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This is a story written in the first-person from a teen on the Austism Spectrum. Great care has been taken to be true to the character will, at the same time, being non-offensive to my readers.

The Barnstable Chronicles: Book 5 - Beautiful Boy - 18. Freshman Year, Fall Semester

This was such a fun chapter to write! We have a bit of a legal battle to get through and we'll just follow that up with some exciting news for the Spring semester. I think you'll fall even more for Billy Miller in this chapter!




CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Freshman Year, Fall Semester





“Noah! Is everything alright?”

“No. Can you put David on, too?”

“He’s right here with me. I’ll put you on speaker.”

“Billy’s right here with me, too. Should I put him on speaker?”

“Do you want him to be a part of this call?”

“Yes, please.”

I put the phone on speaker and Billy said hi to Dad and David.

“Hi, Billy. What’s going on?”

“Dad? They say Billy can’t be my boyfriend.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can Billy tell you? I’m upset and confused.”

“Okay. Billy?”

“Okay—yeah. So we registered for our classes this afternoon. When we checked out, they gave us a packet that was full of stuff about the Bridges program. After we ate dinner, we went back to the room and started reading the rules.

“It was rule 2a that’s kind of freaked us out.”

Dad asked if Billy could read it to them. Billy read it to them:

2a. Mentors and Bridges students shall maintain a professional relationship. Any type of relationship beyond professional is strictly forbidden and could result in removal from the program.

“Boys?” David was talking now. “Don’t say anything to anyone for a couple of days. There’s something about that rule that doesn’t seem right. I’m going to talk with my attorney tomorrow morning and find out what we can do about this. Don’t worry—Dad and I are going to do everything we can to make this right for you. You won’t have to stop being boyfriends—I promise.”

“So, while we have you on the phone—did you get the classes you wanted?”

“Yes, please. Billy helped me do my schedule. We’re going to have some classes together. And I’m going to sing in the Chorale with him—after I audition.”

“Noah, you have a beautiful singing voice. I’m sure that’s going to be just fine.”

“Yes, please.”

“Billy? Do you know Mrs. White’s first name? I want to get as much information together that I can for my attorney.”

“Yes, David. It’s Althea. Weird name, huh?”

“We can’t always help the name our parents give us, can we?”

That made me giggle a little. “Okay, boys. Please don’t worry about a thing. I’ll call you as soon as David talks to his attorney and let you know what’s going on. We love you, boys.”

“I love you, Dad. You too, David.”

“Thanks for helping us, Charlie and David. I’m so happy I’m part of this family.”

“The feeling’s mutual, Billy. Take care of our boy and help him relax, okay?”

I felt better after we talked to Dad and David. I felt even better when Billy held me in his arms while we watched Onward. That movie always makes me feel better. Well—Billy always makes me feel better than anything.

The rest of the students moved into the dorm the next day. Their registration started that afternoon, and I was real happy that Billy and I didn’t have to deal with the crowds.

When we got back to the dorm after lunch, we finished reading the Bridges packet when my phone rang. It was Dad telling us that they were on the way to Garden City with Mr. Jennings. Dad said he was David’s attorney. They were going to come to the room, and then we would all be going to a meeting at Mrs. White’s office.

“I’m scared, Dad.”

“Trust me, Noah. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Mr. Jennings is going to make everything right for the two of you, and you can have a wonderful year at school.”

“Okay. When will you be here?”

“We should be there in about twenty minutes. We love you, boys.”

“We love you, too.”

I ended the call, and Billy wrapped his arms around me. I was still nervous—well, I was until Billy kissed me told me that he loved me.

“Noah—the most important thing is that we love each other. We care about each other. We have each other, too. When you and I are together, nothing—and I mean nothing—will ever get in our way.”

“Okay. I can believe you. I love you, Billy.”

Billy helped me relax, and it was just in time. There was a knock on the door. Billy answered it and let Dad, David, and Mr. Jennings into the room. We didn’t have enough places for everyone to sit, so we went to the coffee shop in the Center.

I thought we would talk about the meeting, but all we did was talk about—nothing really important. When it was time to go to Mrs. White’s office, Dad said that we needed to let Mr. Jennings do all the talking and that the only time Billy and I were supposed to say anything was when we were asked a question.

