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Ian's Heart - 22. Chapter 22 - Ian

“Morning Babe,” Adam yawned, stretching next to me.

“What time is it?” I asked popping up and leaning on the headboard, grinning like a loon, “Can we go and get Riley now.”

Adam chuckled as he leaned over to the nightstand, picking up his phone, then rolled on his back, he frowned, “It’s only a quarter to seven,”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Hmpf! I just want to bring her home, now preferably.”

Adam looked up at me from the pillow where his head rested, “I’d love to, come down here and lay with me a few more minutes before we get up.” I slid back down the bed I rested my head on his chest and cocked my leg over his, “Mmm, I’ve missed sleeping next to you.”

Right on cue, his phone rang in his hand, “Its Payne,” Adam reached down and put an arm around me, the other he used to answer his phone.

Hey, Shorty, what’s up?”

I heard Payne talking loudly, but couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Huh? No Payne, I’m in Connecticut, I’ll probably be here another week, what’s going on?”

“Payne, I didn’t desert you, I have things going on. I need to be here…” Adam said rolling his eyes at me, “Yes, Ian and Pat are with me.”

Adam got out of bed standing up straight and ran his hand through his hair, he was frustrated, shaking his head as Payne spoke. He bent over and grabbed some clothes and threw them on the bed. Adam got dressed while he was talking to Payne, this looks like it’s going to be a long conversation. I got out of bed and did the same, I might as well make myself useful and start some coffee he looks like he is going to need it. After dressing, I kissed Adam quickly, he was trying to dress as Payne spoke, closing the bedroom door behind me I went to the kitchen. No one else was up yet, so I started the coffee and went to brush my teeth. By the time I returned my Mom was in the kitchen, pulling ingredients from the fridge to start on breakfast.

“Sorry, if we woke you, Mom.

Mom waved me off, yawning, “That’s okay Sweetheart, everything okay?”

“I’m not sure yet, just waiting for Adam to finish his phone call. His partner rang, she doesn’t sound happy with Adam,” snickering while I went about making coffee for the three of us.

“Hmm…” was all Mom said, she had started chopping the mushrooms. I handed her a cup of coffee and took over cutting the vegetables.

“It’s a happy day, you get to bring Riley home today,” Mom said smiling at me over the top of her coffee mug, I could see the sadness in her eyes, for her daughter, “I bet you’re excited.”

The smile that crept across my face would have told the story for me, “I am, but probably more nervous than anything. My last baby came as a fifteen-year-old.”

Mom giggled, “Don’t worry, Riley can’t fly yet, so we have a few days to help you. If Adam’s folks can’t come out and stay with you for a few weeks, your Dad and I will.”

I relaxed a little, “Thanks, Mom,” I smiled, “You guys can help us look for a new place, my apartment is too small for all four of us. I’ll put it on the market, Adam’s only renting because it was meant to be temporary. I’m not sure how we’ll go mortgage-wise, but we’ll make do.”

“You’re not going to raise the baby in an apartment are you?”

I shook my head, “No, Adam wants a house. He wants Riley and Pat to have a yard,” I took a quick sneaky look around, “Adam told me Pat wants to get a dog, his birthday is coming up so we’ll take him to the shelter and let him pick one out.”

“A dog?” Mom said incredulously.

“Yes Mom, a dog, they have four legs, fur, they bark and fetch things. A dog,” I sighed, I knew exactly what she was going to say.

“But, Ian, with the baby…” Mom started.

“Yes with the baby, people have both all of the time. All Patrick has ever wanted is a family, he’s got that, he mentioned all we needed now was a dog. Adam and I want to make sure that he gets the family he deserves. Pat’s been through enough in his life, he never asks for anything Mom,” I said a little frustrated, “He works and pays for things himself, I still can’t get him to ask for the things he wants, the independent little shit. We have two kids now, both of their needs and dreams are important. Every kid should have a pet.”

“Get him a goldfish,” Mom chortled.

“It didn’t work on me when I was a kid, and it’s not going to fly with our children either,” I chuckled, “Besides Pat’s a responsible kid and he’ll look after any animal properly.”

“Of course he will, you’re right. Pat’s a good kid, this is your family. Just tell me to butt out,” Mom put her hand up in defense.

“Oh Mom, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I know you didn’t, but it is your family. You and Adam are building a life together with your children. I have no doubt you’ll do right by them. You’re a good man, and so is Adam,” Mom said putting her mug in the sink, “Okay, let's get this breakfast cracking.”

