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Ian's Heart - 20. Chapter 20 - Adam

“Maternity?” I panted out of breath to the lady at reception, who was on the phone.

The receptionist pointed to her left, I ran in that direction and came to an elevator bank. I pushed the button – ten times, frustrated that it didn’t make it arrive any faster. An elderly couple walked up next to me to use the elevator. “Come on, come on,” I cursed and fidgeted watching the numbers on the panel change. The couple moved a step away. The damn thing finally dinged; what a fuckin’ week. I barged into the elevator; luckily no-one was exiting the thing. The elderly couple indicated they’d wait for the next one – whatever. I pushed the button with Maternity written next to it, the doors closed and the elevator moved.

Last Sunday was the best day of my life, Ian took me back. I still can’t believe it. I have the love of my life back. It’s like I can breathe again. Ian loves me, Pat loves me; I’ve moved into the apartment with them, we are finally a family. We are just missing the final member of our small family. After getting out of the elevator, I followed the signs to maternity and found the nurses station. “Anna Price,” I said speedily to the nurse, the man typed her name on the keyboard. He looked up at me, then back at his computer.

“Uh…” he looked at me again, “do you have any identification?”

I pulled my ID from my wallet and gave it to him. He inspected my license and bit his bottom lip as he looked at the computer.

“Could you please take a seat, someone will be out to see you in a moment.”

“Is there a problem? Is the baby okay?” I asked panicked. I’d tried to call the Wrights after I landed but it kept going to voicemail.

“Sorry, Mr. Price, I didn’t mean to worry you,” he smiled warmly and handed me my ID, “if you take a seat, someone will be out to see you.”

I took a seat across from the nurse's station. Crap! I forgot to ask if I had a son or a daughter.

Yesterday, Thomas Wright – Ian’s father – called to let me know that Anna had gone into labor. I caught the first flight I could out here to Connecticut. I begged Ian to come with me, but it was too hard for him to get off of work and Paddy had school. I also think it had a little to do with Anna, he has decided to cut her out of his life. Even though they didn’t really have a relationship before, he wants, “Nothing to do with that toxic sociopath.” His words, not mine, I promise, even though he’s right.

Ian did say that he’ll support me any way he can so I can get custody of our child. That’s precisely what I plan to do. I’ll be getting full and sole custody of the baby, we don’t want him, or her, to have anything to do with Anna. If Ian agrees to marry me, I’ll be adopting Pat, and Ian will be adopting the baby. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get Anna’s rights terminated. No matter what happens, we’ll be a family.

“Adam,” I looked up from the floor into the warm and loving face of Mrs. Wright. She sat down next to me, “Hello sweetheart, I’m glad you came.”

Mrs. Wright cleared her throat, “You have a beautiful baby girl.”

“A girl,” I beamed, “Wow,” I swallowed roughly, my throat has gone dry.

Mrs. Wright watched me for a moment, she reached and took my hand and held it between both of hers, “Your daughter was born yesterday, at 10:56pm,” her voice was soothing and calm. “She was born prematurely, and is currently in the NICU,” I stiffened and started to panic.

“Is she going to be okay?”

Mrs. Wright smiled affectionately, “She is going to be fine, but she will be here for probably another week. They are monitoring her closely, and she has already improved since last night. She’s a little fighter like her Dad.”

I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, “Thank God,” I slumped into the chair, “How is it possible to love a person this much and I haven’t even met her yet.”

“You just do, I don’t know why. The love is there, you’ve loved her from the minute you knew you were going to be a Dad,” she smiled at me, “It never goes away.”

“Would you like to see your daughter?” Mrs. Wright asked after a moment.

“Uh… not yet.” Mrs. Wright frowned, “could we sit here a little longer. I want to be calm when I meet her for the first time,” I fidgeted anxiously, she smiled sweetly and gave me a nod in understanding. We sat for a while, not saying anything, she was terribly considerate and let me find my bearings.

