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This is a story written in the first-person from a teen on the Austism Spectrum. Great care has been taken to be true to the character will, at the same time, being non-offensive to my readers.

The Barnstable Chronicles: Book 5 - Beautiful Boy - 11. The Big Ship

It's time for our boys to go on their first cruise! Nana has planned a fun time for them--and she succeeds!

There's a lot of fun in this chapter--and not just for Noah and Sky!








The first part of our trip before we got on the big ship wasn’t very much fun. There were so many people, and the room we were in was very loud. I’m glad we both had our headphones on. David held Sky’s hand, Daddy held mine, and Nana was talking to a lot of people.

When Nana came back, she had a man with her who was wearing a uniform. Nana motioned for us to follow her, and the man took us outside of the noisy building. We took our headphones off, and Nana introduced us to Mr. Sherman. She said he was the ship’s pursor, but I didn’t see his purse.

Mr. Sherman said he was going to help us get on the ship first, so we didn’t have to be in the noise anymore. That made Sky and me happy.

We looked up and saw a real tall bridge. Mr. Sherman said that’s where the passengers board the ship. Instead, he took us to a little bridge that was under the big one. We walked in, and we went to the elevators.

He pressed number 7, and we got out of the elevator. The first thing I saw was the middle of the ship. It was real tall. There were even trees inside! Mr. Sherman took us to our rooms—he called them cabins—and they were right by the elevators. Daddy and David had a cabin right next to Sky and me. There was a door that so we could visit each other. Nana’s cabin was on the other side of ours, but we didn’t have a door to hers.

When we walked in, there was a big bed and drawers for our clothes. On the other side of the bed was a couch and a TV. There was a big glass door that opened to a balcony. We walked out on the balcony, and we could see all the people coming onto the ship.

Daddy and David were on their balcony. We couldn’t see them, but we could hear them. David looked around the wall and pointed out to a big square building. He said that was part of NASA and was the building where they built all the rockets to go into space.

There was a knock on the door. Sky said he would answer it, and it was Nana! She asked us if we liked our cabin. We did! She showed us that they filled a refrigerator with apple juice for Sky and me. That made both of us happy.

Nana took Sky and me on a tour of the ship. There’s so much to do! There were clubs for teens, but Nana said the music was really loud. I didn’t think we would go there, but Sky said we could wear our headphones and still hear enough of the music so we could dance together. Nana said she would want to go with us, just to make sure we would be okay.

She showed us a whole bunch of restaurants. There was a theatre, and Nana said we had a special place to sit in the theatre so the noise from all the people wouldn’t bother us. I like the ship!

Nana took us out to the back part of the ship. There was a swimming pool. We saw a big water slide, but Sky and decided we didn’t want to do that because we didn’t think we would like to be in a closed up tube. It looked like it would be fun, though.

Then she showed us the most awesome thing ever! It was called a water coaster. It still had tubes, but they were clear. She said two people could ride it together. Sky looked at me and smiled. I knew we were going to ride the water coaster a lot!

There was an announcement that the ship was going to depart in ten minutes. Nana said we should go back to the cabins for something fun. When we got back, she gave us a paper tube that broke up into small rolls. We were supposed to hold on the little piece of paper on the inside and throw it over the balcony when the ship started to move. Nana said it was how we said goodbye to the people watching us from the land.

Nana told us to put on our headphones because the ship was going to blow its horn, and it was real loud. I’m sure glad we had Nana with us!

We went out on the balcony. Daddy and David were on theirs, and Nana said they should come over and be with us.

They came to our balcony, and Daddy wrapped his arms around me.

“Are you excited, Noah?”

“Yes, please.”

Just then, the ship blew its big horn. It wasn’t too loud for Sky and me since we had our headphones on, but we could feel in our chest. That must have been real loud! Then, the big ship started to move real slow. People down on the ground started to wave goodbye to us, and they didn’t even know us!

Nana told us it was time, and we started to throw our papers over the balcony. It was so pretty! They would get real long and pretty before they floated down to the ground. By the time I was out of paper, we had started to move out to the ocean. We got a lot closer to the big rocket building and could even see a rocket standing on the launchpad. I ran back into the cabin and got my camera. I wanted to take pictures of the rocket! I’d never seen one before.

When we got away from the land, Nana took us back into the cabin. She asked us if we had started to read our books yet. We told her we hadn’t, and she smiled. Nana said she would be right back.