Adam came into the kitchen, he didn’t seem any less frustrated than when I left him in the bedroom.

“Morning Mom,” Adam said as cheerfully as he could.

“Morning dear, how did you sleep?”

Adam smiled, “Well thank you, sorry if I woke you this morning.”

“You’re fine, it was time for me to get up anyway,” Mom answered with a friendly smile, “You boys get ready for the day, you have to be at the hospital at ten-thirty to pick up Riley, breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes.”

Thanks, Mom,” I kissed her cheek and followed Adam to the room we were staying in. We passed Mrs. Price in the hallway.

“Morning boys,” she said in crossing paths, lifting her shoulders excited, “I can’t wait until Riley comes home.”

“Us too Ma,” Adam smiled at his Mom while pulling me behind him to our room.

Once the door was closed, Adam had me sit on the bed while he paced back and forth. It was making my head spin.

“Adam, you’re making me dizzy,” he stopped and stared at me for a moment, then he let his guard down, and the tension disappeared.

“Sorry,” he said sitting next to me, Adam leaned over, his elbows on his knees, putting his head in his hands, rubbing his temples.

“Start with why Payne rang,” I told him, my hand went to his back and rubbing up and down slowly.

Adam twisted his head, still resting in his hands, and he gave me an appreciative smile, “She was worried she hadn’t heard from me, all she had been told was I had a family emergency,” Adam sighed.

I drew a breath; I knew Adam hadn’t told her about Anna or the baby, “What did you tell her?”

“First I apologized, then I told why we were here. She wasn’t happy at first, considering Payne’s been an open book since the day I met her.” Adam said, he was looking in my direction but staring at something on the wall straight past me like he was thinking.

“Your circumstances are a little different; this was deeply personal to you. You also had no idea that those circumstances were going to change. Not to mention you’ve been dealing with our little… speed bump,” Adam guffawed, “I didn’t know how else to put it. I really don’t want our falling out to ever be a thing between us, something we have to keep getting over time and again.”

“I know Babe,” Adam gave me a weak smile, then started rubbing his temples again, “I hope you don’t mind, but I told her everything in the end. I didn’t want to lie to her or hold back, she’s my best friend, and we rely on each other. I don’t want her to think I don’t trust her.”

“That’s good Adam, you should have someone to talk to. Sometimes it’s hard to work things out in your head by yourself. I’m glad you have Payne.”

Adam twisted his head again to look at me, “You don’t seem to have anyone.”

I smiled, “I’m fine, my dad helped me, and Paddy knew how to handle me. How did Payne react?” I asked.

Adam chortled, “She offered to hunt Anna down when she got over that she was happy for us and excited.” Adam smiled, “She can’t wait to meet Riley.”

“I’m excited for Riley to meet everyone back home,” I grinned, “I can’t believe we get her all to ourselves today. We’ll get to feed her, cuddle her, whenever we want.”

Adam rolled his eyes, but grinned, “If we can get her away from her big brother.”

I laughed, “He’s certainly going to be an enthusiastic older brother. Thankfully, our Dads are taking him golfing while we pick her up.”

“Yeah,” Adam smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, it’s all just sort of hitting me now. What does either of us know about looking after a baby, let alone raising a sweet little girl? I don’t want to screw this up, it’s too important.” Adam put his head in his hands again fisting his hair.

“Hey, look at me,” I told Adam.

Adam sat up straight and stretched out his back, then turned to face me, one leg cocked on the bed the other touching the floor.

“I agree neither of us knows much, but Mom pointed out, Riley can’t fly until she gets clearance from the doctor. We could still be here for another week yet,” I put my hand on his calf, which was pressed up against my thigh. Adam looked at my hand and put his over mine, “Mom suggested we ask your folks to come back with us to stay a couple of weeks. I have faith that they’ll be able to help us learn what to do, if they can’t come, she and Dad will come out. We aren’t alone, as far as raising our little girl. We do like every other parent on the planet, learn as we go, we have some idea what little girls like. If we are ever at a loss, we have our Moms, Kitt, Payne, and Sasha, a whole age range to help us.”

Adam was silent for a moment, he then leaned his body back laying on the bed. He waved me up to be with him. I crawled up between his legs and laid on top of Adam, my head resting in the crook of his neck. His arms went around me holding me to him.

Knock! Knock! “Boys breakfast is ready,” Mrs. Price called through the door.

“Yes Ma,” Adam grunted sitting up and gently pushing me next to him on the bed.


“Kiss me,” Adam whispered.

