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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Changes, Again - 3. Two's Company


We got home, after stopping for hamburgers at Johnny's. We'd made ourselves hungry talking about them so much with Max. I hadn't finished all my strawberry milkshake since I'd been driving.

I was just getting out of the van with my precious drink in hand, but to get the ramp out, I placed the cup on the ground.

"I'll hold it for you, Lous."

"Um, yeah no. You'll drink it."

Don just blinked at me. "Nice!"

"Don't give me the big innocent eyes, everyone knows the truth!"

Once Don was safely out, I shoved in the ramp and closed the van's side door. I bent down and picked up the container. With my eyes on my husband, my lips found the straw and I finished the shake noisily.

Donny was watching me, grinning. "I have a nice thick straw you can wrap those lips around, ya know."

I dropped the empty cup into the recycling bin. "Do you now? What kinda talk is that for a Thursday? It’s barely noon."

Don turned himself around. He grinned. "It's maligned, yet horny, husband talk. I am willing to allow you to redeem yourself in my eyes."

I pushed the chair and bent to kiss his cheek. "How good of you."

Don was chuckling as he unlocked the kitchen door, and we went inside. After jackets were removed and hung up he rolled over to the elevator.

"Come on, Lous."

"Where? I'm going to put the kettle on."

"Upstairs where I can ravage you in the comfort of our bed."

"Don, I have things to do. Like make dinner."

"Louis, dinner is hours from now," he said as he rolled toward me. "Are you saying no?"

He reached the kitchen island and put the brakes on his chair, and then using the counter to brace himself got to his feet. "Come here."

I moved into his embrace and met his lips with mine. We kissed, our hands roaming, hips grinding. He nibbled my neck and ear, and then whispered, "I want you. Fuck cleaning; fuck dinner. Do you get me?"


"Good." He sat back in the chair, and we took the elevator upstairs. I pushed him out of the lift and into the bedroom. I rolled him close to the bed, put the brakes on, and bent down to kiss him.

He'd only worn a t-shirt this day, and through it I could see his abs. His chest was perfect from all the upper body work he did daily, pushing himself in the chair, and in the gym.

I was behind him still, and ran my hands over his well-muscled torso. He reached up, drawing my head down, bringing our mouths together. After another hot kiss, he said, "Undress me, Louis."

Moving around to face him, and removing his shoes, I then slowly pulled up his shirt, revealing the soft skin I loved so well. I knelt between his firm thighs, moving my hands over the worn denim, leaning in until my lips touched his belly. His hands were in my hair and held me close as I kissed my way to the right nipple, while my fingers found his left. His soft moans were music to me.

His arms were around my neck. "Help me up, Lous."

Taking some of his weight, I helped him to his feet. We held each other, and I could feel the hardness of him through my denims. I reached around to caress his back and butt. He moaned and rubbed his erection against me.

His lips were on mine as I fumbled with the buttons on his jeans. Finally, I pushed them down slowly over his hips and ass. His hard member, now released, throbbed in my hand. He leaned on me, and we both looked down. I slid my hand slowly over the hot length of him. At the base, I released my grip and slipped my hand under to cup his balls. I squeezed gently and tugged the soft skin.

"Damn, Lous, fuck." He held my shoulders tighter.

I wanted to fall to my knees right then, but knew he'd not be able to stand on his own through a blow job. So, we moved back a couple of steps to the bed.

"Sit, baby."

As soon as he had, I knelt and took him into my mouth.


He held me from behind, softening inside me. “Damn, baby that was good. I love you.”

I didn’t utter a sound. It had been wonderful; sex with Donny always was. I closed my eyes in the afterglow. My skin felt alive. Don’s hands ran over me, touching me everywhere, and I simply leaned back against his sweet, sweating skin, enjoying the sensation.

He kissed my shoulder, speaking softly, “I guess we won’t be doing this often if Max comes to live with us. We won’t have the same … spontaneity, will we?”

I opened my eyes while I considered Donny’s words. “No, we won’t.”

“I’m sorry, Lous. Maybe it was a bad idea.”

This too had been on my mind. “You know baby, since talking about bringing Max here, I’ve done a lot of thinking. You and me, we’ve had great times. We’ve travelled and had a lot of fun. We made it through hard times as well, and we stuck it out when maybe lots of people wouldn’t have.”