A few minutes later, Nana knocked on our door and came in holding two books. She said that she had been looking into a couple of good books for us to read. Nana handed Sky a book called Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and the book she gave me was called Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda.

Nana said that she talked to some people at our school, and she wanted us to read some novels that shed a positive light on boys who loved boys. She read these books and thought they would be perfect for us. I loved how much Nana wanted us to learn things about the kind of people Skay and I were—and I don’t even mean people on the spectrum. Nana—and all of my family—treats Sky and me like we’re just normal boys who happen to love each other.

Nana told us to take a shower and get dressed in our nice clothes for dinner. She said we were going to eat at a restaurant called Lumiere’s. That’s the talking candle guy in Beauty and the Beast! This is going to be a fun trip!

I was glad that the shower was big enough for both Sky and me! There were a couple of times when we had to grab on to the bar on the shower when the ship moved. But I still able to get on my knees and move my mouth on Sky’s cock so he could cum in it. He did it to me after, and was sooo nice!

Sky and I wore our khaki pants. I chose a green button shirt, and sky wore a blue polo. Sky said we were wearing each other’s eyes! That made me happy to think about it.

The dining room was beautiful. It reminded me of the big ballroom in Beauty and the Beast. During dinner, Micky and Minnie came in and talked to the little kids. That made them happy—which made me smile.

During dinner, David said we were going to watch a movie in the big theatre. He said since it was a movie, we could sit in the central part of the theatre. I asked David what the movie was, and he said we should wait and see. Daddy promised me that if we didn’t like it, we could go and do something else.

Dinner was real good, but there was way too much to eat! When we finished, we walked to the big theatre and sat next to the aisle, so we could leave if we wanted to. I didn’t want to, though—the movie was Onward! It was even better in a theatre and on a big screen!

When we got back to our cabin, Sky sat on the bed and motioned for me to go to him. I stood in front of him, and he began to take off my clothes.

“Wait. Can we go on the balcony and look at the stars like we did at the ocean house?”

“Yes, I would like that, Noah. I like looking at the stars with you.”

When we opened the door, the breeze coming in off the ocean was real nice. It smelled clean and fresh, and we leaned on the rail to look out over the ocean. The stars were beautiful. Sky was beautiful, too.

I had my arms around Sky and leaned my head on his shoulder. “Sometimes, I think I’m the luckiest boy in the whole world. I get to be out in the middle of the ocean and look at all the stars with the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen—and it makes me so happy.”

“I know what you mean, Noah—because I can say the exact same thing to you. Will you make love to me?”

“Yes, please.”

I took Sky’s hand and led him back into the cabin. He tried to close the doors, but I stopped him and told him I wanted to feel the breeze while we made love. It would be like we were outside. Sky smiled at me and nodded his head.

I made love to Sky and sprayed my cum inside him while his arms and legs were wrapped around me, and his cock was spraying at the same time. I got a wet cloth from the bathroom and cleaned us off.

Sky said he liked feeling the breeze while we made love, so we decided to leave the door open while we slept. I pulled the blankets over us, and I was the big spoon.

It didn’t feel like we were asleep very long when I woke up. I heard David yelling at Daddy. It sounded like they were on their balcony.

“That’s right, Charlie. Fuck me with those ten inches. Fill me up on the fucking ocean!”

That woke Sky up. “Wha—what’s happening?”

“David’s yelling at Daddy.”

“Take it all, David! I know you love it! Oh, fuck! I’m—It’s—Cumming!!”

“Noah, they’re fucking on the balcony.”

“Oh! Oooooooooh!”

I didn’t know if I should giggle or be embarrassed. I never thought about Daddy and David having sex before. But as I was listening to them, it made sense to me now.

I couldn’t sleep, though. I was worried that Daddy—or David—was hurt. Sky and I never yelled like that when we made love. I got out of bed and found my underwear on the floor.

I opened the door on my side of the cabin, and the other door was closed. There wasn’t a handle on it so I couldn’t open it. I knocked. I hear David say, “Just a minute!” so I waited.

“Are you okay, Noah?”

“Yes, please. I just have to see if Daddy and David are okay so I can go back to sleep.”

The other door opened, and David was standing there in his underwear.

“You okay, buddy?”

“Yes, please. Are you okay?”

“Of course I am. Did you have a bad dream or something?”

“No. But I heard you and Daddy yelling, and it sounded like he was hurting you.”

Daddy sat up in his bed and turned on the lamp. “You heard us yelling, Noah?”

