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A Different Love - 10. Chapter 10

It had turned slightly chilly when Connor and I left the pub, but the warm excited feeling that had lain in my stomach all evening refused to go away. If anything it was stronger than ever and the deep rooted feelings of anticipation and desire combined to make a potent mix. As we walked along the main street in the direction of the bus station it was killing me not to show Connor any affection. It was so unfair that we couldn’t hold hands or kiss in public like any straight couple and I could tell by the look on his face that he was feeling exactly the same way. When we reached the far end of town, there was still about twenty minutes to go before my bus left and I gazed at Connor longingly.

“Look, why don’t we take a slow walk through the park until your bus comes? he suggested, checking his watch “There’s still time”

My heart lurched and every nerve end in my body began tingling. His meaning was glaringly obvious and I realized that my desire to say a proper goodbye was about to come true. My voice was choked with emotion as I quickly agreed.

“That’s a brilliant idea!”

The crossing lights obstinately stayed on red as we waited to cross the road and my legs felt weak as I tried to think about what might happen in the next twenty minutes. The reckless side of me had already decided to let Connor take things a little further, whilst the other, more sensible side was fighting a losing battle, drowned out by the overwhelming feelings of lust and desire. I took a deep breath to calm myself and glanced at Connor apprehensively. He caught my gaze and smiled back at me reassuringly, willing me to relax and let the inevitable happen.

The lights suddenly changed to green and started to beep loudly, urging us to cross. With a deep breath, I followed him across the road and into the park, nervously turning around to see if anyone was following. Away from the orange glow of street lamps the park was shrouded in darkness and we wandered down a winding path through the trees. As we walked further in, there was hardly a sound apart from the feint hum of passing traffic and a second or two later, Connor tentatively reached out for my hand. He smiled and visibly relaxed as I reached over and kissed his cheek, knowing that at last we could show each other some affection. He quickly pulled me towards him and for the next few minutes we were locked in a passionate embrace that neither of us wanted to end. Within seconds I was hard as a rock and could feel his own erection pushing against me. When we finally pulled apart I was breathless with desire and Connor could see that I was desperate for more. He squeezed my hand lightly to acknowledge that he understood and whispered eagerly in my ear.

“C’mon Jason, I know somewhere we can go”

We ran along the path, hand in hand, until we finally reached one of the two large bowling green’s located at the far end of the park. As the moonlight shone from above, the building standing nearby cast dark shadows across the flat expanse of grass and Connor hastily pulled me towards it.

The pavilion was a small wooden building with a raised platform running all the way around it. There was a café at the front and an office for the park attendants to use during the day. At this time of night however, everything was deathly still and quiet and taking a furtive glance around him, Connor grasped my arm and quickly pulled me towards it. Our shoes clattered noisily on the wooden boards as we raced up the small flight of stairs and quickly disappeared around the back. With his hands around my waist Connor pushed me against the wall and began kissing me urgently. I responded with equal passion and enthusiasm, hungrily pushing my tongue inside his mouth. My willingness to comply was all the encouragement he needed and after a short while one of his hands found its way to the front of my jeans. This time I didn’t make any effort to stop him and after softly tracing the shape of my hard shaft through the rough denim material, he deftly unbuttoned my jeans and drew down the zip. I took a sharp intake of breath as his hand slid inside my briefs and began gently massaging the taut skin of my throbbing erection. I almost erupted into his hand there and then but somehow managed to hold off, aided by Connor’s expert touch. He knew exactly how to bring me to the edge, only to ease off before I shot my load. It was an incredible feeling that left me gasping for more and when his other hand slid inside the back of my briefs and began caressing my cheeks, our kissing intensified into a frenzy.

There was a sudden shriek of laughter and voices shouting from somewhere nearby. For a second or two we both froze until Connor quickly withdrew his hands from inside my jeans and I frantically struggled to fasten them up again. The raucous sound of laughter grew nearer and a second or two later, a couple of young guys came around the side of the building, laughing and joking with each other. They couldn’t have been more than about thirteen or fourteen years old, but I was still completely freaked out that someone had almost caught us.

