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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Ian's Heart - 27. Chapter 27 - Ian

Paddy was at the gym, boxing, we were going to Adam’s parents for dinner. My folks who were still staying with us for another week, were sitting in the back of the car with Riley. I offered the shotgun seat to my Mom, but she insisted on riding in the back with her granddaughter. Adam reached over and took my hand as he drove, flashing me a smile as he pulled my hand over into his lap.

Adam pulled up in front of his parent's house, cut the engine and then all four doors opened like the mafia had arrived. We hopped out, I grabbed the baby bag from the trunk, while my Dad released Riley’s carrier from the car bracket. Mom walked ahead of us and was ringing the doorbell. Mr. Price let us in and then through to the dining room. The house smelt wonderful, whatever we were having for dinner was Italian, the aroma of garlic, cheese, and sauce made my stomach rumble.

I chuckled sheepishly when everyone looked at me, “I skipped lunch today.”

My folks and Adam both gave me a glare of disapproval, but I waved them off. I only missed it because Riley had been fussy and I was trying to get all the housework done so we could enjoy the rest of the week with my parents before they went back to Connecticut. It had seemed to be the best time to do it as the house was clear: Adam was at work, and my parents were with John and Bill.

Riley was wide awake now, so I put her in the high chair at the table sitting down next to her. Adam came over to me and grabbed a bottle from the bag to warm up so we could feed her.

Mr. and Mrs. Price had already set the table for dinner, “Mom doesn’t want to eat until Paddy gets here,” Mr. Price said as Adam’s Mom put a basket of Focaccia down on the table.

“Make sure you have some of the bread Ian,” Mrs. Price smiled warmly at me, “is everybody okay with wine?” She received an affirmative all round, returning with two bottles and had us all sit at the table while she poured a glass for everyone, we munched on some delicious cheesy bread, while Adam fed Riley a bottle.

“Riley feels a little hot, Babe,” Adam said frowning with concern, his chin held the bottle in place so she could feed, then felt her head again.

“Yeah, there is some baby Tylenol in the baby bag. I think she’s teething,” I looked over to Riley, she was trying to chew on the nipple of the bottle. I reached down into the bag and took out the medicine, passing it to Adam. He mixed some in with her bottle then went back to feeding Riley until she decided to fall asleep, the bottle was almost empty at that time.

Once we were all seated around the table, my Dad cleared his throat, “Since we have you both here and Paddy hasn’t arrived, we’d like to talk about his birthday.”

I cocked an eyebrow in his direction, “What about it?”

Adam settled Riley back into the baby carrier, then joined the conversation, “Yeah, we are getting him a dog.,” he chuckled.”

Our parents nodded in understanding, “We knew you were getting him the dog. But…” Dad looked around at Paddy’s other grandparents, clearing his throat again, “the four of us would like to get him a car,” Dad put his hand up as Adam and I objected.

Mrs. Price continued, “It’s simple, you can’t afford to get him one. You’ve just bought the house, with the move, hospital, and legal bills we know it would be impossible. You won’t let any of us help with that so will you at least let us do this.”

“It won’t be anything extravagant, just something that’s cheap to get around in,” My mom finished their argument.

I looked over to Adam to see his reaction, as I expected too many thoughts running through his mind at once to get a read from him. He turned his head focusing on me, I shrugged, my lips turned down at the ends. There is no way I am happy about them buying Pat a car. Adam and I wanted to get him a car, but he seemed to want a dog. It’s what he mostly spoke about, getting a family dog. Then again they are his grandparents.

“You promise nothing flashy, expensive, or a tank?” Adam asked warily, “it has to be economical. Pat has to be able to afford gas, insurance, and tags on his wage. If we agree to this, he has to understand that cars come with responsibilities.”

It was almost impossible to hold in my laugh as Adam lectured our parents, they nodded along without argument, their smiles growing bigger as Adam spoke. They had won, and they knew it. Pat walked in the door a few minutes later, so the conversation turned back to regular family and goings-on.


My parents went back to New England with the promise to return for Pat’s birthday. The last of the summer and school vacation went by so quickly. It was time for me to go back to work, and Pat to school. When Adam worked days, his parents wanted to look after Riley. It had been the same argument since the beginning of summer. We wanted her to go to daycare to learn to socialize, but Mrs. Price insisted she would join a Mother’s or Grandmother’s group so Riley could socialize under her supervision. Grandma made all sorts of plea’s and had no problems resorting to emotional blackmail. It is not that we did not want her to look after Riley, but we did not want to take up all her time.

“Mom,” Adam said combing his fingers through his hair frustrated, “it’s a lot of work, you know that. Don’t you want to relax, spend time with Dad, travel maybe? You’re retired now, not a glorified babysitter.”

