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Ian's Heart - 24. Chapter 24 - Adam

The weekend after we returned from Connecticut, our family had been summoned to brunch, the extended family wanted to meet their newest member. So we traipsed over to Will and Liam’s house, my parents were also included; it was nice of them to do that for my folks. We pulled into the driveway, Liam was first to the car, the door opened, and Riley was being stolen in her baby carrier. I had not even cut the engine yet. Pat was out of the car running around the side to fight for his sister, we heard him and Liam arguing until they disappeared into the house.

Ian was laughing as he grabbed the baby bag from the back seat, “Don’t worry guys, we’ll be okay, you go on ahead, we’ll introduce Mom and Dad in a minute,” Ian was saying sarcastically to the two boys, who were no longer there.

“What just happened Ian?” My Mom asked.

Liam is what happened, he’s baby crazy, nobody else gets a look,” Ian said still laughing.

Once we made it inside the house, Liam was at the table with Riley cradled in one arm and their housemate’s baby in the other. Pat was sitting next to him, devising a plan to get his sister back from her kidnapper.

“Liam, you have Noah, let me have Riley,” Pat whined.

“Back off little brother, I have two arms and one of each, we’re having a family cuddle. You get to have her all of the time, it’s my turn,” Liam said indignantly.

“Noah’s going for a bath, bottle, and nap anyway Pat,” Katherine said to Paddy.

“I still don’t see why he needs to cuddle both at once,” Pat said sullenly.

“Baby, let Pat have his sister back,” Will argued with Liam.

“Oh okay, Babe, so when are we having our own baby?” Liam sniped.

“You are on your own Paddy,” Will said going to the coffee machine, “If the dogs are still alive after college we can have ten.”

“Wow,” My Dad said watching the kids all fight over Riley and Noah.

“Right,” Ian laughed, “Pat, why don’t you introduce your Nan and Grandad to everybody before the others arrive and you need to fight off more family members.”

“Oh God, I’m never gonna get her back,” Pat whined, “Coach Campbell is worse than Liam, it’s not fair.”

“Nobody is worse than Liam,” Kat sighed still waiting for Liam to give her Noah, she glared at him, “Don’t make me count Liam.”

“Fine,” Liam screwed up his face, letting Kat take Noah.

Pat took that as his cue to get Riley back, standing from his seat he moved toward Liam.

“Uh-uh, little brother, we’re still getting acquainted,” Liam twisted away from Pat.

“I hate having older brothers,” Pat huffed.

I tried so very hard not to laugh, didn’t succeed very well, nor did my Dad. Pat gave me the stink eye and went about introducing his Grandparents to everyone.

“Nan and Grandad, this is our extended family, these are my two brothers, Liam, the baby kidnapper, he’s Kitt’s son,” Liam smiled and gave a little wave while guarding Riley from Pat. “Will, is John and Bill’s son, Liam’s boyfriend, and Will is who got me into boxing. They both rescued me from foster care before I went to live with Dad,” Pat grinned from ear-to-ear, introducing his older brothers.

“Nice to meet you,” Will said, “Coffee?” my folks nodded thanking him, a little overwhelmed by all the new names and faces.

“Katherine and Oliver, are family they live here with their son Noah. We all go to school together, along with my girlfriend Sasha, who is Oliver’s sister.”

“Everyone, this is my Nan and Grandad,” Pat puffed out his chest a little, proud as punch to introduce his Grandparents, “Dad’s parents,” he said pointing at me, now I was proud as punch. I was a bit worried how he would introduce me, but I shouldn’t have been concerned at all, it rolled off his tongue like I had always been his Dad.


“You okay HotShot?” Payne asked me from the passenger seat.

“Huh?” I answered looking into her concerned face, “Yeah, you haven’t seen Stephen Carter around have you?”

Just before I left for Connecticut, Stephen had been involved in an assault. Two boys, he went to school with had beaten a kid in the locker room at school and left him for dead. Stephen had been with them at the time, he didn’t participate, but, he also didn’t stop them. The kid was scared, the two so-called friends of his were bigger than Stephen, I found out later were bullying him too. Even though it’s no excuse for his inaction, I understand his predicament. They all lived in the same trailer park, Stephen’s parents were good for nothing bullies in their own right. The kid felt he had nowhere to turn, he lived day-to-day in survival mode. If Stephen’s parents weren’t beating up on him, his ‘friends’ were making him do sexual acts for protection against others.

