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Jimmy & Richie - 26. Chapter 26

When the alarm went off, I woke with a smile. I looked at Rich, he reminded me of an angel. Extracting myself, I went and started the coffee. I started to take a shower when I was joined by someone with a smile on his face. We kissed and that led to a different kind of handshake.

We got dressed, Rich helped to fix breakfast and then we were off to our first class at Ohio State. We made arrangements to meet for lunch, "Since you'll be finish before me, why don't I meet you in the library." That set the pattern for the total time we were at State. Whoever finished class first, waited for the other in the library.

That evening, Nick Skype to see how our first day went. Rich talked while I prepared our dinner and then I talked with Brand. He asked me again if I read the book. I told him I had and we practiced the instructions. That was my way of telling him we made love. He just smiled and then Charles wanted to say hi and of course I had to talk to Nick.

Dinner was a simple fare, but adequate. With dinner over, we sat at the table and did our homework. There was a rule of thumb that said for each hour of class you would spend 3 hours on homework. It wasn't a rule of thumb, it was a fact.

That night in bed, I placed a towel under me as tonight was Rich's turn to make love to me. The feeling I had the first time I thought would be just for the first time, I was wrong. The feelings I had when Rich entered me was just as strong as the first time. And this time, Rich did not use a condom. You don't feel but just knowing you are in contact with his skin and his essence is being deposited inside you, brought Rich closer to me. Of course, the massage of your prostate brings home those great feelings that are generated by your lover. Knowing it was Rich generating those feelings only added to the feeling.

Rich collapsed on my back, I didn't want to move. He pulled the sheet over us and we both fell asleep. Morning came and Rich was ready for round two. I just relaxed and he slowly moved in me. It was slow until he could feel himself getting close and then he sped up until with a moan he deposited his sperm in me. I just laid there, in my own sperm after coming from a prostrate massage.

"Do you think we should take a shower?"

"Yes, I'm all sticky. I'm glad we put a towel down, now I don't have to change the sheet."


Shower, breakfast and off to school. "Jimmy, we need to figure out something to do about Nick. He'll probably want to go to State next fall."

"I'm sure he will. We got along pretty well when he was here this summer."

"If we don't find a solution, our love making will be limited to the car."

"You know we could extend the apartment. If we put a patio in the back of the garage, we could extend the apartment over that area."

"We'd need Gramps agreement. Dad could do the construction and we could help."

"Let's talk to Gramps tonight and see what he says."

The second day of classes went well. Unlike high school we didn't have the same classes every day. We also had time between classes to work on assigned homework.

That evening, we had dinner at Grams and Gramps. "Gramps, what would think about enlarging the apartment?"

"The apartment covers the total area above garages. What did you have in mind?"

"We were thinking about putting a patio behind the garage and then extending the apartment over the patio. It'd give us another bedroom and a study room. I think Nick is going to enroll in State and said he'd prefer to live with us then a dorm."

"My dad can help with the construction. I know it wouldn't take long to draw up the plans and he probably could get some of his men to help."

"Gramps, if we go ahead with this we should start soon before winter sets in. At least get the extension under roof."

Gramps looked at Gram, she had a smile on her face. I knew Gramps would agree to the idea. "All right, you boys draw up the plan and Gram and I will take a look at it." Rich and I just smiled at each other.

Later that night, "Rich, call your dad, tell him about the expansion and see if he has any ideas."

While Rich talked to his dad, I went behind the garage to see how much room there would be and if there were any difficulties extending the apartment. I found the land to be level and really would provide a nice patio. I was smiling and wonder if I could get Gramps to put in a pool. Walking into the apartment, "What did your dad say?"

"He said they should be finished with the project in two weeks and then he would be here to look at what we had in mind. "

"I looked the area over and I don't think it'll be a problem, I was wondering if I could talk Gramps into putting in a pool."

"That would be nice and private. We could make love under water."

"Right now let's make love in bed, I'm tired. I have an early class tomorrow."

And we did, I'm not sure if I prefer to make love to Rich or have him make love to me. I guess as long

as we make love it really doesn't matter


Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Chapter Comments

wow.  you are cranking these out.   Lots of spelling errors relating to mentioning Skype in this and the prior chapter.   You can say "Skyped" or use a connecting verb in the appropriate tense.  I like these characters and am looking forward to see the story progress.

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Great chapter. Jimmy and Richie have settled into a pattern of study and homework, but allowing time for there relationship to progress. They talked to Gramps about extending the apartment so they have a bedroom for Nick when he starts at State.

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I'm glad they are making plans for Nick to move in but is Nick going to Ohio State a sure thing yet? I wonder if Nick will somehow occasionally scheme a way to be in their bed every once in a while.


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The problem should solve itself when Nick meets a girl he wants to be involved with.  Otherwise, the guys are going to have to put their foot down, unless they are open to a ménage à trois.  If I were Jimmy or Rich, I'd want an exclusive relationship.

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