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  1. I had my 2nd covid-19 vaccine dose today. My arm is so sore! Don't laugh! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. Headstall



    2. dughlas


      Glad to hear you got both shots.

    3. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Thanks Gary and Dughlas

  2. Hi everyone! I want to put in a request for a prayer for my cousin, Debbie (Hanna) Gilbert. She has cancer and she is not expected to last much longer. Hospice tried to put in a catheter but it was too late. Her kidneys is already shutting down. Please pray she passes quickly so she will not hurt any more. She is 65 years old. 1 year younger than I am. Her and her big sister finally after 40 years has made peace with each other recently so that is a great thing. Her family with both her sisters will be there for her but they also need prayers to help them through this. I will keep you all informed as my sister tells me. May God keep each and everyone in his arms. Amen

    1. Headstall


      My thoughts and prayers are for you and your cousin, Sherye. :hug: 

    2. chris191070


      Prayers and thoughts to you and your cousin x

  3. I took my first covid 19 vaccine shot today!

    1. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      My 2nd dose will be on 4/12

  4. Hey everyone! I just thought I would drop in and say hi and let everyone know that my plumbing from the freeze is now back 100 %. The down side is now I have to buy another heating coil element for my electric oven. It went out yesterday.

  5. I heard a noise on my front porch that sounded strange. So I opened the door and looked outside and there was a possum on my porch. It would not scare away by me screaming at it so had to use a spray water bottle and kept spraying it till it got off my porch. I had to tell my step daughter in law to get every bit of food she had outside and put it up inside.

  6. I am not going to leave the site. But not going to be on hardly at all. I did get my water back on yesterday. But have to have my electric hot water heater replaced, a faucet to my sink in my bathroom and the pipes insulated. So still not up 100 %. Have been washing all my clothes and my linen since I have used almost everything I own. I am at the process of washing my dishes. I ran out of bowls to use and was so glad that my water got turned back on to wash everything. Nothing like taking a cold shower when the cold water is ice cold in temps 60 and below. lol But at least I can now instead of going to my neighbors house next door. Hate doing that. I went to the store the other day to get plastic cutlery but they were all sold out so still had to use my silverware that was still clean so had so much silverware to wash. I apologize to all members for being a pain in the rear about my situation and will not bother anyone any more. I have turned off all notifications. So if anyone says my name, I will not know. I love you all and would never want to hurt any of you as human beings. I will only message everyone from this status unless I get a pm. Have a great day everyone. May God Bless Each And Everyone Of You! 

  7. Hey everyone, I just got some good news from my sister! She set up a GoFundMe account. She is not so bad after all!
  8. https://koliasa.com/overgrown-sheep-baarack-gets-epic-quarantine-haircut-loses-78-lbs-of-matted-wool/ Just seen this on my phone and thought it was interesting.
  9. Now she is telling me to go to another mechanic when the one I have always used because he doesn't charge me a arm and a leg. She is just saying that cause she doesn't like the guy cause of the time she needed to have her pickup's transmission fixed and she got into a argument with him. He called my husband and told him that he was never goin to deal with her again. That she thinks everyone is stupid but her. I told her that he is reasonable and have always used him. Sounds like she wants control of my whole life. Someone just shoot me and get it over with so I don't have to deal with family a
  10. My sister just likes to gripe and wants to make my life miserable. Just like she is. She thinks I shouldn't even have life insurance, as she says she don't which I think she is lying. She doesn't want to be a burden to her son and if she doesn't have life insurance then she will be. I wanted to give back to her and my brother for all the things they ever done for me. I didn't see what was wrong with that. But she doesn't want me to be a burden to her and our brother, so why gripe about me having life insurance when my brother is the beneficiary. He is not going to keep all of it if she is aliv
  11. The plumbers have to reschedule the plumbing again cause they are at a jo the owner wants finished today and the job was bigger than they thought. Then my sister asked me if the other plumbers that was here from the same company last week had come back to get the tools they left. I told her no not yet. She actually started preaching (she is not a preacher, she is a control freak) to me and said for me not to call the plumber by name even though he introduced himself that day. guess she wants me to be rude and call him 'Hey plumber guy'. And to not call him again, which I only did the next day,
  12. Story Reader

    Chapter 10

    I felt myself dropping, and then my butt went right into Tyler's clothes hamper! I sank down too far for me to get any leverage, and I found myself STUCK in there! The more I wiggled my bottom to get out of there, the further I sank down into the damn thing! FUCK!!! It was a total disaster! Tyler instantly turned red in the face, and he burst out laughing. He was holding his stomach and nearly dropped the lamp again. Aww...I know that he wasn't trying to be mean or anything, but....awwwww....darnit! I laughed so hard at this one that my dog started staring at me like I had gon
  13. Story Reader

    Chapter 9

    Am anxious to hear what happens in the bedroom. Going to the next chapter!
  14. Story Reader

    Chapter 8

    I laughed so hard everytime I read a chapter of this story. Ariel is so adorable and him being so self conscious and as he says "geeky" makes me laugh but adorable. Reminds me of me when I was a teenager. But I am not a guy so that would be a little different! hehehe
  15. I agree with them above, that the manager already had the person in mind for the position. I remember when my manager at a convenience store had told me to help her with ordering and showed me how to do it and when she got to work she would send the order in. That helped her. She had me do a lot of stuff there to help her out. But when she quit, another manager from another store came in and asked why was I doing the ordering cause that was not my job. I told her that the old manager had me do it to make her job easier since she could wait on customers without any interruptions while doing oth
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