She smiled and patted my forearm after letting go of my hand. It’s amazing the strength you can draw from a loving soul. Ian’s Mom stood up, “Let’s go see your beautiful baby girl.”

I followed Mrs. Wright to the NICU, the nurse stopped me from going in. Anna had told the hospital there was no father, I hadn’t been listed as a parent, and my name wasn’t on the visitor’s list. I tried to reason with the nurse, Mrs. Wright actually vouched for me telling her I was indeed the father, but no, she was still unable to let me in. I offered my ID, but without a copy of our Marriage Certificate, there wasn’t much she could do. Apparently, none of that helped, because of the paperwork Anna had provided on admittance. The nurse explained the protocol apologizing, but it didn’t matter; I wasn’t allowed in to meet my precious baby girl. The nurse gave me a form to have Anna sign amending the visitor’s list. Mrs. Wright took it from me and went to Anna’s room promising to get it signed. It will be in everyone’s best interest if Anna and I are kept apart. Even if Anna did sign, the form still had to go to the director to be approved. Who knows how long that is going to take.

So here I stand with my forehead plastered to the window of the NICU. The nurse thankfully was very sympathetic toward me and the situation. I’m sure it helped that Mrs. Wright was with me. She was the Grandparent and a named visitor but unfortunately wasn’t allowed to admit any other visitors to the NICU. However, the NICU nurse told me where to stand and wheeled my baby over to the window. She said it was no problem for me to watch her from here for as long as I wanted, or until the paperwork come through. I’ll have to remember to get her a little gift, not everyone would be as considerate as she has been.

“You look besotted,” Mr. Wright chortled standing next to me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“I just want to go in and hold her,” I said while watching my daughter, it’s impossible for me to take my eyes away from her.

Mr. Wright, stood with his hand on my shoulder and our faces plastered to the window, “Mom’s working on Anna. Hopefully, we’ll have you in there soon. I’m sorry you have to go through this Son.”

“Will you stay with her? I don’t want her to be alone,” I said sadly, “I want to call Ian. I haven’t spoken to him since I left home.”

“You go ahead, I’ll look out for our princess. Send Ian and Paddy my love,” Mr. Wright smiled affectionately at our girl.

I moved quickly to the cafeteria, I knew I’d be able to use my cell there, and I am dying for a coffee. I ordered three coffees and called Ian while I waited.

“Hey, Babe, I don’t have long I’m in the cafeteria grabbing some coffee; I want to get back to our baby girl. She was born prematurely last night at 10:56pm, she’s in the NICU for now. I’ve been told she’s doing really well and is a fighter, who is improving remarkably.”

I told Ian quickly, he’s a worrier and I didn’t want him to get upset. Better just me worrying at the moment.

“We have a sweet baby girl,” I could hear Ian choke up, “and she’s going to be okay?”

“The nurse told me that she’s already improved since last night, are you okay Babe?”

“Yeah, it’s…I wish… we have a daughter, do you have any pictures, I really want to see her,” Ian was in tears, but they were happy ones.

“Yeah, I’ve seen her,” my answer flat and withdrawn.

“What did Anna do?” Ian growled.

Sighing out loud, I told Ian of Anna’s latest fiasco; he was furious. He taught me a few new words that even I didn’t know.

“Your Mom has taken the form to get Anna to sign for the hospital to update the visitor’s list.”

I will not tell him that I still would not be able to be with our girl until the Director signs off on the change or until I produce the Marriage Certificate.

“She better sign it Adam,” Ian hissed.

“I need you to do me a favor, Babe,”

“Anything, what do you need?”

I told Ian where to find my Marriage Certificate so he could get a notarized copy to me as soon as possible. If Anna didn’t sign the document, I could get it changed myself, but I needed the Marriage Certificate to do so. But until it is sorted out I can’t get into the NICU to be with her.

