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The Mantis Equilibrium - Book Two 2. The Mantis Gland

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Genres: Fantasy, Horror

A year has passed since the events of "The Mantis Variant - Book One" and the clash between the underground and the tower. A group of Biological Shifts has started slaughtering Messiahs in Teshon City. To find the culprits, the Principal Messiah establishes a task force to investigate the murders. Meanwhile, the mystic and his husband with their group of friends convince Dozi to take a trip. They help a child while away, but when they return to Teshon City, the streets become a battleground. Who will survive this new confrontation and what will be left of them?

This is my sequel to "The Mantis Variant - Book One" which is also available on Gay Authors! Both books contain scenes of graphic violence and are intended for mature audiences 💀 My books are both available on ebook for kindle, but I'll be uploading this book here chapter by chapter, just like Book One.
Copyright © 2023 Adam Andrews Johnson; All Rights Reserved.

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Readers should read Book One first for more understanding of characters and events.

This continues our journey into this apocalyptic world where a small, jewel like gland gives those gifted with it or those who kill the gifted powers beyond comprehension. It's a violent and lawless world where the different groups mostly hate and distrust each other.

Still, even in the darkest places families can thrive and family can be more than blood relations. Dozi and the family group she continues to grow from outcasts is as tightly knit and loving as any family unit.

Join in the journey as we travel to an uncertain future. It's filled with surprises, joy, and sadness. You'll remember these unique characters for a long time.

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I am going to start by stating that I believe the writing and pacing in this book is good, as good or better than the first one.  I am not always a fan of short chapters, but in some way this style has worked well with this story.  We get these little tidbits and are able to digest them and see how we feel about what is happening.  

This book keeps a number of the characters from the first, but does add a couple of new ones and increases the amount of time we get to spend with others.  One new character is truly a delight to me and that was for me, the best part of this book.

Okay, now to my issue with this story.  The seemingly endless amount of violence and hate the seems to be generated by all sides in this story was almost more than I could handle.  I understand that the way the story is progressing, this was an almost inevitable direction the story was going to go in.  And I do feel that the author is using the violence to send the story forward.  I can't even say that the violence is particularly gratuitous but it bothered me more than I would have suspected.  

If you read and enjoyed the first book; do read this and try to stay with it.  Most probably would not have as much of an issue as I did with the violence; as I stated, it isn't gratuitous or graphic but the underlying hate just made it almost worse for me.

Will truly be interested to see were this story goes in the next book.

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