“No actually, did you wanna go to the trailer park and check on him?” Payne enquired.

“Yeah,” I answered, flicking the turn signal and doing a U-turn to head toward the trailer park.

I had reason to be worried after the assault occurred at the high school, the two fuckwits were holed up in a vacant house to let the dust settle. Stephen managed to get away and contact me, telling me where to find them.

Stephen’s leniency for his statement against the other two still came with consequences. First, he was expelled from school, zero violence policy, a social worker, was supposed to contact Stephen and enrol him in the diversion program, which would have helped him attend another school. The second was that he had been publically outed, due to the incompetence of a couple of detectives and one dickhead FBI agent, and I know how being gay would go down with the white trash in that trailer park. Okay, this kid did the wrong thing, but I can’t help feel for him. The compassion and love Stephen shows his Uncle Marshall – who suffers from mental illness – tells me this boy is also a victim of shitty circumstances. We need to make sure he is okay. I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t at least try to help him. God only knows what his family has done to him by now. The assault happened the week before I left to get Riley from Connecticut. We have been back several weeks now. Fuck it, Stephen better be okay.

“How’s Riley?” Payne asked.

I knew she was trying to settle me down. When I get riled up or anxious about work, I tend to lean on my fist and flick my front tooth with my thumbnail. She’s a great partner and a better friend.

I smiled right away, “I have some more photo’s on my phone, take a look if you want.”

She picked up my phone and unlocked it with the code. Savvy cow, she’s observant and knows the code to unlock my private phone. I don’t care, she wouldn’t do anything on my phone without my permission. Well… that’s a lie she often changes what Siri calls me. Nothing was more embarrassing than when she made Siri call me ‘Supreme Commander.’ My Dad, Pat, and Ian still haven’t let me live that down. Thankfully, Mom has no clue what’s funny about that, so she always defends me.

“God, she’s so gorgeous,” Payne said wistfully biting her lip, “It’s hard to believe you came here with no-one, now you have this amazing family. I’m a teensy bit jealous, you guys are so sickly in love, on top of Riley, you have an amazing son. You’re a lucky son of a bitch.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I pinch myself sometimes just to make sure it’s real. I thought you were all loved up with that Tina?”

Payne snorted, “Hardly, I thought we were getting serious, she thought serious meant that we had an open relationship.”

Sorry, Payne.”

She waved her hand dismissively, sighed, putting my phone back, “Don’t be, plenty more fish in the sea,” Payne chuckled, “Just sucks that we’re landlocked.”

We pulled into the trailer park and stopped at the Carter trailer, the second I cut the engine, Payne and I stepped out of the vehicle to be met by Chester Carter, Stephen’s dad, in a wife beater, jockies, barefoot with a can of Bud in his hand.

“What the fuck do you two want?” his drunk, ignorant ass slurred, even though he stood about six feet from me I could smell the pot and booze. Ï looked across at Payne the mouthed, “Patrol,” Payne nodded to me, leaned into the car and I saw her grab the mike, requesting for uniform patrol to our location.

“I’m here to see Stephen,” I said curtly.

The man snorted, “Not ‘ere, never heard of him.”

I stepped closer wanting to intimidate the man, he is all of five foot, four inches, be lucky if he weighed a buck soaking wet.

Chester rubbed the side of his face with his palm, “We have a no fairy policy in this here trailer, no fags allowed. Kicked his ass to the curb a couple of weeks back.”

Payne walked to the front of the car, giving me a curt nod. I grabbed hold of Chester by the shoulder, pulled his arm up his back until it almost touched his ear. I spun him around slapping the cuffs on him, hands behind his back. Leaning close to Chester’s ear, through gritted teeth, with as much venom as I possibly could, saying, “You’d better pray that kid is unharmed.”

Two uniform officers walked up to us, “Here take this piece of crap,” I said, shoving Chester toward one of the officers. “I smelled pot coming from the trailer, you need to search it along with this piece of shit..”