We went to Mrs. White’s office and were waiting in the lobby when she came in and said we should follow her. She took us into a conference room.

“Mr. Danner, Mr. Chase—I hope your drive up to Garden City was pleasant. And this is--?”

“Graham Jennings, I represent Noah and his family.”

“Mr. Danner, I didn’t realize that when you said there was a situation that needed to be addressed that it was something that would require—representation. I understand now why you didn’t want to discuss anything on the phone. So—can someone fill me in on what this situation entails?”

“I believe we should start at the beginning, and I’ve asked Mr. Danner to tell you about the end of the boys’ summer.”

“Okay—what happened?”

Dad looked at me and smiled. “Mrs. White—while Noah was in Westhampton working at the aquarium, David and I decided to bring Billy out for a week so the boys could get to know each other before they started school.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea. I wish all of our mentors had that opportunity.”

“It was a beautiful thing watching Noah and Billy spend time together, learning more and more about each other, and getting closer. We were both quite surprised to see just how close these two amazing young men became.”

“What are you saying, Mr. Danner?”

“I’m saying that David and I watched our son fall completely in love with Billy—and we were beyond thrilled to see Billy return those feelings.”

“Are you saying that Noah and Billy are now in an intimate relationship?”

“Yes. A beautiful, pure, and lovely relationship that most people only dream of experiencing.”

“Well, Mr. Danner—Mr. Chase. I’m sorry to tell you that this is entirely inappropriate. We can’t allow our mentors and their mentees to explore their sexuality with each other. It’s not acceptable behavior.”

“Mrs. White—I don’t think you—”

“Charlie, I think I should do the talking now.”

“Please do, Graham. I’m about to say a few things that most likely would be considered—inappropriate.”

“Billy, may I ask if you consider yourself to be gay?”

“Yes, I’m gay.”

“How long have you considered yourself to be gay?”

“Since I was eleven or twelve.”

“Thank you, Billy. Noah? Are you gay?”

“Yes, please.”

“Do you remember when you first began to realize this?”

“I had a boyfriend even before I knew what gay was. Timmy and I loved each other since we were little kids.”

“Thank you, Noah. Now then Mrs. White. Your concern regarding these young men exploring their sexuality is a moot point, seeing as they have both considered themselves gay for quite some time now.”

“Fine. But that doesn’t change the inappropriateness of this situation.”

“Inappropriate? In whose eyes might this relationship be inappropriate?”

“Society’s eyes, Mr. Jennings. You can’t argue the fact that it appears that Mr. Miller is taking advantage of Mr. Danner—especially since Mr. Miller is not on the spectrum.”

“That’s very interesting. We’ll come back to that in a moment. Mrs. White, when were these rules written?”

“I updated the guidelines when I took over the program four years ago.”

“Are all of the mentors paired with students of the same sex?”

“Of course, our mentors live with their partners in the dorms, and the school would not allow a coed roommate situation.”

“Of course. Now—this rule—2a, I believe. Is this one of the updates to the guidelines you created?”

“Mr. Jennings, I’m not certain what rule 2a might be—off the top of my head.”

“Perhaps you can have your secretary bring us a handbook?”

I thought it was strange that Mrs. White just sat there and looked at Mr. Jennings. She didn’t say a word.”

“Mrs. White, would you call your secretary and ask for a handbook, or shall I send someone to her to pick one up?”

“Fine, Mr. Jennings. Yes, I wrote the rule regarding our mentors developing intimate relationships with the students they are meant to help. Is that what you want to know?”

“Thank you. That’s what I wanted to know.”

“And these boys have apparently broken this rule. I will have no choice but to remove Mr. Miller from the Bridges program and find another mentor for Mr. Danner.”

“I don’t think you want to do that, Mrs. White. I have some more questions for you. Did you actually write this rule, or did you have an attorney do it for you?”

“I wrote it myself. Is there a problem with it?”

“Although we may never know for certain until a judge gives an opinion, but the wording is extremely vague, and, in my professional opinion, it’s unenforceable.”

“I’ve been enforcing the rules and guidelines for four years, Mr. Jennings. There have been no problems until today.”

