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Ian's Heart - 21. Chapter 21 - Adam

I arrived early at the airport to pick up Ian and Paddy, so I grabbed a coffee, there still hasn’t been any contact from Anna. When Mrs. Wright and my Mom went back to the house, Anna’s room was devoid of anything she owned. She must have snuck back into the house and taken everything before she left. Security tapes showed her leaving the hospital early hours of the morning. I managed to get the local police to take a missing person’s report earlier than they normally would. Thanks, in part to Dr. Ingram providing a medical profile, the security tapes, along with my job, the officers were happy to help. Ian and I are meeting with a lawyer tomorrow at his parents place to find out exactly what is going to happen. One good thing about Anna and I still being married is that I am already legally Riley’s parent, I won’t have to go through the drama of proving paternity.

I checked the arrivals board again, it now indicated Ian and Pat had arrived, so I moved swiftly through the crowd to get to the arrivals door. I’m more than a little anxious to get my hands on them, it’s been three whole days since I got to hold Ian and to see my son’s smiling face. Wow, a son, I like that. The reality still hasn’t hit me that two weeks ago I had no-one but my folks, now Ian, Pat, me and Riley are our own family. The excitement was rising within me, I couldn’t wait to see my family, and then we had to get back to Riley. Her two Grandpas were with her at the moment, while her Grandma's were out shopping for Riley because the doctor thinks she’ll be well enough to be released tomorrow. I can’t wait for Ian and Paddy to meet her.

Thankfully, there isn’t much of a crowd waiting, probably mostly business people at this time of day. I felt Ian’s presence before I saw my men. I spotted Paddy’s red hair first, then saw my gorgeous Ian next to him. I felt my cock stir, god damn he’s hot, but that will have to wait. Paddy saw me first and rushed over, his arms flew around me as soon as he reached me.

“Hi Papi,” Paddy pulled back grinning and excited, “can we go see Riley now?”

“Hello, Paddy! Can I say hello to your Dad first?” I laughed as I grabbed Ian’s arm and yanked him to me, enveloping him. “God, I’ve missed you,” I whispered in Ian’s ear. He pulled back slightly, and his lips met mine, we kept it PG-ish, we are standing in an airport surrounded by people.

Ian broke the kiss, “Missed you too,” he whispered back as he swept my hair out of my eyes. I leaned in and stole another kiss.

“Geez, are you two gonna stand there and suck face or can we go and meet my sister,” Pat sighed impatiently.

Ian rolled his eyes, I took his carry-on bag in one hand and held his hand with my other. Paddy flanked us as we wove our way through to my Mom’s rental car.


When the elevator doors opened on our floor, Pat was history. I wish I could have seen his face when he first laid eyes on Riley. By the time Ian and I made it to the NICU, Paddy was already there arm in arm with Ian’s Dad watching Riley through the window and both making gooey Grandpa noises. Ian told me this was the most excited he’d ever seen Pat so I couldn’t fault him for wanting to get to her. Our baby girl is worth all the fuss and excitement.

“Hi Dad,” Ian said as we approached them. Mr. Wright and Pat turned around.

“Took ya’s long enough,” Pat chortled, then turned back watch his sister.

“Brat,” Ian chuckled as he hugged his Dad.

“Hello, Son,” Mr. Wright hugged Ian back, then looked over at me, “Hi Adam, your Dad went to get us coffees.”

“Okay…” I was cut off by my Dad’s return.

“Adam, you’re back,” he smiled and gave Mr. Wright his coffee.

“Thanks, look who’s here,” Mr. Wright said.

“Hey, Dad,” I winked at Ian, “Dad, this is Ian Wright, my boyfriend.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, nice to finally meet you,” Dad shook Ian’s hand then without warning pulled him to a hug.

“You too sir, Adam talks about you and Mrs. Price all of the time,” Ian answered a little nervously.

“Dad, this is our son,” I introduced Pat nervously, “well… your Grandson, Patrick.”

My Dad was silent, his face fell. Ian looked at me, and Pat went to step back. I quickly ran my hand up his back, gently resting against his shoulder blade letting know I was there. Just as I was about to give my Dad a serving like no other, his eyes welled, he turned away. Mr. Wright put his hand on my Dad’s shoulder as we watched from behind. Mr. Wright indicated for us to give my Dad a moment. He wiped his eyes and gathered himself. Dad finally turned back around, his eyes were still watery.