“Come on Payne, we’ll have a look around town, see if we can’t find Stephen,” I pointed at Chester, “Like I already told you, you better pray that the kid is unharmed.”

I got in the car, waited until Payne was buckled before driving. Payne showed me where the homeless tend to congregate along with a few alleyways and parks, the kid was nowhere to be found, of course, no one would tell us either if they had seen him. I was pissed off, and Payne was frustrated.

“I’ll give Wade a call, he’s on nights at the moment,” Payne said, “when we get back to the station we’ll post a flash alert – Wanted for Questioning – then have either of us as the contact.”

Thanks, Payne.”

“S’all good HotShot! I get it,” Payne said as she dialled Wade – Officer Potts. We trust him as a uniform officer implicitly, he will be sympathetic if he came across Stephen, and we could be guaranteed Wade would call us if he found him.


When we returned from New England, we took a few weeks to get settled with Riley. Mom spent her time helping us get into a routine. A routine that worked for all of us, between our jobs, her sleeping and feeding schedule, causing minimum disruption to Pat. It was rough at first, but we eventually stumbled into a new normal.

Now that we were organized we went to the next item on our list – a new place. A house, one with four bedrooms, a yard for the kids, and would also securely hold a dog. We went over our finances, had Ian’s apartment appraised, what I had left in savings, then it was off to the bank. They had given us a figure we could borrow and gave us a pre-approved loan letter. That only left the search, we were gung-ho at first, we contacted the realtor that appraised Ian’s apartment. We gave him the specifics of what we were looking for, he took us on the trip from hell. The thought was for us to do this as a family. Pat lost interest after the first few houses we saw, he’d already told us his wish list for the new home. Riley fussed the whole time because we were traipsing all over Lexington. By the end of the day, we were all tired, frustrated and sniping at each other. God love Ian, he chucked the wobbly of the century, and we all went home cranky.

During the week, Mom and Dad went with the realtor to narrow down the choices for us. On Saturday, my folks spent time with Riley, Ian and I went to look at three different houses, we fell in love with the second house, the minute we stepped through the door it had a homey feel. It wasn’t big but still spacious enough not to feel cramped. Upstairs had the main bedroom with an ensuite, a separate full bathroom and three smaller bedrooms. One of the three would be big enough for Paddy to have his own space and privacy. He’d at least be able to have a double bed, desk, dresser, and still be comfortable.

Downstairs had an open plan living area, a kitchen that would make Pat want to marry it, a small room, big enough to make it an office, along with a half bathroom. It had a couple of drawbacks, but they weren’t deal breakers, it had a single car garage and an outside laundry room. The best part about the place, it had a yard for Pat and Riley. It had enough room to have a dog; we could also build an entertainment area for the summer. The place has so much potential.

The house needs a little TLC, but nothing that would cost an arm and a leg, or that would be urgent. It was up for auction as it was a foreclosure. We put a bid in for just under what the bank had hoped to get for it, and they accepted. Lucky for us it was within our budget and not the top end so we wouldn’t be killing ourselves to make the mortgage payments. We don’t close until next week, then move the following weekend. It has been a terrifying, nerve-wracking process, to say the least.

On the tour of houses my folks did for us, the realtor showed my parents a two bedroom cottage. It is on the street behind our new place. My folks decided to buy the cottage, they wanted to be close to us, they had fallen in love with Ian and Pat quickly. They went down to Florida and placed their home on the market and U-Hauled to Kentucky. We helped them move in last week. They have already set up the second bedroom as a nursery and bedroom for Pat, so they could all spend time together. When Ian told his parents they were ecstatic that we now had family nearby, promising to come visit once we were settled in the new house.

Dad has bonded quickly with Pat, they play video games together, have a standing Sunday morning date at the local golf course, Dad even goes with Pat while he trains for boxing. Mom dotes on both of our kids to the point of suffocation in my opinion, but Paddy laps it up, his Nan shares her recipes with him and shows Pat cooking techniques, the kid is in his element when he spends time with Mom and Dad.

“Are you sure you’re okay to take Riley, we’ll try and get away by ten to pick her up,” I told Mom.