I turned over to face my husband, he kissed me briefly, then let me talk. “I’ve never felt the need to have a child. That doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I love our Millie and James; they are like stars ... brilliant and fascinating.”

Suddenly Don was wiping away tears from my eyes. “I’m fucking selfish, Donny. I mean basically, I don’t want things to change … yet, as a human being, I cannot leave that boy in that place alone, with no one to hold his hand or give him a fucking cheeseburger. I can’t.”

I raised my eyes to his. He was nodding, his hand on my cheek. I wasn’t yet finished. “So yes, we may not be able to just hop into bed anytime we feel like it when Max is here. But, that will make these moments we share mean more, right? We will have to make the time to talk and be alone. Yeah, it will be different, but we will be richer in the end.”

Don said nothing. He drew me to him and held me close. We lay together in silence for several minutes, listening to our breathing, and the sounds outside. Then Don whispered, “You’re right. We can’t leave him there. We do have something to offer him. Sure, it will come at a cost, but in the long run, sharing what we are so lucky to have, is the right thing.” Don gazed into my eyes before kissing me. “Louis, I love you; I always will.”

“Love you too.” I pressed my forehead to his. “I guess we’re having a kid.”

“I guess we are. If he’ll have us.”

I grinned. “How could he not? I mean, we’re perfect, right?”

Donny smiled back. “Abso-fucking-lutely we are. Now since we are still childless for the moment, how about I have my evil way with you one more time before you make me a bite to eat?”

“Mmm, yes please. But I’m not so sure about the making ….”

Donny covered my mouth with his own and I forgot all about food.


“So, what do you want?” I was hunting through the cupboard and the fridge. We were hungry but wanted something simple and quick.

“Lous, let’s just have soup and a sandwich. I’m good with that.”

“I don’t think there’s much in the way of sandwich fixings around.”

Donny rolled into the kitchen. “I’m not fussy. Tuna? Grilled cheese?”

I rooted through the canned goods. “How about that perennial fav, tomato soup and grilled cheese?”

“Oh, that will hit the proverbial spot, babe. Nothing like excellent sex followed by some comfort food.” Don got the butter, cheese and the bread and put them on the kitchen island.

He made sandwiches; while I prepped the soup and heated the griddle pan for the cheesy goodness to come.

When the food was ready, I put everything on the table. We sat and ate like men on a mission. Our fun and frolic had revved up our appetites.

Donny wiped his mouth with a paper napkin covered with summer scenes. He sat back and ran his hands over his belly. “I was so ready for that. You put me through my paces this afternoon, Lous.”

I was prepared with a cute retort when there was a knock at the back door. Don glanced at me.

“My mother or Robert?”

“I’ll go Donny. Maybe it’s both of them.”

Whoever it was was impatient, as they knocked again, more loudly this time. I got to my feet; after another glance at Don.

“Okay, I’m coming. Give me a chance to get there.” I pulled open the door and a very angry Rena pushed past me. She marched up to her son and poked him in the chest.

“Ouch, Mom. What ….”

She put her hands on her hips. “When were you going to tell me about all of this? Robert says nothing, and you’ve kept schtum as well!” Her eyes left her boy’s and she glared at me. “That goes for you too, Louis!”

I’d opened my mouth, but Don held up a hand, so I shut it.

“Mom, what are you so upset about?”

“Are you seriously going to ask me that? You, Robert and Louis have been keeping secrets.” She sat on a kitchen chair.

I decided to keep well out of this and put the kettle on. I nearly dropped it from surprise, when Robert burst through the door.

“Rena ….”

Then my peaceful kitchen was filled with loud complaints and accusations. I watched from the counter as arms and hands flew, faces contorted, and language grew hot. Finally, I’d had enough.

I picked up a pot and a hefty wooden spoon. I banged the spoon on the bottom of the pot. The result was a loud noise that had the screamers turning toward me. They were silent.

“Enough now. Just stop it, all of you. This will not resolve whatever the heck is wrong.”

They said nothing, so I did. “Rena, what has upset you?”

The anger drained from her face and she retook her seat. Robert moved to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She glanced up at him. “I’m sorry. The fact you kept this adoption or fostering thing a secret from me hurt.”

Robert squatted down beside her. “Honey, it’s not a secret, but you know I have to protect the children in my care. It’s about their privacy.”