“Hi, Pat,” Dad said, his voice strained as he stepped forward, Pat nervously went to shake his hand. Dad took Pat’s hand and at the last minute pulled him into a hug. “You’re a tall bugger, handsome too,” Dad chuckled, “You definitely get that from me.” Eliciting groans from Mr. Wright, Ian and me.

Pat was grinning when he stood back next to me, I felt a warm smile break out across my face, he seemed happy. Ian leaned into me, and my arm automatically went around his shoulders. I love my family, I was worried about my Dad’s reaction for a moment. I had not considered the fact he might be excited about meeting Pat. He’d never really said much whenever I’ve mentioned Paddy or Ian. I should have known better, my Dad has always been supportive, I think the whole sexuality situation has him confused. He wasn’t expecting it, and I had never given any indication that I like men. Probably because I didn’t know either, but I love Ian more than I thought I could ever love anyone, he brought me Pat, now we have Riley, our family is complete.

“While your Grandad here and me…” Mr. Wright turned slightly to my Dad, then asked him, “Grandad, or Grandpa?”

My Dad’s face lit up as he grinned from ear-to-ear, “Grandad is perfect,” he looked at Paddy, “if that’s okay with you Pat?” Paddy smiled and nodded.

“Pat, why don’t you meet your sister first. Only one of you can go in at a time with Adam. If you go now when you come out, you can take us Grandads for a round of golf and give your Dads some time alone with Riley. What do you say, Paddy?”

“I… I don’t know how to play, Grandpa,” Pat said nervously, “I don’t want to mess up your game, I can just wait here with Dad and Papi. I don’t mind.”

“Nonsense, we’ll have a great time, and I want to get to know my Grandson,” my Dad tussled Pats hair.

Paddy looked at Ian then me, “Is it okay?”

“You should go, Pat, you’re naturally athletic, it’ll be fun if nothing else,” Ian encouraged him.

“The old guys need a lesson in humility, go show the fellas up,” I gave Paddy a side hug.

“Okay, thank you,” Pat said to his Grandpa and Grandad. The old guys smiled fondly at Paddy.

“Come meet your sister first.”

I flicked my head for Paddy to follow me, as we walked to the door, I heard my Dad say to Ian, “So Ian, tell me about yourself. I only know the lies your Dad and my son have told me,” then he and Ian started laughing.

I took Pat into the NICU, Nurse Bell was on duty. She showed Pat how to gown up and wash his hands correctly. Bell moved the chair around so all the men at the window could see Pat meet his sister. I didn’t even ask her to do it, the woman is more than considerate, I really must remember to get her something before we take Riley home. Paddy sat in the chair and readied himself, he radiated happiness along with his nervousness. Ian was in the window silently indicating for Pat to breathe, even though Ian was the one who looked like he needed the advice. I think my heart beat twice as fast, he’s a great Dad, it’s one of the many things I love about him.

I kneeled down beside the chair, so I could watch Paddy meet his sister and let him know I was right there for him.

“I’m scared Papi,” Paddy whispered, looking at me sideways, his eyes wide and full of emotion.

I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed, “I was too at first, but there’s no need to be. Do what Nurse Bell tells you to do, and you’ll do fine. Are you ready?” I left my hand on his shoulder, I felt the anxiety drain out of him.

“Thanks, Papi,” he said relaxing. Bell came over with Riley in her arms and positioned Pat. Once she laid Riley in his arms Paddy smiled down at his sister with such reverence and love it made my eyes tear up. He grinned at me, his eyes full of water too.

“Talk to her, Pat, introduce yourself,” I told him encouragingly.

His focus went back to his sister, “Hey Riley, I’m Paddy, your big brother, wow, I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve always wanted a little brother, but I think you’re going to be way cooler than any brother could ever be.” I chuckled at Paddy, his smile was the biggest I’d seen on anyone. He was a proud big brother. I stood and pulled out my phone to take a photo of Paddy mesmerized by his little sister. Our little girl is going to rule the roost, I can see it now. I turned around to look at Ian, all three on the other side of the window were shooing me out of the way with their phones held up to take photos. I laughed and watched Pat, who looked up and rolled his eyes.