“It’s the reason we have a baby room in our house, Adam. You’re still alive and breathing so I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to handle this little angel,” Mom admonished me, “don’t be a helicopter Dad, you go and enjoy yourself at the wedding. You can swing by in the morning before you go to the family brunch.”

“You know you were invited to that too,” I reminded her.

“I know my boy, but we’re old, and it’s been crazy for the last few months. What your father and I need some time to just rest and catch our breath. We’ll send the appropriate wishes and so forth, now get out of here,” Mom nodded at the front door.

“Fine, Ms. Bossyboots.”

I kissed Riley and Mom goodbye. I am meeting Ian and Pat before the ceremony at the Botanical Gardens. They’re both helping set up, Pat was in the wedding party, Ian was doing some last minute running around for John and Bill; The Dads of the two boys getting married.

Once I had parked the car I walked through the gardens to have a look around, this place is beautiful. I wonder if Ian would want to get married outdoors too; maybe I should ask the question first. People were arriving and milling around the archway that had seating in front, I made my way over. It didn’t seem like Pat or Ian had arrived yet. I would know if Ian was around my body tells me when he’s near, for some reason it always has. I don’t think anybody would believe us if we told them, even so, I hope we never lose it.

“Uncle Adam!” I could swear that was Benny calling me. I looked around thinking I was crazy, then I was nearly knocked on my ass by two little tykes wrapped around my legs.

Looking down, “Benny!” I said surprised, “Oh my God, Haley!” I bent down, picking both of them up while I looked around for Alex, Tracy, and my old Captain from Florida. Haley is his daughter and Benny’s best friend. Wow, these two are getting big.

“Daddy and Poppy are over there,” Benny pointed, spotting them, I wandered over with their munchkins.

“Ah! Do these belong to you?” I asked chuckling.

“Uh… hmm… nope. Never seen ‘em before, sorry,” Tracy laughed.

“Poppy,” Benny whined.

They're all yours Buddy,” Alex chortled.

“There’s no more room at the Inn, sorry,” I laughed setting the kids back down on the ground, “You do look handsome in your tux Benny, and Haley, you look pretty and all grown up.”

Both Benny and Haley got shy and embarrassed at the compliment. I then shook hands and hugged Tracy and Alex.

“How are you, what have you been up to, we haven’t spoken in a while?” Tracy asked.

I chuckled and rubbed my cleanly shaven chin, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Dad!” Paddy called out as he approached.

Tracy and Alex both raised an eyebrow questioning me.

“Oh good, you’re here,” I said, reaching out squeezing Pat’s shoulder, it is weird because as soon as I heard Pat’s voice, I felt my body relax a little. It’s peculiar how quickly Pat and I have become father and son. As soon as I moved in with him and Ian, it was almost instantaneous, the respect both ways, as well as the love, not to mention the parental concern and worry.

“Yeah, I came in the Limo with the others, Dad will be here soon. Uh… is it okay if I stay at Will and Liam’s house tonight with Lee, Beau, and Seb? Haley, Benny, and his Dads will be there too,” Pat looked at Alex and Tracy, “Oh hi, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Pat screwed up his face, “Do you guys know each other.”

“He’s my Uncle Adam,” Benny said with the expression of ‘geez, how stupid are you,’ Pat chuckled at the young boy.

“Yes, they’re my friends from Florida,” I answered Pat.

“Huh… Small world.”

“Indeed. Yes, you can stay since there will be adults there,” I gave permission, “Ya have any clothes with you?”

“No, I can probably borrow something of Liam’s. Could you and Dad bring me some clothes when ya’ll come for brunch?” Pat asked.

“Yeah, no problem, now let me introduce you properly. Pat these are some of my friends, Alex and Tracy. I’m guessing you already know Benny and Haley,” I suggested to Pat, he nodded, “Guys this is my son, Patrick.”

“Huh?” Tracy tilted his head, “But… how… but when… huh? Ah we’ve met, haven’t we, at Will’s birthday in the mountains, just before Christmas?” Tracy said and reached over to shake Pat’s hand, then Alex did the same.

“Yeah,” Pat chuckled, “huh, really is a small world.”

“Pat, me and Haley wanna play wiv the dogs,” Benny tugged on Pat’s tux jacket.