Mrs. Price gasped putting a hand to her chest, “I am not a babysitter,” she slammed a kitchen cupboard, “I am her grandmother,” turning on Adam dramatically with flames in her eyes.

I sat at the breakfast bar next to Mr. Price, our heads moving between Adam and his Mother as they took shots at each other. Adam’s Dad leaned over to me, “I have ten bucks on my wife,” he said biting a cookie, his eyes not leaving the verbal sparring. It felt like we were at a tennis match, I picked up a cookie bit into it, nodding my head.

“Mmm, these are good,” I stared at the cookie for a moment, “Keep your money, there’s no way Adam’s winning this one. All your wife has to do is bring the tears, and he’ll cave. He doesn’t mind arguing with his Mom, but upsetting her is whole other ball game.”

“Yeah,” Mr. Price sighed, “she’s got that one down pat,” he picked up another cookie.

“Ian!” Adam said firmly, his eyes bulging, a hand out suggestively like I should step in.

I gave him a thumbs up, “You’re doing great, talk about the travel again,” he rolled his eyes.

“Not helping,” he stated.

Shrugging a shoulder, I picked up another cookie, “I wasn’t trying to, I’m being supportive.”

Mr. Price snickered next to me, “Good one,” he whispered leaning toward me.

“You don’t want to be paying out all of those fees. Riley can come here and get looked after even better because we love her,” Mrs. Price played the financial card. Good one, that’s new.

Adam pointed at his Mom, “If we agree it will only be for now, eventually Riley will need more socialization. Day care places are also set up for early education, not to mention exposure which will build up her immune system. Also we would paying you all right, you aren’t doing it for nothing.” Oops.

She clapped her hands together in victory, happily bringing them to her chest, “Great, so we are looking after Riley while you boys are at work. Fantastic…” her grin was blinding. She’d backed Adam into a corner, and she had won again, “Who wants some afternoon tea?” Mrs. Price started busying around the kitchen. Well played!

Mr. Price and I sat where we were saying nothing, no matter what, it would only end badly for us. Pat started laughing from the couch in the living room. He’d been so quiet I forgot he was there.

“Well done Dad,” Pat laughed even harder when Adam shot him the bird, “Nan, can you help me convince my Dads we should get a dog.”

“No!” Adam and I answered at the same time, eyeing each other conspiratorially.

“Sure, what kind of dog do you want?” Mrs. Price asked her grandson, she stood up from where she had crouched, returning with a tray in her hand resting it on the kitchen counter.

“Uh… I don’t know, a rescue dog I suppose,” Pat sat up on his knees. His arms crossed, leaning on the back of the couch, so he was facing the kitchen, “An Australian Shepherd would be cool, or a boxer,” Pat chuckled, “yeah, a boxer would be awesome.”

“Huh! Well, there you go,” Mrs. Price chuckled, “let me work on them for you sweet boy, just give me some time,” she winked at Pat, opening the refrigerator. Pat dropped back down in his seat to watch golf on the television, grinning like a loon.

“See,” she whispered, putting down some cheese and vegetables, “Now you know what type of dog to get Paddy.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Adam said while he shook his head, closing his eyes in defeat. Adam-0. Mom-2.


“PADDY BREAKFAST!” I called out for the third time in frustration.

“I’m coming Dad,” Pat sounded off as he came pounding down the stairs rolling his eyes dramatically at my nagging.

Adam was already sitting at the table feeding Riley her breakfast.

“Did you pop in and see how Stephen is doing this morning?” I asked Adam, putting fruit in my and Pat’s lunch boxes.

He nodded his head, “Yeah,” Adam grinned, “he has been at the vet's for a while now, everything seems to be going well for him at the shelter. Derek told me he’s made a couple of friends there too, which is great. He’s also managed to complete summer school so they are letting him go back to school on a probationary status, which I know you already know.”

“It’s good though, I’m glad he is catching a break. I honestly don’t know how much more the poor kid could take. He puts on a brave face,” I shook my head, “I really think one more thing might have broken him for good.”

Paddy was hoeing into his cereal, “He’ll be fine, Stephen has all of us. Liam and Will are going to make sure no one gives him any crap, We have his back.

“Good,” I nodded.

“Babe, why don’t you leave Riley here with me?” Adam asked I snatched her up out of the high chair to change her diaper and clothes for the day. I shook my head.

“No, we are going to Nan’s house,” I blessed Riley’s face with little butterfly kisses, “aren’t we Angel? We are going to let Daddy get some sleep otherwise he’ll be grouchy with us tonight, huh?”

Riley let out a baby squeal of agreement, her arms flapping and hitting me, “Fine,” Adam said as he wandered toward the stairs, “I’m not a grouch, you’re overly sensitive.”