The lady gave me the coffees, and I finished up talking with Ian – after I received an earful about moving my stuff over to his place. I’d moved in with him and Patrick last Sunday. It’s been a slow process, I’ve been bringing clothes and leaving them there, but I still had my apartment and all my possessions in it. There just isn’t any room in the apartment for all of my things, we really do need to look for a house when I get back with Riley.

It was hard not to run back to the NICU. Hopefully, Mom has got the papers signed, and I can get in and hold… the baby. It’s pissing me off that we all keep calling her ‘the baby,’ as if she was just a material possession. My baby girl deserves a name, at least for now, something sweet like ‘angel’ or ‘blossom.’

Mr. Wright was still standing where I left him. I gave him his coffee. Pointing at our sweet baby girl, he smiled, “She asked where you went. I told her you went to buy her a pony,” He laughed.

“God she’s beautiful,” I whispered, while I watched her.

“Thomas,” Mrs. Wright interrupted our vigil, wiping her brow, “Anna won’t sign the paper, she’s flat-out refusing.”

“I’ve had enough of this, how many lives is…” Mr. Wright stalked off.

“I really am sorry for all of this Adam, dear, we will get you in to see the baby as soon as we can,” Mom observed me, waiting for my reaction. It is hard to feel what I feel and be respectful of Ian’s parents at the same time. They are trying to help me, I do not want to throw a tantrum, or show my anger. None of this is their fault. I tried to think about something else.

“I wish we could all stop calling her ‘the baby,’” I remembered Mom’s coffee, which I was still holding, “I got you a coffee, sorry it’s probably almost cold,” I nervously thrust it into her hand.

“Thank you, I’ll still drink it, I’ve been dying for one all morning,” she took a sip, “you’re a godsend, it’s still warm enough to drink, thank you.”

We watched her sleep for a little while, Mrs. Wright finished her coffee and stood with me. Her hand on my back like a Mom would do to help comfort her grown child. Ian’s Mom turned her head to watch me.

“What?” I chortled.

“You and Ian have already picked a name for her, haven’t you?” she asked fondly.

I couldn’t help but smile, “Yeah, Riley Abigail, for a girl, Riley Finn, for a boy.”

“Oh, that will fit with Patrick nicely,” Mom’s smile beamed, as she turned her focus back to the baby, “We’ll call her Riley, instead of ‘the baby.’”

I felt warm, loved and happy inside. It will be nice if her name stays that way, but who knows with Anna, she’ll be able to name her, and we will not get a say. I think I will enjoy it while I can, I am way too happy to care what will happen later.

“Mrs. Wright?” we both turned to see a lady doctor, she was about Mom’s age, but small and elf-like in appearance. “I’m on my way to see Anna, would you like to join me?”

Mom introduced me, “Yes, I would. This is little Riley’s father, Adam Price.”

I have a Riley, my smile could probably light up a night roadwork crew on a highway right now, “It’s nice to meet you, can you tell me how Riley’s doing?”

“Why don’t you go and see for yourself,” the doctor indicated at the door to the NICU.

“They won’t let me in, I’m not on the list.”

The doctor frowned, Mom explained to the doctor our situation and previous attempt to get in.

“Oh, I see,” the doctor raised an eye. She looked around, “come with me, I’m Doctor Ingram by the way, I’m a psychiatrist here at the hospital,” interesting, she turned toward the door indicating for us to follow. The young nurse we had dealt with previously, came to meet the doctor. They had a few quiet words, and the nurse’s face lit up as her eyes met mine, then she waved me over. The nurse gave Dr. Ingram what looked to be a chart. She wrote on it and gave it back to the nurse, the doctor passed by me and squeezed my forearm.

“If anyone gives you any trouble, you have them contact me or Bell,” the name of the nurse, “we’ll sort out the paperwork as soon as possible. You take your time and be with your daughter. Congratulations, Mr. Price.”