“Yeah, me too… Let's go before everything starts,” Pat said a little wistfully, my mind went immediately to Pat’s upcoming birthday in a few months. We were going to take Pat to get a rescue, I’m a believer pets choose their owners if it’s done right.

Pat took Benny and Haley’s hands in his escorting the youngsters to Cash and CC – Will and Liam’s dogs, for some reason they were also part of the ceremony. One was sporting a bow tie, the other a tiara, I have no idea how the dogs hadn’t shaken them off by now.

Tracy looked at me quizzically, “Explain yourself, young man!”

I chuckled at the sternness of his Dad voice, it didn’t suit him at all. As I went to launch into the last few months, my stomach wobbled, my heart fluttered. Smiling my gaze went to the building we were standing behind, Ian appeared from around the corner and made a beeline straight for me. My heart beat faster, Ian looked so hot in his tux. His hair was styled, the tux looked like it was made for him. How on earth did I get this lucky? He waltzed up and kissed me.

“Hey, you drop Riley off okay?” Ian asked.

“Yeah, Babe,” I answered grinning, “this is Tracy and Alex, guys this is Ian, Pat and Riley’s Dad,” I said snaking my arm around Ian, kissing his temple. The three of them greeted each other, they’d apparently met the day before.

Bill and John announced that Liam had arrived and for everyone to take their places.

The ceremony was beautiful, Benny and Haley were so cute they almost stole the show. At the reception, we were seated with the family. It was nice to be included. Until we came back from Connecticut, I hadn’t had much to do with the extended family, just a dinner here or there. They accepted me right away and made me feel like I had always been part of the extended family. Will is still a little standoffish with me, that’s to be expected; he idolizes Ian. He seems to be coming around though, I’ll wait him out, he’ll soon see that Ian and I are meant to be and that we make each other more than happy.

The reception was set up in a massive marquee at the back of the Will and Liam’s home, the boys, had a beautiful old farmhouse they’d been slowly restoring. No one would think these two were only seventeen years old, to me, it seemed like they had discovered the secret to relationships. Ian and I danced with Kitt, and her Mother during the family invited dance. Then we got to dance together before the food was served. After dinner, we sat with Tracy and Alex mostly for the rest of the reception. I was able to finish telling them about the horrible, yet incredible journey Ian and I had taken together.

“So let me get this straight, you and Ian met in Kentucky and fell in love,” I smiled reaching for Ian’s hand, “which led you to find Anna because she’s actually Ian’s sister.” I nodded grinning from ear-to-ear, “you two then split up and got back together, Anna gave birth to Riley and took off,” Tracy said bewildered.

“Yep,” I squeezed Ian’s hand.

“Then you managed to get a lawyer, who hurried everything through the courts, this judge granted you full and sole custody, as well as a divorce,” Tracy finished incredulously shaking his head, “Now you have a teenage son and a baby.”

“Sounds about right, yeah. Oh and we just bought a house we move in the week after next,” I answered then kissed Ian, who smiled at me affectionately.

“Oh, you two are too much,” Tracy laughed and waved his hand toward us, “I am happy for you though Adam, I’ve never seen you so happy.”

“Thanks,” I said bashfully, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.”

Ian looked up at me, “Hmm, me either.”

“You wanna dance, Babe,” I whispered to Ian.

He looked up at me through his eyelashes, “Yes please.”


Lifting the covers I slid between the sheets next to Ian, he was half asleep already, it had been a long day, with the wedding and the running around he had to do. All I want now is Ian in my arms, to feel his love, and his skin next to mine. Apparently, my man can read minds, he climbed on top of me, and our skin touched from lips to ankles. Ian’s lips gently on mine, kissing me chastely, I opened and let him in, his tongue slipped alongside mine, deepening the kiss. He took hold of my tongue and sucked on it like candy, arousal shot through my body like lightning, my cock hardened immediately, my hands run from his shoulders down to his ass cheeks grabbing hold. I pushed our groins together, a groan rumbled through my body as our cocks slid next to each other. Ian kissed me harder while he reached for the lube on the nightstand. He pulled back and sat up straddling me, we were both panting from the kiss. Ian lubed my cock generously and then himself.