That gained a snort laugh from me, “If you say so, don’t forget to put your grumpy pants on Mr. Grouchy,” Pat snickered, as I spoke to Riley again, “Maybe we should buy Daddy some happy pants what do you say? We’ll throw out all his grouchy ones. Then after the night shift, he’ll be a happy camper. Yes, he will,” I kissed Riley’s cheek, “I’m going to get your sister cleaned up and say goodbye to your Dad. Be ready to leave in ten minutes or your walking.”

Pat huffed a laugh, “Sure Dad, you’ve never left me behind yet. My bag is already packed so I’m ready as soon as I finish this,” Pat’s eyes met mine filled with hope, “my permission slip for Driver’s Ed?”

Scrunching up my face, I tilted my head, “What permission slip?”

“Nothing, nevermind, it doesn’t matter,” Pat said dejectedly.

“It’s on top of your lunch box, signed, and ready to drive.”

Pat rolled his eyes, “You’re so cheesy sometimes.”

“I’m a dad,” I shrugged, “comes with the territory. So does embarrassing your kid when he makes you late for work. I’ll be right back down.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Pat smiled picking up his bowl walking toward the dishwasher.


The first few weeks of the school year went by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s almost October, and Riley is already five months old. Pat had settled into his sophomore year nicely, business as usual. My classes were full of pretty keen and engaging students, which makes my job fun and enjoyable. Adam was doing well at work without any fallout from all the time he had taken off. His station Captain was pretty understanding as were the FBI. Unfortunately, Adam is still stuck with Agent Wilson as his FBI partner, but he tried to avoid dealing with him as much as possible.

Yep, things are good. I do not ever remember being this happy. I arrived at school going straight to my classroom lab, as I put my briefcase on my bench Quinn Petrovelli, the new English teacher was knocking on my door. He is also Pat’s girlfriend’s older brother.

“Come in Quinn,” I said with a warm smile, “How was everything going?”

He shrugged, “Not too bad, it’s a bit hard to tell at this stage,” he chuckled.

Pulling my lesson plans out of my briefcase I asked, “What can I help you with?”

“Uh… Sha mentioned you were the one in charge of the Peer Anti-Bullying program, I was wondering if you’d mind if I helped out at all?” He asked me nervously.

“Really?” I am a bit surprised usually new teachers don’t volunteer for things like this, “that would be fantastic; we’d love to have you. The first meeting is next Tuesday after school if that suits you come along.”

“I’ll be here. Thanks, Mr. Wright,” I stared him down, “sorry Ian, thank you, Ian.”

“No thank you, Quinn. I look forward to seeing you there. Come grab me for lunch if you can’t find anyone to chat with.” I told him.

“Great, will do. I better go, thanks again,” Quinn left the room grinning.

At lunch, Quinn came to my door, “I forgot my lunch did you want to go to the cafeteria?”

“Uh… yeah sure, just give me two seconds.”

I quickly checked my phone in case Adam had called or sent a text. Cool! Nothing. He must still be sleeping my grumpy night shift worker, I hope he is sleeping anyway. I turned my phone off, tossing it back into my briefcase setting it beside my desk.

“Let’s go.”

I ushered Quinn out of the classroom. We made our way to get some lunch and have a chat. It is lasagne day today, one of the decent meals they prepare. Quinn and I both chose the lasagne with a salad and some juice. He pointed out an empty table for us to sit, so we made our way over.

“So how were your first few real classes?” I smirked.

Quinn snorted, “Tough, teaching isn’t for the weak. I can tell you that much.” No Shit!

I nodded as I shoveled lasagne into my mouth. Quinn had a puzzled look as he stared past me.

“What’s up?”

Quinn discretely pointed his chin in the direction of my shoulder, “Nothing, that kid kind of reminds me of Patrick.”

Turning to look over my shoulder, my eyes scoped around the area, sure enough, there was a kid who could probably pass as Paddy’s younger brother. He was smaller in stature, similar features, hair color that kind of thing. He was with Lee and another kid, they were headed to Will and Liam’s table which is also where Pat sits. He could easily be related to Pat. If not his brother a cousin or something. I glanced at the table of our kids, oh good, Stephen is sitting with them. He looks happy, he is laughing along with the others.

“Hmm, yeah I guess he does look similar to Pat.” I focused on my lunch, “So how much of a hard time are they actually giving you?”

Quinn huffed a laugh, “Not too bad, I mean it could be worse right. So far it’s a bit of ‘how green is this teacher,’ but I’ve held a firm hand without going over the top.”

“Good for you, if anything stay consistent, they’ll know how far they can push you. Things start to settle down after a few weeks.” I told him.

He blew out a nervous breath, “Thanks for this Ian, I don’t feel so out of sorts, I guess you could say, it’s nice to have your support.”

“Anytime,” I smiled warmly.

“How are you finding it living back with you folks?” I smirked.

“Oh god, you had to go there. I have to remedy that situation and quick,” He rolled his eyes. “I love my siblings don’t get me wrong, but that house is twenty four seven chaos.”