The doctor left the room while making a phone call, “Sully, Joyce, about the Price baby…” Mom followed behind her but gave me a wink, then gave me the ‘shoo’ signal with her hands as she grinned. Ian’s very much equal parts of his Mom and Dad, the very best parts if you ask me. He is stubborn, kind and charming, like his Mom. Ian can also be stoic and quiet at times like his Dad, but always resourceful, loving and caring like him too. All the crap that Anna has put her parents through, they have not turned their back on her, they might not be happy with Anna at the moment, but they keep trying to help. I hope I am like that as a parent; I will be that kind of parent.

Bell, had me gown up and took me through all the protocols and procedures. She had me sit in a wing back chair and wheeled Riley over to me. When Bell opened the capsule thingy and took her out, I thought I was going to fall apart.

“You okay Mr. Price?” Bell asked.

I grinned anxiously, nodding my head, “This is all overwhelming, and I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid I’ll hurt her.”

“That’s okay, you’re not the first to feel that way. I’ll show you how to hold her, don’t be nervous. She’s a tough little one. She’s come a long way in such a short time. I’m optimistic she’ll be allowed to go home in a couple of days,” the nurse said proudly. Bell manipulated my arms, then leaning down with Riley wrapped tightly in a pastel yellow baby blanket, she laid her in my arms. This is by far the scariest, most exciting, and incredible thing to ever happen to me. This past week has been one of the hardest but happiest of my life.

The second Riley was in my arms, my chest exploded with love. I felt the tears run down my face, my heart swelled, and the pit of worry in my stomach deepened tenfold. Riley is so tiny, she weighs nothing at all. Her skin is pale, but still pink and a little blotchy, she has the smallest whisper of hair covering her head. Her eyes have been closed the entire time I’ve been here and still are, I wish I could see the color of her eyes. I watched her beautiful face as she yawned. Riley probably wasn’t happy to have been disturbed. I dropped my head down to her so I could kiss her forehead.

“Hey, Riley, I’m your Dad, you had me worried,” I whispered to her, “you’re so beautiful, you are going to have your other Daddy wrapped around your finger in no time. I know that because I’m already hooked. Yep, one look into your adorable face, and he’s going to melt. You also have a big brother Patrick, he’s excited to meet you,” I ran my finger gently down the side of her angel-face. It is bewildering that I could help make something so beautiful.

“Bell,” I tried to say, but it came out as a croak like a frog, “Could you please take a photo of us, I want to send one back home to my family and to my parents.”

“I’d be happy to,” Bell answered.

I carefully found my phone, desperately trying not to move too much with Riley in my arms. Bell took a photo of us and gave my phone back. I snuggled into the chair, with Riley in my arms. I wish Ian were here for this. It’s something I would have loved to share with him, and I can not wait to see Pat’s face when he holds Riley for the first time. We need to clear up this situation with Anna now. One thing I am sure of, I am not letting go of Riley, she is coming home with me.

Eventually, Bell came back to get Riley from me and put her back in her little hub. I felt her loss immediately, she belongs with me, in my arms. Bell told me I could stay and sit with her as long as I liked. After sitting with her for a few hours and had to move around, as much as it pained me to leave her, I needed to walk around and loosen up. The walk through the hospital grounds did me some good. Still, I can’t wait to get back to Riley. I gave Ian a call, he was contacting a lawyer for us to start the custody proceedings. We don’t want to waste a minute, Anna is unpredictable.

Heading back to Riley, I spied Mrs. Wright sitting in the waiting room. She looked pensive and lost, so I sat down next to her.

“Everything okay Mrs. Wright?”

“Of course dear, everything is going to be just fine.”

“Thank you for your help earlier, Mrs. Wright,” I thanked her gratefully.

She nudged me on the shoulder, “You’re welcome Sweetheart, but it was Thomas.”

“Thank you anyway, I’ll thank Mr. Wright later, I don’t know if you’ve spoken to Ian, but he wasn’t able to get off of work and Paddy had school,” I shrugged my shoulder.