As soon as our eyes met they stopped dead in their tracks and you could almost see the cogs in their brains slowly beginning to turn as they worked out what had been going on. From our startled expressions and dishevelled appearance it didn’t take a genius to work it out and for a short while there was complete silence until a sneering look of contempt slowly enveloped their faces. The taller of the two turned towards his friend and shook his head in disgust before slowly backing away.

“Fucking gay bastards!” he shouted from a safe distance “You’re nothing but scum!”

“What did you say, you little fucker” I shouted, erupting with anger.

“Ooh, hit a raw note have we?” the other one answered, backing even further away “Are you going to hit me with your feather duster?”

I made as if to move forward and Connor quickly grabbed my arm, forcibly holding me back “Leave it Jason! It’s not worth it, they’re only kids”

“Leave it Jason” the smaller lad mimicked back “Do as your boyfriend says!”

By this time they’d retreated a fair way, but I could still see the look of contempt on their faces. The final insult was delivered just before they rounded a corner and disappeared from sight altogether.

“Don’t worry Jason, you can go back to sucking your boyfriend’s dick now!” the older one shouted “but don’t get cum all over your face, remember to swallow!”

The sound of their laughter gradually died away and silence returned to the park once more. The expression of hurt on Connor’s face that he was trying desperately to hide was mirrored by my own and for a second or two I was lost for something to say.

“You ok Jason?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine”

More than anything I was shaken by what had happened and my initial burst of anger had now given way to a feeling of bitter resentment.

“Take no notice of them” went on Connor, as if he was reading my mind “They’re not worth it!”

Unfortunately I knew that this was the way that gay people were often treated and there was nothing we could do about it but make a concerted effort to ignore them. The whole episode was a stark reminder to be careful in public, but I wouldn’t have changed anything that had just happened for the world.

“What about you Connor?” I asked, giving him a look of concern

He put his arm around my shoulder and gently held me close. “Oh, it’s not the first time and I doubt it’ll be the last” he answered in a resigned voice “I’ll survive”

I closed my eyes and slowly began to relax again as our lips came together in another passionate kiss. One of my hands disappeared into the back pocket of his jeans and the other one rubbed his lower back, dipping just below the waistband of his underwear.

After a short while he pulled away and looked at his watch. “Time to go Jason" he said regretfully “You don’t want to miss your bus”

Sighing loudly, I nodded my head in resignation “No, I suppose not”

He took my hand and I pretended to drag my feet as he pulled me towards the stairs.

“C’mon” he warned “or you’ll be sorry”

I held on to the post near the stairs defiantly and he shook his head and smiled a further warning. Before I knew it he’d grabbed me around the waist and as my shirt pulled out he immediately began tickling my naked waist. I held on for as long as I could, but finally my fingers slipped off the post one by one and we both ended up in an exhausted heap on the floor, breathless and laughing. We lay there until our chests gradually stopped heaving and I couldn’t stop a huge smile from spreading across my face.

“What are you grinning at Jason?”

“Just being with you Connor, it’s been brilliant”

“Despite those cretins from earlier?” he asked, shaking his head.

“Yeah, despite those cretins!”

A sigh of frustration escaped my lips and I struggled to my feet, offering my hand to help him stand up. “C’mon, it’s time I was going”

He grasped it and laughed out loud, immediately pulling me down on top of him again. He kissed me squarely on the lips and finally we both struggled to our feet, fully aware that our date was virtually at an end.

“Connor, you’re all dusty! Look at the state of you”

I quickly turned him around before he could do it himself and rubbed all the dust off his clothes, paying particular attention to the back of his jeans.

He turned around and gave me a knowing smile “Just admit it Jason, you can’t keep your hands off me, can you?”

The sensual feel of my hand on his buttocks had given me a raging hard on and instead of answering I pulled him towards me and kissed him long and hard. After a while we reluctantly broke apart and he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“So much for taking things slowly” he remarked, gazing down at the front of my tented jeans.

“Sorry, I do want to take things slowly, but sometimes I just can’t help myself”

“Hey, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. Fast or slow, whatever you’re comfortable with”

He grinned at me mischievously and I wondered what was coming next.

“You obviously find me completely irresistible” he exclaimed, shrugging his shoulders “What can I say?”

I slapped him sharply on the bottom and he yelped in surprise.


“C’mon hottie, let’s go before you set the trees on fire!”