“Has anyone challenged your rules in a court of law?”

“Of course not. Our students have always understood the rules, and have followed them—until today. I’m afraid I don’t understand how there can be a question here.”

“First of all, the relationship these boys have developed began before they started the Bridges program. Your rule has nothing to do with this particular situation.”

“If you say so—but that still doesn’t change the impression of inappropriateness.”

“Mrs. White, you seem quite attached to that word—appropriateness. Now—secondly, this rule you added to the guidelines appears to be a blatant attempt to prevent same-sex relationships. Especially since all of the mentorships are same-sex pairings.”

“The rule was added to make sure that the mentors stay focused on their primary role—and that’s to help the students they are paired with—not help themselves to—.”

“I don’t think you want to take this discussion in that direction, Mrs. White. However, is it not possible that the mentees might help their mentors?”

“That happens quite often as our students grow and get more comfortable with each other. But—I might add—that usually happens when both students are on the spectrum. It just doesn’t happen when the mentor isn’t on—”

“Excuse me! I can’t sit here and listen to your closed-minded, idiotic—”

“David, please. Let me handle this.”

Mr. Jennings looked at me and smiled. “Noah, has Billy helped you since you’ve known him?”

“Yes, sir. Billy helped me with my schedule yesterday. He made sure I’ll always have time to go to the gym and work out. That’s important to me. He also helped me move into the dorm. That was real nice of him.”

“Thank you, Noah. Billy? Has Noah helped you at all?”

“Oh, God yes! Noah has shown me how beautiful the world can be. With all the bullsh—crap—going on in the world, it has been one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen when Noah shares how he sees the world. He has already taught me how to trust people more, how to see the good in them, and how important it is to learn about others. I’m pretty sure I haven’t smiled as much in my entire life than I have since I’ve gotten to know Noah.”

“Well, that’s just beautiful. But I can not—and will not permit morally reprehensible behavior take place within and tarnish the reputation of the Bridges program.”

Morally reprehensible? Are you telling me that you are in a position to judge the morality of the students’ actions and behaviors?”

“Yes, Mr. Jennings. I love the Bridges program and the amazing students it helps. It has received national recognition for the many wonderful things it has done for these kids. I will not allow something like this—this perversion tarnish the reputation of the Bridges program.”

“And now, I believe we are getting to the real situation here.”

“What are you talking about, Mr. Jennings?”

“I believe that you have arbitrarily set a moral standard for your students based purely on your personal beliefs. In that the mentoring pairs are of the same sex, you have decided not to allow these young men and women to develop a relationship that you don’t agree with. From what you have said so far this afternoon, it is apparent that you don’t approve of same-sex relationships, and you have taken on the role of the morality police.”

“I don’t see how that is a problem. My job is to make sure that the students in the Bridges have the best college experience they can possibly have. The last thing they need is to be involved in a type of relationship that many people—myself included—believe to be immoral.”

Mr. Jennings pulled some papers out of his briefcase and started to look at the different pages.

“Mrs. White, I’m sure you would not be surprised that I have an extremely talented office staff. It shouldn’t surprise you that it only took a couple of hours to find some interesting information on Althea White of Garden City, New York.”

“I don’t know what you might be talking about, Mr. Jennings. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Perhaps. Let’s see—according to public records, you are currently on your fourth marriage. Your first marriage ended with the accidental death of your husband. I’m sorry for your loss, Mrs. White. However—according to court documents, your second marriage ended, and divorce was granted due to irreconcilable differences. It turns out said irreconcilable differences were a result of an extramarital affair with the gentleman who coincidentally became husband number three.

“I found it fascinating that your marriage to your third husband ended due to yet another extramarital affair with a Herman Edward White—interestingly, your fourth—and current husband. I find it somewhat hypocritical that you, of all people, have placed yourself in a position to set a moral standard of others. Shall I continue, Althea?

“No, I see where this is going, Mr. Jennings. What is it you want? What are you really here for?”

“My clients believe that your handling of the Bridges program is largely based on your biased and personal views on same-sex relationships. They are prepared to sue both you and the university for discrimination and take the matter to the highest court, if necessary.”

“That’s ridiculous! How dare you—”

“Please let me finish, Althea.”