“Can you get a place, something small for yourself?”

“Probably, but I think I am still young enough to get away with having a roommate for now. At least for the company. I have a buddy that’s dying to get out from under his parents roof too, so I might ask him if he wants to get a place together.”

“That’s smart, it will also cut down on living expenses. You’re right about company, I lived alone for a long time it can be hard on the soul at times,” I gave him encouraging smile, but I wasn’t lying about the last part. Living alone in solitude can be great, but eventually it just gets lonely.


When I arrived at the Price’s I left the pram outside on their porch. I decided to walk around to pick up Riley. I thought the fresh air would do us good. As I entered their home, I could hear Adam and his Mom laughing. I popped my head around the corner from the hallway to see what was happening. Mr. Price was on the floor with Riley on a blanket, she was dressed in only a diaper, her clothes sitting next to Grandad ready to be dressed.

“Hey,” I said quietly.

“Babe, come watch this,” Adam waved me over, his face lighting up.

As I approached him he pulled me to his front, wrapping his arms around me as we watched Riley with her Grandad. Adam’s chin resting on my shoulder.

“Watch,” he whispered in my ear, then kissed my neck.

Mr. Price was sitting on his knees in front of Riley, he covered his face with his hands, slowly making the descent leaning toward her. Then at the last minute he opened his hands when he was several inches from her face.

“BOO!” he said.

Riley kicked her legs and arms around, giving off a squeal followed by that cute laugh that babies do.

“Oh my god, do it again.” I said insistently.

Mr. Price performed for us a few more times, on the third or fourth attempt, Riley got so excited she managed to roll herself over, then the hiccups set in. God she is so cute. Us four adults all stood straight and jumped backward staring at her.


“What the…”


“Aww, she so smart.”

We all looked shocked, well except Adams mom she was a proud Nan. Even the expression on Riley’s face said, “Wow, how did I get here.” Once she got over the shock and had settled into the idea of her new little trick her face lit up with a smile. Riley was even proud of herself.

“Time for our little gymnast to get dressed,” Mr. Price picked up Riley smelling her diaper as he lifted her up, “Dear god guys, what are you feeding her,” he laughed screwing up his face, he grabbed her clothes and toddled off to her room.

“Did you walk around?” I said still chuckling at Mr. Price.

“Yeah,” Adam hugged me giving me a kiss hello.

“Great, me too. The pram is on the porch.”

Adam looked down smiling at me, “Hmm, nice we can wander home and get some fresh air.”

Thanks for reading. Sorry about the delay, please forgive me.

Again I want to thank Rick, Rob, Glenn, and Cameron, you guys are fantastic, thank you for everything you do for me. I'd bake you each a cake but poisoning you seems counter productive, and not at all within the celebratory scope it is meant to be.
Copyright © 2017 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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4 minutes ago, Bndmetl said:

Lee, he has been a busy kid getting ready for high school.

He seems to have toned down his stylishness significantly…  ;-)

Edited by droughtquake
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I loved this chapter. 

I think the grandparents should be able to buy a car for Paddy if they want. I'm glad that the Prices have the privilege of taking care of Reiley while Ian and Paddy are at school and Adam is sleeping during the day as he's on the night shift right now. I'm glad that Pat has decided that's he wants to get a boxer as a dog for his birthday and it'll be a family dog.

I'm curious about the boy who looks like Paddy, I wonder if he's a sibling that no one knew about. 

I'm glad that Stephen is settling in to his job at the vets office, and that he was allowed to return to school after catching up with everything he missed after being kicked out after the incident with Liam in the gym showers. 

Reiley is growing up quickly, now she's discovered how to roll over while Mr Price played peekaboo with her. I'm glad that Adam's parents moved to Kentucky to be near Pat and Reiley as well as Adam and Ian. I think it's great that their near everyone so they can be near the grandkids. I like how Adam's mom wins the arguments with Adam, she has that down pat. 

I'm waiting for the next chapter to see if anything else is said about the boy who looks like Paddy, also his birthday. Thanks for writing the stories you do. 

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Come on now. I want you to “ake me a ake”.  It couldn’t be any worse that the ones I have baked myself.  

Loved the new chapter.  I wonder who Quinn’s friend could be...... hhmmm.  Could it be someone we have met in a different story????  Little Reilly sounds adorable.  Looking forward to more with Paddy’s dog and this mysterious look alike. 

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Very nice....now to see what type of car Paddy gets, because you know grandparents get to do whatever their hearts desire...he'll get exactly what they told them not to get...:gikkle: after all he is their first grand!! :thumbup: So Paddy has family...brother, cousin, ???, I just hope he's not being abused, cause Will might have to exercise his "kick-ass" rights...again!!! Can't wait for more, more, more!! :heart:

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