I lifted my lips to meet his, our kiss went from gentle to scorching and all hands in a matter of seconds. I could feel Adams hard cock against my thigh, mine gathering friction against his hard stomach. I’ve missed him, I know it’s only been a couple of days, but we have barely just gotten back together, and we’re still making up for the time we wasted. My hand went under his shirt sliding up his prickly chest, while our tongues danced, “Mmm,” I groaned moving my lips down his jawline to get to that sweet spot I know lives on his neck. His hips pushed up grinding against my thigh. There it is! “No more shaving your chest,” I said breathlessly, “wanna run my fingers through it,” sucking on Adam’s neck. I went back to his mouth and kissing him passionately.

Bang! Bang! Bang! “Stop sucking face, breakfast is getting cold, and I’m hungry, this is child abuse ya know,” Paddy yelled through the door.

“Yup, alright we’re coming,” Adam snickered and quickly kissed me, before standing up. We can shower after breakfast, then, we get to bring our daughter home.”


Adam finished all of the paperwork, we had bought a gift to give Bell, the nurse who looked after Riley, but mostly she’d made sure Adam was okay. It was a nice silver picture frame, Bell seemed to like it and blushed, while she hugged us all goodbye. Adam was proud as a peacock, chest puffed out, me in one hand, Riley in her baby carrier in the other. The Grandads had taken Paddy for another round of golf to keep him distracted, I think he is the most excited. Our Moms were at home wildly anticipating our return so they could fuss over Riley. Adam had tucked a stuffed pony at the bottom of her feet, something my Dad had said to him apparently.

“You wait here Babe,” Adam said handing me our daughter, “I’ll go and grab the car.”

We had the capsule frame placed in my Mom’s car, you need a freakin’ engineering degree to put the damn things in. I’d had a proper baby safety carrier put in professionally to my car last week, so when we get home, Bill can pick us up from the airport. They were happy for Adam and me, the other kids don’t really know yet unless Paddy has told them.

Adam pulled up to the drop-off/pick up zone. He fastened Riley in, then stood outside the car with the door open watching her.

I slid my arm around Adam’s waist, “Climb in and sit with her, I’ll drive if you want?”

“Hmm…” Adam’s arm went around my shoulder, his eyes not leaving Riley, “No, I’ll drive, will you sit with her?”

“Sure,” I kissed Adam on the cheek and slid in next to Riley, Adam closed the door as quietly as he could. He then ran around and jumped in the driver's seat, turning to see Riley before he started the car.

Once we were out on the road, Adam drove at fifteen miles an hour, “Uh… if you keep driving this slow you're going to get a ticket, Riley’s safe at least drive just under the speed limit,” we were getting flipped off, honked, and yelled at, as cars sped around us. We finally made it back to my parent's place, the twenty-minute drive took nearly forty-five minutes. Riley slept through the whole ordeal, Adam had worked up a nice sweat by the time we got there. I held back my smile, he was already worrying enough for the both of us, I didn’t want him to think I was mocking him. I can do that another time when he isn’t so wound up.

I opened the front door and held it for Adam to bring Riley in, he walked through, and Riley was confiscated immediately by two doting grans. Adam looked at me with a furrowed brow, confused, “What just happened?”

It was too hard to contain my laughter, the laugh started as a chuckle, then when Adam hurried in the direction of his daughter's kidnappers, I lost it. Holy crap, the next couple of days are going to be interesting. I shook my head and followed along. When I got to the kitchen, Riley’s baby carrier was on the breakfast table, the two Grandmothers were standing over her, cooing about how beautiful she is. Adam was dancing behind them shuffling around so he could try and get to his daughter without upsetting the two ladies. They were having none of it, as far as they were concerned, it was their turn with Riley.

I walked over to Adam and put my arm around his waist and pulled him to the side so he could still see Riley, while our Moms fussed over our beautiful girl. Adam’s arms would reach out to get her and then he would change his mind.

“Relax, she’s sleeping, and happily so,” I smiled at him. My heart swelled when I saw the look of pure love all over his face as he watched her. He was still fidgeting around, I’m not sure he is ever going to relax until Riley is an adult. Nope, I take that back, I’m not sure he’ll ever relax again, the way he’s still fidgeting next to me.

“Excuse me, ladies, can I borrow Dad for a minute?” I asked.

Didn’t even get an answer, just a wave of a hand to go away. I reached over and took Adam by the hand and dragged him to the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Turning around, Adam was shuffling his weight from one side to the other, looking over my shoulder.