“I have spoken to him Dear, I understand why he’s not here. I am happy to hear you boys have been able to repair the damage that Anna caused. I’m very sorry you both had to go through that,” Mrs. Wright said kindly.

I shrugged my shoulder, “Some of it was my own doing,” I said meekly, “I’m just glad he took me back.”

“There was never any doubt in my mind, Ian loves you. He can be a bit of a stubborn… SOB like his Daddy,” she chuckled gently knocking my shoulder with hers. “I can’t believe I’m a Dad, I have a daughter and a teenage son. All in one week.”

“That young boy thinks you hung the moon. Thomas and I are very grateful to you. You’ve given our two boys more than you’ll ever know and now you’ve given us a granddaughter.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Wright,” I replied bashfully.

“Please call me Mom, if you’re comfortable with it. You are part of this family whether you want to be or not.”

“Thank you, Mom, I’d like that.”

“I’m going to be upfront with you, Mom. I’m going to fight Anna for custody,” I braced myself for the woman to get angry.

She sighed, “I hoped you would, I’m glad. I think it would be best for the baby. She deserves to be with loving parents. Unfortunately, Anna is not stable enough to raise a child. Once she’s out of the hospital, we’re trying to get her to seek some treatment. I have a feeling whatever the diagnosis is, it will be a lifelong battle for her. I’m truly sorry we didn’t see all the behavior sooner. In hindsight, we did and worried a little bit, but we put it down to her being – Anna. But after this recent outburst…It’s too hard to ignore there’s a real problem. We could have saved you boys, a great deal of hurt… You will let us see the baby won’t you?”

I was relieved, “You’re her Grandparents, of course, as much as you want. Once I have full custody, I’m going to propose to Ian. I’m never letting him, and Paddy slip through my fingers again. Pat calls me Papi now,” I looked at her smiling, “I still can’t believe it.”


I heard my name, and a gentle push on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Wright standing over me. I sat up in one of the joined chairs, I had fallen asleep in the waiting room after talking with Ian a few hours before. I reached my arms up stretching and yawning. Joints and bones cracked throughout my back after sleeping on those ridiculous chairs. Mr. Wright shoved a coffee in my face.

“Ah, you are my favorite person right now, thank you,” I smiled and took a sip of the coffee. The pleasant bitterness of hospital coffee hit my tastebuds, and he went down in the rank of favorites as I screwed up my face.

Mr. Wright smiled at me, “It’s pretty bad right?”

“Crap!, yes, it tastes like poison,” I laughed.

“How’s our Riley this morning?”

I stood up and stretched carefully, with my cup of hot poison in my hands, “I came out here at about four in the morning because Ian rang, I couldn’t sleep. I only sat down for a minute, and I must have dozed off. She was doing well when I left her. The nurses have been really good to me going in and out to see her.”

“I’m happy to hear it,” he smiled at me happily.

“Anna hasn’t been in once to see her,” I said bitterly. Not that I want to see Anna, but I expected she would at least want to see her own baby, feed her anyway – but nope, selfish to the core.

“I expected as much,” Mr. Wright growled.

“I’m sorry Mr. Wright, I didn’t mean to say that out loud, this must be really hard for you,” I said sheepishly.

“That’s okay son, I’m angry too,” Mr. Wright squeezed my shoulder, “Mom’s just gone in to see Anna when she comes back we’re going to see our little granddaughter.”

“She is an angel,” I grinned, “I can’t stop smiling.”

He chuckled, “I was like that after both of mine were born,” he rolled his eyes, and smiled, “then they become teenagers, they aren’t so cute anymore.”

“Oh god, I hope she doesn’t take after me, I was hellish in my teenage years. Mom still says today, she wonders how she made it through.”