“I’m listening—Graham.”

“I’m sure you are aware that the Supreme Court of the United States—one of the most conservative courts in generations—continues to rule in favor of the LGBTQ community. Time and time again, whether they are considered to be a liberal or conservative, the supreme court has continued to rule against arbitrary discrimination against LGBTQ Americans. Do you really wish to put your program—and this institution—through a lengthy, and, a rather indefensible litigation process?”

Mrs. White didn’t say anything for a while, but she finally said something. “Fine. What do you want.”

“My clients will drop the entire matter when three simple conditions are met. The first of those conditions is that Mr. Miller will continue as a mentor to Mr. Danner in the Bridges program. The second condition is that rule 2a is immediately removed from the guidelines. The third and final condition is your resignation—effective immediately—from your position at the university.”

“You don’t have the authority to force me to resign, Mr. Jennings.”

“Perhaps not. Will you hold on for a second?”

Mr. Jennings pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket and dialed a number.

“President Riordan, please…Yes, she is expecting my call.”

“How dare—”

“Good afternoon, Dr. Riordan. Yes, we are about to finish our meeting. I would like to put you on speaker if you don’t mind.”

“Good afternoon, gentlemen—Althea.”

Mrs. White looked pretty nervous all of a sudden. That made me a little sad since she had always been very nice to me before.

“I had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Jennings this morning. He explained the purpose of your meeting and shared with me several documents. I’m aware of the conditions Mr. Danner and Mr. Chase have offered to put this entire matter to rest. The last thing any of us want is for the university to be tied up in a lengthy legal battle—which we are sure to lose. Althea, may I assume that you have agreed to the gentlemen’s conditions?”

“I haven’t agreed to resign, Dr. Riordan. This program needs me.”

“No. The program will be just fine. I expect your letter of resignation on my desk within the next hour. Campus security will be there in an hour to assist you with the removal of your personal belongings from your office. Effective tomorrow morning, I will become the interim director of the Bridges program until we can find a suitable replacement. Do you have any questions, Althea?”


“And you agree to all of the conditions that were presented to you?”


“Then I believe we are finished here. Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to light. I’m glad we can all make things right. Have a good day.”

I didn’t quite understand everything that was said, but as Mr. Jennings was putting his phone back in his jacket, Mrs. White got real mad. She started yelling while she walked out of the conference room.

“Perverts! All of you! Demented perverts! You’re destroying this country! You have ruined—”

I couldn’t hear any more when the door closed. Dad and David had big smiles

“We did it! Graham—remind me to never be on the receiving end of your legal expertise!”

David pulled all of us into a big hug—even Mr. Jennings. That made me happy.

“Does this mean that Billy and I can still be boyfriends?”

“You and Billy get to be the best fucking boyfriends this world has ever seen!”

“That’s a bad word, Dad.”

“I don’t care! We did it!”


David said we were all going to Sweeney’s for a celebration dinner. We were on our way to the SUV when his phone rang.

“This is David…Yes, and thank you for your help in getting everything done…I’m certainly looking forward to it as well…I’ll have my management contact you and set up a date…You have a wonderful afternoon as well, Dr. Riordan. Goodbye.”

We got into the car, and Dad asked David what the call from Dr. Riordan was about.

“I may have also had a conversation with President of the university this morning.”

“David? You spoke with the president of the university without my knowledge?”

“We didn’t discuss the case at all. I may or may not have offered a concert to benefit the Bridges program in the Spring.”

“David, that’s bribery!”

“No, it isn’t. I merely said if things work out, I would love to hold a benefit concert for the program that has already had an incredible impact on our son. I can’t be responsible for her interpretation of what things I was talking about. I may have been referring to my schedule.”

“Y—You—You’re really coming here to do a concert?”

“It certainly looks that way, Billy. Would you like to help me with the program?”

“Really? You’d want me to do that?”

“Of course! I don’t want to bore these college students to death.”

“Like that would ever happen!”

“David Chase. You may be my most high-profile clients, but I can assure you that each and every gray hair on my head is courtesy of you and your antics.”

We had a great dinner at Sweeney’s. Felix waited on us again, and this time he was able to get his fanboy thing under control.