“Geez, it’s like a busload of senior citizens pulled in to see the cute things behind the glass,” Paddy chortled then continued staring at Riley. I laughed and looked back at the window, Mrs. Wright and my Mom had returned from their shopping spree and were also taking photos. Dear God, help us now.

Paddy spoke to Riley again, “Hey little Sis, I can’t wait to get you home and show you off. We’re the luckiest two kids in the world, we have two Dad’s, Grandparents, and lots of friends. I’m going to make sure you’re always safe, that’s what big brothers do,” Pat kissed his little sister and then smiled at me, “right?”

“I know bud,” I squatted in front of him, “are you happy?”

He grinned, “I love her already.”

“Doesn’t feel real yet huh?”

“Nope, it’s like all my dreams have come true. I thought I’d always be alone, but I have two really cool Dads, Grandparents, and a little sister, maybe one day we can get a dog. ” Pat answered happily.

“You’re not alone there Pat, I always thought that about me too. But along came your Dad and you changing my life for the better.” I smiled affectionately to my Son.

Paddy tilted his head looking at me quizzically, my hand moved to Riley's head, I wanted to connect with my daughter. My eyes drifted to Pat’s, “You okay?”

“Yeah, I was just thinking.”

“What about?”

“I don’t think I should call you Papi,” he mumbled.

“Why not?” I asked a little crestfallen.

“I know it will be confusing, but I should call you Dad too. I don’t want Riley calling you Papi. You’ve probably waited a long time for someone to call you Dad, you deserve to be called Dad or Daddy, especially from this little angel,” Pat explained and then frowned, “would you mind if I called you Dad?”

“No,” I croaked around the ball of emotion in my throat, wow, this kid is so amazing , “I’d really like that Pat.” I motioned for Bell to come and take Riley before I come apart at the seams. I didn’t want either of my kids to see that.

Pat stood up and stretched his muscles out, then we headed out of the NICU back to the senior citizens. Paddy quickly returned to Ian’s side with me straggling behind unable to talk. I was trying to pull myself together. I stood next to Pat with my hand on his shoulder with a smile plastered on my face, while Ian introduced Pat to his Nan, my Mom. Then we listened to him gush to his Dad and Grandparents how much he loved his little sister. Ian kept glancing in my direction, I knew he could tell something was up, this roller coaster of emotions isn’t over yet.

“Okay Pat, you ready to own your Grandpa and me on the greens?” My Dad asked Pat.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Pat said goodbye to his Nan, Grandma, and Ian. He went to leave but turned around and threw himself at me for a hug, “Bye Dad, thank you.” I hugged the boy tight before letting him go then we waved them off.

As soon as they were around the corner, I cracked. I lifted my fist to my mouth, “Excuse me,” I sobbed, and took off to the men's room. The door swung closed behind me, and I fell apart crying. Ian came through a couple of seconds behind me distraught.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s too much, it’s…” I let out a sob into Ian’s shoulder his arms wrapped around me.

“What’s too much?” I could hear the concern in Ian’s voice.

“Everything, You, Pat, Riley…” I gasped for breath, “Patty called me Dad,” I cried, “Do you want to know why?”

Ian pulled back so he could see my face, “Tell me?” he asked looking straight through to my soul. The butterflies in my stomach went crazy, my chest tightened some more, the way he talks, looks at me, makes me feel loved.

“He told me he wanted to call me Dad because he didn’t want Riley calling me Papi. I deserve to be called Dad by our little girl,” I started to calm some. I felt overwhelmed, too many emotions running through my body at once.

“Pat’s right, you are his Dad.”

Ian leaned in and covered my mouth with his in a gentle, loving kiss.

“Everything is going to be okay. We’ll make it okay.”

“I’m scared it’s all going to go away,” I said honestly.

Ian shook his head, “Not gonna happen.”

I hugged Ian tight until he complained he couldn’t breathe. The door to the men's room opened and in waltzed our Mom’s.

“Everything okay, we were getting worried,” Mrs. Wright asked.

Ian grinned, “Everything is perfect. We’ll be out in a sec.”