With the earlier incident forced from our minds, we ran down the steps and along the pathway, laughing and joking like a pair of kids. When we reached the edge of the park, Connor suddenly stopped and held onto my arm firmly.

“Don’t I get one last kiss? he asked, with a look that I couldn’t resist.

Instead of waiting for my answer he immediately pulled me behind one of the large trees at the edge of the park and I could feel the rough bark rubbing against my back. His warm lips intertwined with mine and I held onto him tightly, unwilling to waste a single second of the time we had left together.

Finally, there was no choice but to break apart and we headed across the road towards the bus station.

Surprisingly, there was quite a crowd of people waiting at the stop so Connor and I stood nearby, trying to keep out of earshot.

“So when can I see you again!” I hissed eagerly

“It won’t be until next Tuesday” he answered in a disappointed voice “I don’t have another day off until then”

“That’s ok!” I quickly reassured him “I’ll just have to wait”

His face brightened considerably and I smiled back at him, glad that at least we’d arranged another date. “Shall we meet in the pub again?”

“Yeah we can do, but I don’t want to stay there all night this time. I’d like to cook you a meal…..if that’s ok”

My heart dropped like a stone and a sudden feeling of panic swept over me “At your place you mean?”

“Yeah of course!” he laughed “Where else would it be?”

I stared at him in alarm. Touching and caressing was one thing, but I knew only too well what would probably happen in the privacy of his flat. I wasn’t at all sure if I was ready for things to go that far so soon, but he rushed in to reassure me, obviously fully aware of what I was thinking.

“There’s no need to worry Jason, it’s just a meal. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”

“I know, it’s not that ……….My voice tailed off and he stared at me with raised eyebrows.

“Ok, ok so it is that!” I admitted “Don’t get me wrong Connor, it’s not that I don’t want to….and sometimes I can’t help it......it’s just…”

“You’re scared “he interrupted, finishing my sentence off for me “I can understand that Jason, it was the same for me. But like I said, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to”

“I know Connor….and thanks….for being so understanding I mean. I relaxed my shoulders with a relieved sigh “I’d love you to cook a meal for me”

“Great! That’s settled then” he exclaimed, full of enthusiasm.

Without realizing it, I’d put my arm around his shoulder and I quickly removed it, forgetting for a moment where we were. He gazed at me longingly and I could tell he was itching to kiss me again. At that moment the bus came sweeping around the corner and I realized it would be a whole week before that would happen again.

We stood silently at the back of the queue as the people in front of us slowly began to shuffle forwards and I jumped slightly as his fingers gently squeezed my rear. We’d almost reached the front when he leant in towards me and whispered in my ear.

“Next Tuesday then, sexy! Meet you at seven, in the pub”

I smiled and winked at him, pursing my lips together in the shape of a kiss.

Unfortunately, the queue had moved forward and he was unable to return it, but the look of yearning on his face proved to me how much he longed to.

Finally, he stood back and as I boarded the bus and sat down by the window all he could give me was a nondescript wave as though we were merely friends bidding each other goodbye. Within seconds the bus pulled away and I strained my neck to see if he was still looking. All I could see was a lone figure standing on the pavement and for a second or two all my worries and fears were cast aside and I wished we were going home together.

Finally, I sank back in the seat and the noise of conversation gradually faded away as I found solace in my own private thoughts. It had been an amazing evening full of passion and new experiences that I hadn’t wanted to end. Connor had laid bare my emotions and left me feeling sick with desire at the prospect of more intimacy to come. Despite my continued insecurity and reticence I was desperate to take things further. The urge to explore every inch of his naked body was almost unbearable and my heart pounded with anticipation and yearning. It was hard to recall another time when I'd been so happy. With a goofy smile of satisfaction on my face, I spent the remainder of the journey to Dryford in a dream world, reliving every moment of my evening with Connor.

Copyright © 2021 Filzmoos; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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I could really visualise the whole scene in the park. Pity about the homophobic twats, but that also gave a sense of realism to the story. Not every first date is perfect all the way through.

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The boys definitely need a more isolated environment where they can openly express their feelings and desires!  Perhaps Connor's flat will be the perfect place for that to happen "along with dinner" !! 

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