“Yes, please. We had the door to the balcony open, so we could sleep with the breeze on us. And then we heard the yelling. Sky said you were fucking, but I need to make sure nobody’s hurt.”


“Daddy—bad words.”

“You’re right, and don’t forget—we don’t say fucking. Come here, Noah.”

“Okay.” I moved over and sat on Daddy’s bed. David went into our cabin and asked Sky to join us.

“In a minute, please.”

“Is there a problem?”

“I’m naked.”

“Okay, bud. Just put on some underwear and come in and sit with us, okay?”

Daddy looked at David funny. It was like he was scared.

Sky came into Daddy’s cabin and sat next to me.

David sat on the bed next to Daddy and said, “Boys, your Daddy and I are so sorry we woke you up. We weren’t thinking. We’re so used to being a little loud when we’re at home. We didn’t think about us being too loud. But I promise we’re both fine. Neither of us is hurt.”

“So Sky was right? You were having sex?”

Daddy’s face turned red, but he still talked. “Boys, I promise we will never do something like that again. I’m afraid David and I got carried away.”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I was worried. I don’t want either of you to get hurt. That would make me sad.”


“I thought I knew what was happening. I wasn’t scared.”

David asked if either of us had any more questions.


“Yes, Noah?”

“Is your penis really ten inches long? That’s so big.”

Daddy’s eyes got real big. He moved his mouth, but no words came out. David said something, though.

“Well, Noah. Yes, your Daddy’s penis is quite large. Penises come in all shapes and sizes. Your Daddy’s is just one of those that is bigger than most of the others.”


Daddy’s face was even more red now. Was he ashamed?

“Daddy. You shouldn’t be ashamed. Remember when you told me that boys should never be ashamed of anything about their bodies?”

Daddy nodded but didn’t say anything for a while. Finally, he said, “You’re right, Noah. You’re a smart boy—and it makes me happy that you were worried about David and me. Come here.” He held out his arms and hugged me. “Now why don’t you boys go back to bed. It’s almost 1:00 in the morning, and tomorrow’s going to be an exciting day for you.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, Mr. Charlie and Mr. David.”

Sky and I got off the bed and walked to the door.

“Boys. One more thing.”


“Let’s just keep this between us guys. I don’t think your Nana would understand what we’ve been talking about.”


“Okay, Mr. David. We won’t say anything.”

“Goodnight, David.”

We closed the doors between our cabins and crawled back into bed.

“Do you feel better, Noah? Your Daddy and David are okay.”

“Yes.” It still bothered me that Daddy and David yelled like that.



“Please don’t yell at me like that when we make love. It would make me scared.”

“It’s okay. I like the way we make love. I don’t want to yell like that.”


“Your Daddy has a big cock, Noah.”

“Yeah, he does.”

“I’m glad you’re not that big. It would hurt.”

“Yes. It would hurt a lot.”

Sky wrapped his arms around me. He was the big spoon now. “Are you okay, Noah?”

“Yes, please. I’m always okay when you hold me like this.”

“Okay.” I fell asleep pretty fast with Sky’s arms around me.

The next morning, we all went to breakfast. Daddy and David acted normal again, and that made me happy. We were eating our breakfast on the deck at the back end of the ship. Nana said that was called the aft. That was weird. A grownup probably named it.

In the middle of breakfast, we had a big surprise. Spiderman started to do flips right in front of our table! It was cool. Sky was real excited. The next thing that happened was Captain America, Iron Man, and a whole bunch of superhero people came around and told us to have a great day at sea.

I only knew who Spiderman was. Sky told me the other names. When I asked him how he knew all their names—even the funny looking one that looked like a human tree—he told me that he’d seen almost all of the Marvel movies.

David told us that today was called Marvel Day at Sea and that there would be all sorts of fun things happening with all of the superheroes. He said they would be all over the ship today, and that there was a stunt show in the theatre after dinner. Then there is a big show after dark on the top deck.

Nana said we might not like that one because there were some explosions and fireworks in that show. Sky said we would be okay if we wore our headphones—and each other’s hands. That made me smile. I knew if Sky was with me, I could be a lot braver than if I was by myself—especially with my headphones—and holding his hand.

When we finished breakfast, I asked Daddy if we could go on the water coaster. Everybody thought that was a good idea. Nana said we should all go back to our cabins and put on our swim trunks.

We got to the cabin and changed our clothes. Sky and I were getting real excited, too. Daddy said we should bring our books and sunscreen with us. He said we might want to rest in the sun and read for a while before we had our lunch.