“Well, if she’s going to take after anyone in our family, you’ll want it to be Ian. Except for the coming out hell he went through, he was a pretty good kid. He and James had each other, and I think a couple of other friends and he got through high school pretty much unscathed otherwise.”

“I hope she’s a lot like Ian, he is the most even-tempered and loving person I’ve ever met,” I gushed.

Mr. Wright was eyeballing me, “You love my son quite a bit.” He stated.

“You’ve no idea,” I manage to get out, then realized who I was talking to.

He gave me a knowing smile and squeezed my shoulder as Ian’s Mom appeared, she was moving quickly and seemed upset. “Thomas, she’s gone, Anna, she’s gone,” Mom put her hand to her chest. I looked at them both and ran to the NICU, my heart was heavy, and I felt like throwing up. I pressed the button outside, and a nurse let me in, she had a big smile on her face.

“Mr. Price, did you want to come in and sit with Riley?” she asked.

“She’s still here?” I asked panting, bent over with my hands on my knees, man I need to exercise more.

The nurse gave me a quizzical look, then smiled, “Of course she is, Riley is doing spectacularly this morning. Her color has improved, she’s breathing easier. She’s a tough little girl,” the nurse said proudly as if it were her own daughter.

“Just give me a minute to catch my breath, and I’ll come back,” I told her and leaned up against the wall trying to catch my breath. As the relief hit me, I felt a tear run down my cheek, and I was shaking. Becoming a father is liable to kill me. How the hell do people do this? I quickly wiped the tear away and signaled to the nurse through the window, I would be back, and went to find the Wrights. They were still in the same spot I had left them. Mrs. Wright looked distressed, and Mr. Wright just looked angry. I didn’t say anything as I approached them.

“Riley still here?” Mr. Wright asked sternly.

“Yes, sir,”

“Good,” he nodded his head once.

A couple came around the corner as I reached them, it took me a moment, but I realized it was my folks.

“Mom, Dad, you didn’t have to come all the way up here.” Shit! Mom, please behave.

“Nonsense Adam,” Mom said dismissively, she saw Mrs. Wright, and looked back at me, “is everything okay?” she asked approaching Ian’s Mom. Dad came to me and gave me a hug.

Mrs. Wright was standing with one hand on her hip the other over her mouth, she shook her head “No,” then sighed. “Anna left in the middle of the night, I’ve tried calling her, but her phone doesn’t even ring it just goes straight to voicemail. They’re sending up security now, but I doubt they can do anything she’s an adult.”

“Oh Dear,” my Mom gasped, “should we look around the hospital, maybe she’s just taken a walk. Nobody likes to be stuck in these places.”

“There’s no point but thank you, she took her things with her,” Mrs. Wright seemed flustered, understandably. “Thomas, you stay here, I’m going to check at home.”

“I’ll come with you,” my Mom followed behind Mrs. Wright, “you probably shouldn’t drive, we’ll take my rental,” she ran her hand up and down Mrs. Wright’s back soothingly. Thank God, she’s in help mode.

We watched the two ladies enter the elevator and the doors close.

“Are… you okay Mr. Wright?” I asked watching the flurry of different emotions run through him.

He wiped his hand over his face, “Yes, there’s nothing I can do about that now, let’s go and see our Grandaughter, hey?” he slapped my Dad on the back.

“I’ll be with you guys in a moment,” I told them and hung back. I let them go so Dad could talk with Mr. Wright privately.

I pulled out my phone and called Ian.

“Hi, how’s our baby girl this morning,” Ian said brightly.

“She’s beautiful and perfect, of course.”

“Are you okay Adam? Did something happen? She is okay isn’t she?”

“Yeah, yes, she’s doing better than yesterday, according to the nurse in the NICU,” I said somberly, “but yeah something has happened.”

“Do I need to come out there?” he asked so quickly, his words almost ran together.

“Nope, Anna took off in the middle of the night, don’t panic she didn’t take Riley,” I answered curtly.

I heard Ian gasp on the other end, “Shit! How did the folks take it?”