“Babe, I want to do that.”

“No, no time, I want you inside of me… want to make love to you.”

Ian threw the bottle aside, leaning in to kiss me once again. He then lifted himself slowly sinking on to my stiff member, I released a quiet moan, my eyes closing at the sensation.

“God, fuck Babe… so hot, tight…” I moaned as Ian slowly lifted himself in long drawn out strokes, it was delicious torture. Ian leaned down and kissed me sensually and tender, he rocked gentle circles above me, before he sat up, lifting himself almost all the way off of me then dropped down, causing him to call out my name. Ian did the same again but this time our eyes locked and I met him halfway slamming into him.

“Fuck… Again!” Ian screamed out.

He lifted himself, this time his eyes rolled back in his head, as he growled, a sound I’d never heard him make before, it set off a slow rolling orgasm that rocked my entire body, it was so intense it hurt in the best way possible. Ian grabbed his cock and started to stroke himself, swiping his hand away, I sat up gently lifting him off of me. I moved forward, laying him down in front of me, his head toward the foot of the bed, me hovering over him, I brought our lips together, then ran kisses down to his beautiful cock. I kissed the inside of his thigh, then run my tongue over his balls then up his shaft taking him in my mouth. After a few strokes, I took all of him all the way in, my cock was sensitive from my release, it swept across the sheet, the sensation caused me to moan, Ian’s hands gripped in my hair while I held his hips in place as his body rocked with his orgasm.

I released his softening cock from my mouth, kissing him all the way back up his body ending with our lips smashed together, our sweaty bodies interlocked with arms and legs wrapped around each other fighting to get closer. No words were spoken, just the occasional kiss as we came down from our high. Eventually, we both drifted off to sleep, just like that, all our energy spent on each other.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, they are finally back home, settled, and living their future. I wonder when Adam will pop the big question?

Thank you to Rick, Rob, Glenn and Cameron for your invaluable help, suggestions, ideas, and challenges.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, please be safe and the New Year brings you joy, love, and happiness.
Copyright © 2017 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks for another great chapter.  Glad they will soon be settled in a house.   I hope they find Stephen soon. (He might be a good addition to the family?)

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Well we got to see Liam hog both babies, just as everyone predicted! If more people were like this group of people, there wouldn’t be a need for groups homes for foster children and no child would have to wait years or even decades to be adopted! In my own family, I have both a cousin and a niece who were adopted.  ;-)

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Love this chapter...and absolutely love it when all the characters from each story come together, for whatever reason!! The family you choose...is one you never want to lose!! Great chapter, Joh...thanks, as always!! :wub::heart:

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I agree with all the above and am eager to see what happens with Stephen.  Will he become another member of the family?  Thanks for continuing this story!!!  I love all the characters.

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Lové the chapter, and the story of the guys, well done . Thanks for sharing this with us , John .

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18 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss! Bennnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I got to see my little buddy before the new year. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay oh and great chapter and all that other stuff...I loved this chapter for real though!! Yay new house!!


I'm glad you got the other stuff, Benny sent :hug: It'll be great when they move into their new home.

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18 hours ago, glennish said:

Great chapter. Everything settling down nicely.   Got a bit misty eyed when Paddy made his introductions to his new grandparents. Will and Liam rescued him and then he introduced Adam as dad.  Now we just need them properly engaged and a puppy for Paddy.  So glad Patrick is living such a great life after such a crappy start.  More please and thank you!!!!!


They have become a beautiful family, Paddy's life is finally full of love and the kid seems to be happy and more animated, a normal teenage kid. There's still more coming.

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17 hours ago, starboardtack said:

Good chapter -- I especially liked the way you were able to weave into the story reminders of who the different characters are and their relationships with each other. This is especially important in the serial format as it is easy for readers to forget who is who, especially as the list of personalities and the number of installments grow. I wish more writers would do that. It helped reconnect me to the narrative. One edit issue -- Adam says he was "excepted" into the family which is almost the opposite of the message you intended to convey -- that he was "accepted" into the family. Very minor point as your writings, overall, are beautifully edited.