All five of us went out to the pool deck, and it was already crowded! We found five lounge chairs and put our things on them while we put our sunscreen on. Nana said she would watch our stuff so the guys could enjoy the water coaster.

The coaster was a tube, but it was clear. We sat in a rubber raft. Sky was behind me and wrapped his arms around me. The ride was so fast, and it was cool when the tube went away from the ship and over the ocean. We went on the water coaster three times, then went to sit with Nana.

We put some more sunblock on and sat with Nana to read our books. I asked Daddy what Homosapiens meant, and he told me it was the scientific word for humans. I thought it meant something like homosexuals, but I was wrong.

My book is about a high school boy who likes boys but doesn’t tell anybody. He meets another boy like him on the school website, but they haven’t met yet. Simon has a neat family, but he’s still afraid to tell them. That makes me feel happy about my family. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Sky said his book was about two boys with the same name—Will Graysen. He would giggle every now and then when he was reading. Maybe I’ll read his book when I’m done with mine.

We didn’t have to go far for lunch because there was a pizza place and another place with hamburgers and hot dogs right by us. Sky and I had hot dogs and French fries. They were pretty good, but I like them better when David cooks them on the grill at the ocean house.

After we ate, David said we needed to shower and clean up. Nana got us in to see the Superhero Stunt Show before dinner. We went into the cabin and kissed as soon as the door closed.

Sky and I took our shower together and made each other cum in our mouths. That’s my new favorite afternoon snack. It’s my favorite morning snack and my favorite snack any time of the day!

We went to the theatre, and a pretty girl took us up to the top. She opened a door for us, and we got to sit in a room with glass. We could see the show real good, and we heard everything through speakers. It wasn’t any louder than a TV show. Sky and I liked that.

Oh—the superheroes did some neat stunts. They were jumping, fighting the bad guys, flipping around. And some of them even flew through the air! It was exciting. Sky was the most excited of all of us, though! I like seeing my boyfriend so happy!

We went back to Lumiere’s for dinner. Sky and I had the same thing we had the night before—cheesey mac with lobster. I never knew you could have those in the same dish! It was real good. Maybe Mr. Vincente can make that for us at home when we get back.

After dinner, we went up to the top floor of the ship for the big Superhero Battle show. We already had our earphones because Nana knew there would be some explosions and fireworks. The man who brought us on the ship yesterday was there, and he took us to a section that was away from the crowds. He said we could still see the show.

The show was exciting.! There were a lot of bad guys, and the superheroes fought them all away. My favorite part was when Spiderman crawled up the side of the ship’s big smokestack. I still can’t figure out how they did that!

There were some explosions during the show, but it didn’t bother us with our headphones on. At the end of the show, there were a lot of fireworks. They were so pretty when you could see them in the sky and on the water—it was like the ocean was a giant mirror.

When the show was over, the man in the uniform told Nana that Sky and I would enjoy the teen club. She didn’t know if it was a good idea since the music was probably too loud for us. Sky told her we could wear our headphones and still hear enough to have a good time. Daddy and David said they would go with us in case we needed any help, and Nana went to her cabin to relax before bedtime.

I was getting excited. I hoped I would get to dance with Sky! When we got there, I was sad that there wasn’t any dancing. It was just a room with a lot of couches and chairs. There was a big screen that was showing a Marvel movie.

Sky was sad, too. Daddy and David said we should get some pizza to take back to the cabins. We went up to the pool deck and went to a restaurant called Pinnochio’s. Sky and I got a pepperoni pizza, and they put it in a box. Daddy even let us get some sodas! He never does that!

We went to Daddy and David’s cabin and sat on the sofa and floor to eat our pizza. Sky asked if we could watch Ironman. Daddy found it, and we watched it while we ate. It was a good movie, too. Sky smiled the whole time it was on the TV.

When the movie was over, Sky and I went into our cabin. Daddy closed his side of the door, and Sky closed ours.

“Today was so much fun, Noah! What was your favorite part?”

“Our shower—but I think this is going to be my favorite part.”

I started to kiss my boyfriend and we took each other’s clothes off.

“Come with me. I have an idea.”

Sky opened the door to the balcony, and the breeze from the ocean started to come into the cabin. He grabbed the cushions from the couch and went outside. He laid them on the ground. “I’ll be right back!” he whispered to me.

He went to the bathroom and got a couple of towels. On his way back to the balcony, he stopped at the bed and got a pillow and the bottle of lube stuff. He laid the towels on the cushions and handed me the pillow. “So you can yell in it when I make love to you.”