He shooed our Mom’s out while I washed my face and collected myself. We had a quick, passionate smooch, before we exited the washroom and faced our Mothers.


After we left the restroom, my Mom fussed a bit, not wanting to leave me. I assured her I was okay, and that I was just a little overwhelmed for a moment. She remedied that with a hug, the cure for everything according to my Mom. I hope our Riley will be satisfied with Daddy hugs. Mrs. Wright and my Mom left us not too long after making sure we agreed to come home and get some proper sleep since Riley might be coming home tomorrow.

Ian and I went into the NICU for him to finally meet our daughter. I was buzzing with excitement, he’s going to be smitten with her just like me. Bell came over and explained everything to Ian like she had to Pat and me. It must be the most boring part of her job, telling people the same thing over and over again. Ian interacted with Bell easily, he’s so personable, people take to him right away. I love that about him, he’s sweet, thoughtful and kind, not to mention gorgeous. Ian was all gowned up and ready, so we walked toward Riley.

“He’s wonderful,” Bell whispered and winked at me, “So hot!” she mouthed silently. I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud. Ian turned around smiling.

“Sorry, I’m excited,” Ian said thinking I was laughing at his excitement.

“Aww, you two are cuter than these babies,” Bell gushed, Ian’s face was as red as mine at the embellishment, “if you sit down in the chair Mr. Wright I’ll bring Riley to you.”

“Please call me Ian,” he said as he sat down.

“Don’t bother, I’ve been trying to get Bell to call me Adam for three days, I’m still Mr. Price.”

The young nurse giggled then lifted Riley out and brought her to Ian. She laid Riley in Ian’s arms, and his face went from restrained excitement to adoration in an instant. He leaned down, kissed her forehead then his eyes focused on me, they were full of happy tears. I crouched in front of him with one hand on his knee keeping me balanced the other cupping Riley’s head. I stretched my neck up, as Ian bent his down we shared a gentle kiss – flash. We looked up, Bell was there with a Polaroid camera, with a sheepish look on her face.

She shrugged her shoulders, “You guys are too cute to miss this opportunity, do you mind if I hang it on our board,” Bell pointed to a wall full of photos of other parents with their babies.

“Sure,” Ian said kindly, “do you mind if we see it first.”

Bell bounced over to us with photo waving in her hand, passing it to Ian, his smile big and bright as he handed me the photo. It was a beautiful picture of Ian and me with Riley. It is a shame we can not get a copy, oh hang on my phone. I stood quickly, which made my head spin. I pulled out my phone and asked Bell to take another photo for us and she did.

“Thanks, Bell,” she went straight over to the board and pinned the previous Polaroid picture to the wall with a smile on her face the entire time. After watching Bell, I got comfy and sat on the arm of the chair with my arm around Ian, and my free hand went back to cup Riley’s head. I can not help it the need to constantly have contact with Riley is instinctive. No different from when Ian is near me I suppose, just the thought had me leaning down kissing Ian’s temple I looked over his shoulder while we watched Riley. She’s so gorgeous.

“Hello baby girl,” I said softly, she finally opened her eyes, I gasped at the sight. Her eyes were the very same as Ian’s, color, shape, and smiling up at me.

“Adam, she’s so beautiful,” Ian said, “I want to hold her forever.”

“I did good huh?”

“Yes you did,” Ian leaned into me, we sat quietly mesmerized by our daughter.

“I can’t wait for us to get home, settled with Riley and Pat,” I mumbled dreamily.

“Me too,” Ian answered in almost a whisper.

Another flash and we looked up to see Bell grinning, “I can’t help myself you guys are so adorable,” she handed us the Polaroid, “Here, you guys keep this one.”

“Thank you Bell,” I said gratefully.

“I’m sorry to do this Mr. Wright, but I have to take Riley,” Bell said apologetically.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed Paddy meeting his new baby sister, along with his new set of Grandparents.

A big thank you to Rick, Rob, Glenn and Peter - who gave up sleep, to help me with this chapter. I'll always be grateful to you for selflessly giving me your time, advice, suggestions and editing.
Copyright © 2017 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Should have had a warning to have a tissue handy.  That little girl has three guys that are going to love her dearly.  Can't wait til they get her home.  Thanks for another great chapter!