“Your Dad just seems angry but also resigned like he expected it. Your Mom has gone with my Mom back to your folk's place in case Anna went there. Our Dad’s have gone to the NICU to spoil Riley with attention and gooey Grandpa noises.”

“Shit, okay, I’ll try and get Paddy and me a flight asap and send you the info,.”

“Ian you don’t have to do that, it’s too expensive,” I sighed.

“I’m coming! You’re not alone Adam. I won’t let you do this alone, we are a family,” my entire body relaxed hearing him say those words to me. It was almost better than when he says, “I love you,” Ian said at the exact same time I thought it.

“I love you… listen don’t be mad, but I’m going to use my position as a detective and get a missing persons report out quickly. I’m doing it for your Mom and Dad.”

“No, that’s good, it will give Mom a little peace of mind rather than having to wait and wonder. Mom’s gonna be a handful so watch out,” Ian chuckled evilly at the end. Shit! What are we in for?

“Okay, thank you for understanding. I’ll be at the airport to pick you up. I love you so much, Ian.”

“I love you right back, I’ll see you soon. I’ll make sure I bring the legal papers you asked for.”

We ended the call, then I looked up the local police station, and dialed the number.

“Hi, this is Detective Adam Price, from Lexington, Kentucky. I’d like to file a missing person…”

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this next chapter. Huge thank you to Rick, Rob and Glenn as always, without you I'd be lost.
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Welcome to the world little Riley Abigail.  You have two fathers who love you, A big brother to protect you and 4 grandparents to spoil you rotten:heart:.  Adam holding his daughter for the first time had me tearing up.  


Now, the important question.  When they marry, are they gonna hyphenate the name?  The combo just doesn't seem to work..  One way it is a grocery store and the other way it is the perfect amount to pay for something..:rofl:


thanks and can't wait for next chapter when Ian and Patrick see their new baby girl for the first time!!

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5 minutes ago, Terry P said:

We don't have to say what Anna is since we've trashed that through already, but her taking off like that is like her putting a nail in her own coffin.  If she ever fights for custody she'll have a tough time of it..


It's great that both Ian and Adam have such great parents.


Thanks for loyally reading Terry. I appreciate it.


I'm not even sure Anna would be interested in the baby unless it served a purpose for her. The baby is going to be very much better off with Adam. Ian, and Patrick. :hug:

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5 minutes ago, glennish said:

Welcome to the world little Riley Abigail.  You have two fathers who love you, A big brother to protect you and 4 grandparents to spoil you rotten:heart:.  Adam holding his daughter for the first time had me tearing up.  


Now, the important question.  When they marry, are they gonna hyphenate the name?  The combo just doesn't seem to work..  One way it is a grocery store and the other way it is the perfect amount to pay for something..:rofl:


thanks and can't wait for next chapter when Ian and Patrick see their new baby girl for the first time!!


:gikkle: Yeah! Probably wouldn't be a good idea to hyphenate the names. 


I think Paddy is going to be the best big brother a girl could ask for. She's a lucky little girl with the amount of love and support she's going to receive.

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What a wonderful chapter. Adam holding Riley reminded me of meeting our daughter, tears and all. 

All you need is love, da dada da .....

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4 minutes ago, wenmale64 said:

  One thing everybody seems to be forgetting is..........wait for it.........LIAM.  He is going to go absolutely nuts having Noah AND Riley to spoil rotten.  Hopefully Annas leaving against medical advice can be used as a key argument for "Child Abandoment" charges. 

I think Liam will have a fight getting Riley out of Patrick’s arms.  “Child abandonment”. Interesting theory.  Hhhhhhmmmmm....

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5 minutes ago, glennish said:

I think Liam will have a fight getting Riley out of Patrick’s arms.  “Child abandonment”. Interesting theory.  Hhhhhhmmmmm....


Not a problem. Liam is a big guy and can hug both Riley and Patrick at the same time.  Best for all :) .