Don’s mother sighed deeply. “I know, I’m being foolish.”

“Mom, we weren’t told to keep it quiet.” Don spoke softly. “But this was brought to us in a rush. We needed time to process the idea, and yes, to meet Max on our own before telling everyone everything.”

Rena sighed. “I’m sorry for making such a fuss.” She gazed at each of us in turn. “So, can I ask what you’re thinking? Having a child is a huge thing.”

“Mom, we’re going to see Max, keep in touch with him. He’s going to come for several weekend visits. Then I guess we’ll all decide how we feel.”

Don looked at me and smiled. “All I know is, after what we’ve been through, and know what that poor kid has been through, we cannot just leave him there. He has no place to go. We have a big house. Max can easily get around in here and outside. We cannot, in good conscious, turn our backs.”

Robert sat at the table. I’d made tea during all of this and poured a mug for everyone. I served them and then sat at the end of the table nearest Don.

“Don and I don’t yet know, even if Max wants to come here, how permanent a basis it may be. We know he has estranged family and may want to go there one day.”

Don licked his lips and drew in a deep breath. “I like kids, always have. I used to think I wanted kids of my own. When I met Louis, I wanted him, and the life we’ve had. We’ve had a good time and I think I’m ready now for more. Maybe Max won’t stay for long. Maybe we can foster disabled kids, but Lous and I would need to talk about that. I don’t know. I do know, we have a lot to offer. So, we want to go ahead and try this.”

Rena reached for her son’s hand. “You two will be great. I’m happy with your choice, whatever it is, as long as I get to be foster grandmother.”

Robert was smiling. “Yeah, foster whatever I’d be works for me too.”

He sat quietly for a moment. “You know what? I’m tired of being partner or live-in step dad.” He turned to Rena. “You know, I should have done this a long time ago.” Robert reached for Rena’s hand.

“Robert … what ….”

“Hush, woman!” He smiled at her. “Just hush now and say you’ll marry me.”

Rena flushed red. “Marry?”

“Yes, marry me. Old fashioned marriage. I love you. Plain and simple, let’s do it.”

“I … um….”

I’d never seen Don’s mom so lost for words.

I guess he hadn’t either, because he squeezed his mother’s hand and said gently, “Mom, just tell the man yes.”

Smiling at Don, she got to her feet, as did Robert. They embraced as she said yes.

I clapped and whooped! “Oh, this is great. Congratulations.”

There was much hugging and hand shaking.

Happy as I was for them, I hung back a moment. It had finally dawned on me that life is rarely still, rarely without changes. I wondered why we were so afraid of it and them.


Don suggested one of our impromptu barbeques to celebrate the news. Doug and Miriam were free, so they were coming with the kids. Rena and Robert said they’d drive into town and pick up all the food, including a special cake for dessert, and would be back by 4:30pm.

We were left with a couple of hours free so went to saddle Badger and Clyde. All of us would appreciate the exercise. We had put in a ramp to help Donny mount Badger. It has a railing for him to help hold himself steady as he leaves the chair and lowers himself onto the horse slowly. The horse is a big, steady guy and knows the routine.

Both horses are of the Canadian Horse breed. Clyde is a chestnut. His mane and tail are flaxen. Badger is solid black with the white blaze. They are sweet, smart and strong, and a joy to know.

Today we rode up our property to a quiet unpaved country road we enjoy riding on. It’s tree lined and offers a few hills, and great views of the surrounding farms. We enjoyed the lazy canter up to the next crossroads, where we pulled them back to a walk.

“Which way do you want to go, Don?”

“Oh, man, that was great wasn’t it?” Donny rubbed Badger’s neck. He checked his watch. “I think we should just turn back, Lous. Let them walk, while we enjoy the weather.”

I stood in my stirrups to stretch, and then retook my seat and turned Clyde around. We moved up beside Don. “Let’s go.”

Our ride had only been an hour, but we all enjoyed the exercise. I groomed the horses and let them out in their pasture.

“There you go. I’ll be back to feed you in a bit.” They allowed me to rub their heads, and they nuzzled me until it was determined I currently had no apples or carrots to share. They wandered up the pasture to graze.

I returned to the house and went upstairs to join Don in our big wet room to shower before our guests started to arrive.

Once we’d dried off, we moved into the bedroom to dress.