That night, Billy made love to me. He wasn’t naughty this time. He said he just wanted to show me how much he loved me. He made me so happy!

I auditioned for the Chorale on the first day of classes and got in! I think the best thing was seeing Billy cry when I sang. All I did was sing the song I learned from Dear Evan Hansen while I was at Aaron School.

I was most excited when the Chorale director told us that we were going to go on a tour in the Spring. She said that the tour hadn’t been finalized yet, so we didn’t know where we were going to go. We would know everything by the time we went home for Christmas break.

Classes were hard some of the time—and there was a lot of homework. Billy would help me with the classes that were hard for me. I would help Billy with the Math and Science classes. Every now and then, I would think about how silly Mrs. White was when she said I couldn’t possibly help Billy. I’m glad she’s not part of the program now.

We had a whole week off for Thanksgiving. Billy’s dad said it was okay for him to stay with us during break, and he was going to come to the house for Thanksgiving dinner. Billy said he was excited not to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in years.

Billy was excited to help David choose the music for his concert. On Wednesday afternoon, I was helping Mr. Vincente cut vegetables when Billy and David came upstairs. David had just talked to Ms. Faust, the Chorale director. We were going to perform with him at the end of the concert.

The best part was that David was booked to perform at Carnegie Hall the same time we were going to be on tour. David asked if the Chorale could sing with him at that concert. Billy was funny. He kept jumping up and down and smiling.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I’m going to sing at Carnegie Hall! This is so crazy!”

I was glad to see Billy so happy, but I didn’t quite understand why he was acting so silly. But—I guess I’m going to be singing at Carnegie Hall, too! Crazy!

I totally loved writing the demise of Althea White! I'm sure we've all know people like her in our lives, so I was more than happy to give her what she deserved.

I have to thank Tesao for being my legal filter for this chapter! Your insight and suggestions were a HUGE help! ❤️

The next chapter will be Spring semester, the tour, and the performance at Carnegie Hall. I get to bring some new music to you, too! YAY!

Love you ALL!

Stay Safe! Wash your hands and wear the damned mask!


Copyright © 2020 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.

Thank you to all my readers for their love and support in this series of books. Your comments and reviews mean more to me than you could ever know!

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Althea? Ugh horrible name. Miserable old frog! I love billy and noah together. 

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Posted (edited)

Yay, Billy and Noah get to stay together. The miserable old woman certainly got dealt with. Looking forward to the Spring Semester, the tour and the new music.

Edited by chris191070
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Love wins! What a great outcome against hate!  Great chapter and thank you!

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Yes I'll second the moniker of Altheas for all entitled, homophobic white women who want their distorted beliefs to be the law! 

As always, another great chapter Geoff.  Looking forward to the concert with David and the chorale at Carnegie Hall!

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😆 I had to laugh when I read her name.  I have a friend whose middle name really is Alatha!  Close, I know.  But, still...

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Excellent chapter! Whew! David, Charlie and Graham Jennings to the rescue! They all met with Mrs. White to discuss rule 2a. After Graham finished telling Mrs. White what Noah and his family would accept, she refused. Graham called the University President and she told Mrs. White that she expected her resignation within the hour and security would help her leave with her personal effects. The University President did not want a lawsuit which they couldn’t win. Justice reappeared at the University for everyone. Now Noah and Billy can be themselves and enjoy their college experiences without a bigot causing them pain and anguish. I am so happy for them! Noah earning a spot in the chorale surely overwhelmed Billy. Getting to perform with David at Carnegie Hall has Billy floating on air! I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️👏

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On 6/17/2020 at 3:51 AM, Wesley8890 said:

Althea? Ugh horrible name. Miserable old frog! I love billy and noah together. 

Excuse me that’s an insult to Kermit 😂

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Great chapter. I always find it interesting that people who criticise the LGBTQ community have something to hide as well and get caught out.  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

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Missing the guys! I hope all is well!

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8 hours ago, mfa607 said:

Missing the guys! I hope all is well!

Everything's good. I've finally started back to work!! Hoping to get another chapter out within a day or so.

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4 hours ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

Everything's good. I've finally started back to work!! Hoping to get another chapter out within a day or so.


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