Thank you I 'accepted' your help and fixed it. :D  it is hard to be able to weave the stories without re-hashing old information, but I felt the story needed to show that Adam had friends of his own and a life previous to Ian and Paddy.

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16 hours ago, Gomez Stanley C said:

Thanks for another great chapter.  Glad they will soon be settled in a house.   I hope they find Stephen soon. (He might be a good addition to the family?)


Thanks Gomez, I hope Stephen is okay when they find him, and that Adam will be able to successfully help the kid.

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16 hours ago, droughtquake said:

Well we got to see Liam hog both babies, just as everyone predicted! If more people were like this group of people, there wouldn’t be a need for groups homes for foster children and no child would have to wait years or even decades to be adopted! In my own family, I have both a cousin and a niece who were adopted.  ;-)


I wasn't going to put that in the Chapter but feared I'd be lynched. Like you I wish children got to be children, happy, healthy, and their life was mostly fun with not a care in the world. You know what I mean.

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15 hours ago, empresslovesreading said:

Aaaaaahhhh. My day is complete and happy with a new chapter. I love Benny. I miss Tracy. I reread that story at least once a month. Gets me every time. Will and Liam crack me up.:2thumbs:


That means a lot to me, thank you. Don't worry Tracy, Alex, and Benny will return in the new year some time. I have been pressured plenty don't worry, they have not been forgotten about.

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15 hours ago, empresslovesreading said:

I was was just thinking about what he would do if there were 3 babies. I have triplet nieces and a nephew so I could just see him taking them all!!! Of course, I'm not one to speak as I have tried it myself with them.:*) FYI, 2 hands and 3 babies don't work very well.


I'll pass that warning on to Liam for you. :rofl:

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14 hours ago, Butcher56 said:

Another great chapter. I'm very happy to see that Ian, Adam, Paddy and Reiley are settling in and will soon be living in a new house where Patrick and Reiley will have their own rooms. I loved the introductions Paddy made to everyone about his grandparents, as well as the introductions of everyone else. I'm so happy for Pat whenever he introduces his grandparents, I think he's happy to have them around. I like that Ian's parents have moved to Kentucky so that they'll be near Pat and Reiley, I think it's great that Ian's dad takes Paddy to play golf on Sunday morning and his mom shows Paddy tricks in the kitchen. I'm glad that Ian and Adam have been becoming closer to each other and the youngsters. I'm glad that Paddy has accepted Adam as another dad, it  seems like their on the way to becoming a great family. I'm glad that they have the extended family around as well.



Hey Butcher, how are you? I think you're right, as much as Pat loves his sister, I think he'll be glad to get some sleep. I think Adam is going to be a terrific Dad, and he and Ian together going to be a Parent Powerhouse in all the best ways.

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11 hours ago, Onim said:

Love this chapter...and absolutely love it when all the characters from each story come together, for whatever reason!! The family you choose...is one you never want to lose!! Great chapter, Joh...thanks, as always!! :wub::heart:


Hi Onim, hope you had a good Christmas. You are right, as much as family is fabulous the one you choose make your life fuller.

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8 hours ago, pvtguy said:

I agree with all the above and am eager to see what happens with Stephen.  Will he become another member of the family?  Thanks for continuing this story!!!  I love all the characters.


Thanks pvtguy, it makes me happy that you like the story, and thank you for your support since I started writing, you are  one of the good ones. :hug:

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4 hours ago, FSELL said:

Lové the chapter, and the story of the guys, well done . Thanks for sharing this with us , John .


You're welcome, thank you back at ya. I put a caramel sundae in the freezer for you.

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God love Ian, he chucked the wobbly of the century, and we all went home cranky.”


*blank look*


What’s a wobbly? 

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2 hours ago, Geemeedee said:

God love Ian, he chucked the wobbly of the century, and we all went home cranky.”


*blank look*


What’s a wobbly? 


Crap sorry, I didn't even think about it when I used the word. It's an expression we use in our family for an adult tantrum.

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I have just read 3 chapters this morning, it was good to catch up 

with everyone. I hope that you are enjoying the holidays, I wish you a 

Happy New Year. 

I love Benny & Hayley, they are so cute. 

I am looking forward to catching up again with these guys soon. X

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