. It also needs another story to be written about it! Hope that happens! Keep up the fantastic writing Solus!
  13. Story Reader

    Kieran Klein

    I can't believe they did that to Damian! He so loved Keiran! I hate Anna and the Colonel so much! Hope he gets Damian back and that Aiden and Keiran are alright!
  14. Why do I suspect Jaden to be Damian. I don't know why but for some reason I feel that way.
  15. And handed to his ass indeed! Watch out! Here they come! BEWARE!
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