I smiled warmly, “You need to calm down Adam,” I said gently, “My Mom kept two kids alive through college, and I’m guessing your Mom did okay because you’re standing in front of me.”

Adam stood straight, stock still, his arms folded over his chest, his face giving away nothing.

“Sit,” Adam frowned at my command, “seriously Adam, sit down.”

He let out a breath, unfolding his arms dropping onto the bed, staring at me, “What are you doing?” he asked as my knee knocked his legs apart so I could stand between them.

“I’m going to help you calm down a little,” I gave him the most sensual blowjob I’d ever given him until he was purring like a kitten.

Once we were back in the kitchen, our Dads and Paddy had returned, and they were all crowded around Riley.

“Where were you two?” Pat asked raising an eyebrow.

“I was checking your Dad for ticks,” Adam chortled.

Paddy scrunched up his face and rolled his eyes. Mr. Price tilted his head looking confused, “I wouldn’t think there’d be…oof…” Mrs. Price gave him a elbow and a pointed look.

“Yeah, better to be safe than sorry,” he grunted, while he rubbed his side, giving his wife daggers.


Adam was sitting in Dad’s recliner, the only comfortable chair in the house, feeding Riley, I sat on the coffee table watching them together when the lawyer arrived. Mom had answered the door and brought him to us, she offered him tea which he kindly declined. A tall gentleman, roughly in his sixties, thin as a rail, his face had sharply angled features with no real chin prominent. He spoke with an upper-crust English accent, melded with a typical New England tone.

“Boys,” Mom said like we were still teenagers, “This is Mr. Thames, from Barkley, Hewitt, and Thames, law offices.”

“Gentleman,” he greeted us.

“Have a seat, please,” I offered, moving from the coffee table the couch, “I hope you don’t mind the informal setting.”

“No, not at all, thank you,” he said sitting down on the couch.

“I’ll leave you gentlemen to it, Adam, would you like me to finish feeding Riley?” Mom asked hopefully.

Adam smiled at my Mom appreciatively, “No thank you, I’d like to do it.”

“Fine dear, let me know when you're done, I’ll fix her a bath and put her to bed.”

“Thanks, that would be great,” Adam told her then she left us to it.

“Let’s get to this, I can see you gentlemen have better things to do,” the man smile glowed, “Congratulations, is this your first child?”

“No,” Adam said without missing a beat, “we also have a fifteen-year-old son,” his smile beaming at the mention of Patty.

“Wonderful,” the man smiled, “then let’s get down to business.”

Mr. Thames opened his briefcase on his lap, pulling out an inordinate amount of paperwork, “After I spoke with Mr. Wright, on the phone,”

“That’s me,” I answered sheepishly, “Sorry sir, I’m Ian Wright, and this is Adam Price,” pointing to Adam.

“Lovely. After speaking with you on the phone, I took it upon myself to do some checking. Right now Mr. Price, you have custody of Riley. I’m trying to get an emergency court date to have full-sole custody awarded to you, so you can get home as soon as possible. I am positive we can get this done quickly whether we are able to locate your wife in time or not.”

The man’s smile was, warm and genuine. Not what I expected of a man in his position, I’d found him through connections of Derek, a friend who runs the youth shelter back in Kentucky. Adam looked over at me, for a quick moment and winked, then he was back to Riley.

“Thanks to you Mr. Wright, we have quite a bit of evidence to back up the claim. I do understand you would like her to sign over her parental rights, but we may not be able to deal with that until we locate her,” The man was cool as a cucumber, his tone even and without a hint of apprehension.

“We have the security footage of Mrs. Price leaving the hospital, we’ll be gathering affidavit’s from the hospital staff, your family, the officers who took the missing person’s report, along with the medical assessment from Dr. Ingram, the hospital psychiatrist. These are all powerful witness statements. This should secure your rights to sole custody,” Mr. Thames looked between us, “Since Mrs. Price left the baby with a reasonable knowledge and expectation the baby was safe and in the care of a parent, and/or access to medical attention it cannot be considered endangering the child. Unfortunately, the court will not terminate her parental rights under these circumstances. I am confident the court will award you full-custody.”

Adam gazed over at me, he was holding Riley against his shoulder gently rubbing her back. She’s so tiny, against Adam’s big frame she almost looks doll sized. My hand was resting on the arm of the recliner he reached down and squeezed my hand really quick then went back to burping our daughter.

“I also have your papers ready for your divorce. I have made all the necessary arrangements required by you to locate your wife. Once these timelines expire, you will be given a court date to dissolute the marriage,” the man smiled to both of us laying the paperwork out on the coffee table. “I just need you to sign these documents, one is the contract between Mr. Price and the law firm, confirming your agreement to hire us, the other is your filing paperwork for your divorce and other documents to be filed by the court.”