“Oh!” My cock bounced from excitement.

“Ever since we heard your Daddy and David, I couldn’t stop thinking about making love outside with you. We just have to be real quiet in case anyone has their doors open.”

“Okay. This is exciting!”


Sky made love to me out on the balcony. It was awesome, too. I loved feeling the breeze over my skin while I looked up and saw all the stars. He went real slow, too. I thought that was going to drive me crazy, but it just made things better and better.

I’m glad Sky brought my pillow out. I screamed into it when my cock exploded. When Sky filled me with his sperms, he kept looking at me with his sparkly eyes. It was like he was telling me how much he loved me—but just with his eyes.

I slept real good and didn’t wake up until Sky nudged me and asked if I wanted to shower with him. Of course I did! I can’t think of a better way to start the day—especially when the most beautiful boy in the world asks me to make love to him under the water!

We had another real good breakfast, and then David said he hired a car for us. We were going to this place in Nassau called Atlantis. Nana said she wanted to spend the day shopping, so it would be just the four boys—well, boys and grownup boys.

Nana got into a taxi, and we got into the big car. We drove through the city and ended up at another beach. The next thing we did was get on a boat and went to a place called Atlantis Island.

We had the best day ever! We learned how to snorkel and went swimming with the fishes and stingrays—which are very cool. It was neat whenever I was in the water, a whole bunch of real colorful fish would swim with me. None of the fish would talk to me, but some of the stingrays told me they liked living in the lagoon, and that the people took good care of them.

After snorkeling, we went to a place called Aquaventure. We floated on two rivers. One was called Lazy River because it was—lazy. The second river was The Current. It was a lot faster, with waves and rapids. There were a few tunnels, but they were big enough for Sky and me not to feel crowded.

There were a lot of water slides, but most of them had tunnels, so Sky and I didn’t want to go on those. But the slides we did go on were real high and real fast. The best one of all was a big raft that went up and up to the top of a building. When we were in the building, the raft dropped down and into a pool. The raft went underwater and through a tank filled with sharks! Yay!

We went to a place called the dig, which was like the aquarium’s fish tanks, but it was a whole lot bigger. They made it look like the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis. David had to tell us what Atlantis was, but when we knew it was an ancient city that disappeared into the ocean, everything made a lot more sense to me.

Of course, my favorite part was called Predator Lagoon. It was the shark tank, and it was way bigger than the one at the aquarium. We could walk through a real long tube that went through the tank, but they didn’t have diving. It was still real cool, though—and Sky walked with me and thought it was cool. He just didn’t want to get in the water with the sharks. I couldn’t wait to show Mike all the pictures I took. There were so many!

It was the best day ever! When we got back to the ship, we found Nana having a drink on the deck with some of her new friends. Sky and I were real tired, so we went back to the cabin for a nap before dinner. We just snuggled and slept. We were so tired we didn’t even take off our clothes!

Daddy woke us up when he knocked on the door. He told us we needed to clean up and dress nicely. The captain of the ship invited us to have dinner with him and a different restaurant. Daddy said it was a big honor, too. I wonder who drives the ship when the captain is eating dinner in the restaurant?

We wore our khaki pants. I put on my dark green shirt with the buttons. Sky wore his blue polo shirt. I smiled because we were each wearing our boyfriend’s eyes again! We both wore our nice shoes, too. Daddy, David, and Nana all looked real pretty, too.

The restaurant was called Palo, and it was the prettiest place I’ve seen on the ship. The captain was real nice to us, and he acted like he knew Nana. He asked Sky and me if we were having a good time on the ship. I told him it was the best time ever, but I didn’t say anything about the sex stuff we were doing—even though that’s my favorite thing so far!

Sky and I had a salad and lobster ravioli. Dinner was real good, and it reminded me of David’s favorite restaurants back home.

When we finished dinner, we went back to the cabin and put on our shorts and t-shirts. Nana said we were going to see the big show tonight. It’s Tangled, but with real people instead of a cartoon. I remembered seeing it a long time ago, but Sky had never seen it before.

We sat in our special room with the big window. The show was a musical—like the movie—and Sky liked it a lot. When we got back to the cabin, we were both real tired. We took off our clothes, wrapped our arms around each other, and went right to sleep.

The next morning, we had our breakfast out on the deck and watched the ship pull into the island place. Nana said Disney had their own island just for the ship, and the island was all about having a good time.