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it will give Mom a little piece of mind

Will Adam have enough to spare? (It should be peace of mind! This is why we need to know the origin of phrases to know how to spell them.)  ;-)


I remember when Hawaii was trying to gender-equalize their laws, they changed their marriage laws (pre-Same-Sex Marriage) so the new couple could take the husband’s last name, they could take the wife’s last name, they could swap last names, or they could choose a new last name. At the same time they changed other laws so a new child could have their father’s last name, their mother’s last name, or a new last name could be given. Potentially very confusing, but in reality just making it easier for anyone to continue their culture’s naming conventions. (This seems to cover the Scandinavian/Slavic conventions: Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (retired Icelandic President), Benny Andersson (of ABBA), and the Slavic equivalents (-ovna for a daughter and -ovich for a son).

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You gotta love 'Adam the new dad'!!! Emotional...just a walking hunk of happiness!! Verrrrry nice, hoping Anna gets lost somewhere nice, like North Korea, middle of a Tsunami, bottom of an erupting Volcano0:)...somewhere fit for her sparkling personality! Love Riley's name and that Ian and Paddy are on the way..:2thumbs: :heart:

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2 hours ago, Onim said:

hoping Anna gets lost somewhere nice, like North Korea, middle of a Tsunami, bottom of an erupting Volcano0:)...somewhere fit for her sparkling personality!

Can we pretend everyone believes Anna is a virgin and sacrifice her to @craftingmom’s muse? Maybe they’ll be enough Karma overload that it’ll work with @Timothy M.’s muse too! One can only hope!  ;-)

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I love Adam as a new dad. i also love the new grandparents, however I'm still wondering about Anna.  Since you brought in the psychologist A.K.A "the Shrink" I'm now wondering if Anna suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness. Even if that is the case she does not need to be in Rileys' life..  


Now with the guys bringing in a new addition to the group of cute kids, when is Benny coming back. :2thumbs:

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Unfortunately, Anna is not stable enough to raise a child. Once she’s out of the hospital, we’re trying to get her to seek some treatment. I have a feeling whatever the diagnosis is, it will be a lifelong battle for her. I’m truly sorry we didn’t see all the behavior sooner. In hindsight, we did and worried a little bit, but we put it down to her being – Anna.




Poor Anna, it sounds like she has mental health issues and has done for many years, the jealousy of Ian, her manipulative narcissistic nature. I have no doubt she’ll be back to cause havoc and don’t forget she may be suffering from postnatal depression on top. Or she can state that to a judge to try and get Riley back??



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nobody is ever quite prepared for the love and bond that forms at the emergence of a birth. It is overwhelming and so joyous, and I am pleased for Adam that he has the support he needs at this precious time. Ian is a brick as usual and I'm sure Paddy will dote on having a little sister. Mr & Mrs Wright deserve medals just for having to put up with such mixed emotions. I take my hat off to them alone. :rolleyes:

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On ‎16‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 2:17 AM, Gomez Stanley C said:

Great chapter.  Riley is a good name.  She is going to be spoiled rotten by her two Dads and her big brother.  Hurry up and settle things with Anna. She needs to be gone. Write her out of this story. LOL  Thanks for a good read.


Hi Stanley, Riley is going to be spoiled rotten, I don't think that will stop with her Dads or her brothers :)  I think I read in this mornings paper, Anna did a Thelma and Louise.


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On ‎16‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 2:21 AM, Wesley8890 said:

OK please I say this with the utmost hate..... Thank god that cunt ran off! Riley Abigail is a gorgeous name. I feel like an uncle! I love babies! I love this chapter! Can I hold the baby? Please???? Just hand over Anna to Rob now and let him at her:devil:


Hey Wes, of course you can hold Riley. How soon can you, Chase and Benny get to Kentucky? It was the first question Riley asked Adam, "Where's Unca Jack?"

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