“Babe, take Riley and give her to Mom, and I’ll sign the paperwork,” Adam said with a hurried ease, he wanted it all over with. I took Riley to my Mom, I didn’t want to hand her over, but I also wanted to be with Adam, I couldn’t do both, so I kissed her cheek and begrudgingly handed my daughter over to her Grandma. I quickly went back to Adam.

The lawyer was standing and shaking Adam’s hand, “It was lovely to meet you, sorry it’s under these circumstances Mr. Price. We’ll get you, gentlemen, home as soon as possible.”

“Mr. Wright, you’ve been very helpful and made this nasty mess easier to deal with,” the older gentleman shook my hand, “You’re a fortunate man Mr. Price, enjoy your new family. I’ll be in touch.”

I showed Mr. Thames out, once he left and I closed the door, I leaned against it and closed my eyes. Adam wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me thoroughly, “He’s right, I am the luckiest man alive,” Adam said when he broke the kiss, resting his forehead on mine.

Thank you for reading, it seems everything is looking up for the family.

Big thanks to Rick, Rob, Glenn and Cam for all your help.

Copyright © 2017 Bndmetl; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

Yaaay! I'd say its pretty much child abandonment. Please don't let the boys go in front of a homophobic prick. Riley got out the hospital yaaaaaaaaaay! I want a baby now!


I think the guys will be fine, as far as the baby goes, I can't really help you with that. I'll see if Kat is willing to give up Noah for you.

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2 minutes ago, Sweetlion said:

Sweet chapter :2thumbs:

I hope they can terminate Anna parental rights, even if they can't find her, so that Ian can adopt Riley, and Adam adopt Paddy.


I hope so too, fingers crossed. 

Thanks Sweetlion, I'm glad you are still enjoying the story. :hug:

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30 minutes ago, Dahawk said:

Great chapter I'm still offering my services free of charge for Anna... I think we should take a vote... How many people think Anna deserves a horrific demise? 



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3 minutes ago, jaysalmn said:

I vote the more horrific the better!! Lol!


You're a bad influence my friend, I've been trying to get Rob to stop killing off characters. LOL. :P

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58 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Riley got out the hospital yaaaaaaaaaay! I want a baby now!

But… but… but… you’d have to stop wearing your scary clown makeup for at least a decade!  ;-)


Do strapping young men carry babies on their backs while riding their motorcycles?  ;-)

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3 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

But… but… but… you’d have to stop wearing your scary clown makeup for at least a decade!  ;-)


Do strapping young men carry babies on their backs while riding their motorcycles?  ;-)


Nope strapped to their fronts.

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Another great chapter. Thanks!   I bet Paddy is wanting to get his hands on Riley too.  They are going to make a great family.  A dog is a good thing too. Every family needs one.  Please don't leave us hanging for long. LOL

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1 hour ago, Dahawk said:

Great chapter I'm still offering my services free of charge for Anna... I think we should take a vote... How many people think Anna deserves a horrific demise? 

Horrific demise may be too good for her. Can't we have a semi-horrific criminal event where nobody gets permanently hurt but she gets 15 to life and a chronic, but not life threatening, condition?

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I agree with everyone else that Anna needs to either have a horrific accident or wind up in a mental institution for the rest of her life. I'm glad that the attorney is going to do everything possible for Adam, Ian and Paddy to go home with Riley as soon as the Dr gives his approval for her to fly back to Kentucky with her proud dads and big brother. Riley is a very lucky young lady who is going to be looked after by her family and numerous aunt's and uncles, she's not going to have to worry about being bullied or pusher around by anyone because she'll have her family there in an instant to handle anything she may be in the need of at that time. I feel sorry for the boy who wants to date Riley because he'll have to be interrogated as to his intentions with her. I'm glad that the guys have as much help with Riley right now, when they get back to Kentucky they'll have the skills they need to take care of her, along with one set of grandparents or the other there to help them until they have enough instructions on how to care for her. Great chapter, I am loving the story, can't wait to read what happens next, whether they get full custody of Riley or not. I also want to know if Paddy gets his dog or not. 

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Such a great chapter.  And a dog for Paddy and the rest of the family would make it perfect.  Need to find a nice big house with a large yard for whatever breed of dog they get.  Again as long as it is a dog and not a rodent on a leash.  Did Paddy beat his grandpas at golf?  

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