Nana was right about that, we had the best time ever. Nana decided to spend the day on the ship. She said she had to do some work for her travel website.

David took Daddy and us to a boat, and we did the coolest thing! They put us in these things like chairs. There was a parachute on it, and when the boat started to go fast, we went up in the sky! Daddy said it was called parasailing. I just called it the neatest thing I’ve ever done—and I got to do it with my boyfriend!

They had a lagoon filled with stingrays, and they let us go in and pet them. These stingrays didn’t talk very much—not like penguins and sharks—but I could tell they liked us. We went on the waterslides and swam in the pools.

That night on the ship, they had a big cookout on the deck. We were still in our swimsuits, so we played in the water and rode the ship’s water coaster a couple of times. Now I know why Nana goes on cruises all the time. They’re a lot of fun!

When we got back to the cabin, Sky pulled me into the shower with our swimsuits still on! They didn’t stay on for very long, and we rubbed each other’s cocks until they sprayed. Then we went to bed and fucked—I mean, made love—twice. We took turns putting our cocks in each other’s butts.

On the last day of the cruise, we were in the ocean the whole time. We had fun on the pool deck, played video games in the arcade, watched The Lion King in the theatre, but it was a version with real lions. I like the cartoon one better.

After dinner, Daddy said we needed to pack our suitcases, but leave out the clothes we were going to wear tomorrow. When we finished packing, Daddy put our suitcases outside the door. He said someone was going to take them down below so they can put them in the terminal for us after we got off the ship. I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just take them off ourselves, but then I already figured out that grownups make up all the rules here.

We got off the ship, and Nana took Sky and me out to the front of the big building so we wouldn’t have to be around all the noisy people. When Daddy and David came outside with our suitcases, we got into a big car and drove to Orlando and the airport.

We flew to New York, and David had another big car there for us. When we got into the city, we dropped Sky off at his apartment building. I went up with him and hugged him before we went in the door.

Sky’s mother was really happy to see him again. She hugged me and then I went back down to the car so we could go home.

Mr. Vincente came outside and helped us with our suitcases. When we went inside, everything smelled so good! Mr. Vincente made an Italian dish with chicken, sausages, and peppers on top of spaghetti noodles. It was real good.

When it was time for bed, I went up to my room. I took a shower and crawled into my bed. I looked at the wall and saw a new picture! It was of Sky and me holding hands in the hallway of the school. There weren’t any other people in the hallway. Daddy must have taken it when Sky was showing me around my first day.

Sky. I already miss him. I miss him bad. I miss him so bad that I started to cry. I wish he was with me right now. He knows better than anybody how to make me happy when I’m sad. I miss Sky.

Noah has it BAD! I love how his growing relationship with Sky has given him confidence in the way he handles things in his life.

The next chapter is all about the last two weeks of Summer break--one week in New York and one week in Barnstable. More adventures lie ahead for our beautiful boy!

Thanks again for your comments and support! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Stay Safe,


Copyright © 2020 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.

Thank you to all my readers for their love and support in this series of books. Your comments and reviews mean more to me than you could ever know!

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What a beautiful chapter. Noah and Sky have it bad for each other. It was amazing seeing the cruise through Noah's eyes and from his perspective, it gave the whole thing a new meaning.

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Just wonderful Geoff - it's refreshing for me to go to my study and read your story(ies) and simply just forget/or ignore the utter chaos going on everywhere else. It's truly is a life saver for me to help keep focused and maintain some sort of sanity!!! Thank you so much.  Love ya!!  


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Posted (edited)

I love this story, and so enjoy seeing Noah’s and Sky’s relationship deepen.  The boys’ reactions to the dads having sex on the balcony cracked me up.  I suppose no one likes to think of their parents having sex, even if they’re young, hot, long-haired, hung, and male.  Damn, now there’s a visual fantasy!

Edited by tesao
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I am not sure if you have ever seen the movie called Oddball it’s about a dog that looks after the Fairy Penguins on Philp Island off the coast of Melbourne, Australia 


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Outstanding chapter! The cruise experiences for both boys was amazing. I did not realize that cruise line’s had special quiet rooms in the theater. The sounds of the Dads having loud sex freaked Noah out, Sky was aware of what was going on but couldn’t convince Noah that np one was getting hurt. Daddy was completely embarrassed as was David. The strength of the boys relationship is maturing and deepening. Overall the vacation was definitely enjoyed by the entire family. It will be interesting to see what changes have occurred in Barnstable. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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