Edited by Gomez Stanley C
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The perfect chapter to send us on Thanksgiving: Ian, Adam and Paddy all giving thanks for their being together with Riley :heart::heart::heart:

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The first time you hold a baby, you think you’re going to do something that will hurt them, that you’ll drop them or something! It’s terrifying! They seem so delicate and unbelievably fragile!  ;-)

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4 hours ago, Terry P said:

A really, really touching chapter.  Like a sap I too had watery eyes when Pat was with Riley.


Me too!

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How sweet! And I mean that in the best way! Adam, Ian, Patrick, and Riley are going to make a great family!

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I must agree with everyone else that this was a great chapter full of emotion. When Paddy held Reiley the first time I just about started bawling like a baby myself. When Paddy was holding Reiley and then asked Adam about calling him dad instead of papi, Adam couldn't speak for a moment due to the fact that he was overwhelmed with emotion that Paddy wanted to call Adam dad so that Reiley would grow up calling him dad or daddy. I hope that they'll be a great family without Anna interfering with them as they raise their daughter. I'm sure that the things that Paddy said about them going home and becoming a big brother for Reiley.  Thanks for writing this amazing story. 

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Oh geez...there should be a rating system for your stories...1-5 tissue box (TB), with 5 equaling a CAT 5 hurricane of tears produced!! This was a TB 5, definitely!!!:wub: Beautiful family for these two amazing kids...oops, just got a visual in my head of Paddy elbowing Liam out of the way from his baby sister :gikkle: Fabulous chapter!!:heart::heart:

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Lots of happy tears with this chapter! The moment between Adam and Pat was so touching, as was the two dads adoring baby Riley. She's a very lucky little girl. Two loving dads and a big brother to protect her. I can only imagine how adorable the pics were of Adam and Ian with Riley.

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 12:43 AM, Terry P said:

A really, really touching chapter.  Like a sap I too had watery eyes when Pat was with Riley.



I'm happy you felt that way, thank you, you've made my day.

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 1:33 AM, mfa607 said:

I agree with Terry, a very touching chapter!  Thank you!


You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. There's more to come.

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 2:31 AM, Wesley8890 said:

Perfect so damn perfect! Paddy was so sweet. You made me cry again. 


It wasn't my intention, okay maybe a little. I haven't made you cry in a while, so can I have a pass? Please!

And another chapter of JAM since I am about to mention Benny

Edited by Bndmetl
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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 2:39 AM, glennish said:

Damn. There must have been a lot of dust or something in the air in the room I read this in.  My eyes kept watering for some reason.  Very moving chapter. Thanks. 


Maybe you need to hire a cleaner, lol. Thank you for your help.  Joh

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 3:44 AM, Gomez Stanley C said:

Should have had a warning to have a tissue handy.  That little girl has three guys that are going to love her dearly.  Can't wait til they get her home.  Thanks for another great chapter!


You're welcome, what would be the fun in warning you. :) 

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 3:48 AM, pvtguy said:

There is no feeling like the first time you hold your child.  Guess it's the second or third time!  Instant love!  I definitely await each chapter.


Unfortunately, I can only imagine. It's not something I'll ever get to experience, but I hope I was close. Thank you for your kind words.

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 3:50 AM, Rndmrunner said:

The perfect chapter to send us on Thanksgiving: Ian, Adam and Paddy all giving thanks for their being together with Riley :heart::heart::heart:


A great big thank you to you, I've become more attached to this story than my others. You are what makes this story great and I'll be forever grateful.  :glomp:

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 3:56 AM, droughtquake said:

The first time you hold a baby, you think you’re going to do something that will hurt them, that you’ll drop them or something! It’s terrifying! They seem so delicate and unbelievably fragile!  ;-)


They do, it's probably why I don't make a habit of it with friends babies. I'm good once they are tiny people and can talk, and go to the bathroom by themselves.

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On ‎25‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 5:10 AM, starboardtack said:

Ok, my son is wondering why I am sitting on the couch with tears running down my cheeks. ❤️❤️


Oh poor youngster, sorry about that. He'll understand why, one day and you'll be able to experience it with him. :yes:

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