“Don, do you want shorts, or track pants? What do you feel like wearing?” I pulled on boxers and a pair of light chinos.

“Something light, babe. Whatever.”

I looked over at him as he pulled on a fresh t-shirt. “You okay?”

“Huh? Yeah, just my legs. I think I need to talk to Debbie about maybe working them more.”

Debbie was his physio and personal trainer. I wasn’t sure what he was worried about.

“You look great.” I pulled a pair of similar chinos from his closet. “You okay with these?”

“Lous, you really think my legs are okay?”

I walked to him and bent to kiss him. He caught me and kissed with more passion than I’d intended. I smiled when he finally released me. “Mmmm. Yes, your legs are just fine.”

Grinning broadly, he said, “Okay, shorts then.”

I rehung the chinos and found a pair of shorts for him. “You are such an attention—”

Don laughed. “Don’t you say that, Louis!”

“Fine! Get your fine ass into these shorts, before I lose control, and drag you into bed.”

He pulled on boxers and got to his feet. I went to help him. Don could dress himself, but I helped if I was around.

“You okay, tackle in the right place?”

“Yes, thanks, Lous. But you can reach in to check if you like.”

“You’re never satisfied, are you?” I knelt to help him into the shorts.

“No, and well look at you down there, on your knees.” He sighed and pulled the shorts up. “Such a waste.”

I was laughing as I got to my feet. “Incorrigible is the word I’d use for you!”

I heard a car outside. I went to glance out the window. “The engaged couple are back with supplies. Let’s go and help baby.”

Don stopped me as I was going to walk by him. He tugged me down onto his lap. “Hey … I love you. You know that, right?”

I reached up to touch his face. His amber eyes were so serious. “Yes, Don. I know that. I love you too.”

He held me tightly as I struggled to get up. “You … us, it means everything to me. I don’t take it for granted. You know that too?”

“Yes. Yes, I know that too.” My attempts to rise stopped as I realized this was important. I slipped my arms around him. I breathed him in, wanting him suddenly, this man I loved. Closing my eyes, I leaned into him.

We just held each other … until the doorbell rang.

“Shit! You better run down, Lous. I’ll get the elevator.”

I kissed his cheek, jumped up, trotted out the door and down the stairs. Arriving in the kitchen, I pulled open the back door.

“Sorry, we were upstairs.” I took a bag from each of them.

Robert carried more and deposited them on the table. Rena followed behind carrying a large cake box. She slid it carefully onto the kitchen island.

“Upstairs? Wait, I don’t want to know!” She laughed as she put her hand over her ears.

Donny rolled in at that moment. “We’d been out for a ride and needed a shower, Mom. Geez, you’d think that all we do is have wild sex all the time.”

“Don’t you, brother dear?”

We all turned as Miriam, Doug and the munchkins arrived. There was much helloing and hugging.

As I unpacked and organized food, there was a tug on my chinos. I looked down and smiled at the sweet, upturned face of Millie. She was four years old now. “What’s up, buttercup?”

She held up her arms. I picked her up and she gave me a little kiss.

“Unc Louis,” she whispered. “Is this a birthday party?”

“No, honey, it’s not. It is a party though.” I gazed into her light blue eyes.

“Whose party then?”

“You know what? I’ll put you down and you can run and ask Grams. I bet she will tell you.”

The little blond head nodded solemnly. “K, Unc Louis.”


There was happy chatter as we prepped to cook. Someone had mentioned champagne, and I heard it being opened. The kids were given ginger ale in fancy clear-plastic cups.

Then Don was talking, and a glass was placed in my hand.

“All I can say is, Mom, it’s about time you made an honest man out of Robert! Congratulations!”

We all raised our glasses and called out the same. Everyone sipped.

“Now!” called Don. “Let’s get this party started!”




Thank you for reading and for your likes and comments. I love to hear from you!


To @AC Benus many thanks for editing this story.


To @mollyhousemouse and @BHopper2 thank you both for reading this story...often more than once.

Copyright © 2019 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

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The cynic in me started out this chapter thinking, if not Louis & Don, then who? But that turned into Louis & Don would be perfect for Max. They’ll all get much more out of it than they can imagine right now!  ;–)

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4 hours ago, BHopper2 said:

Another great chapter, tim.

Thanks A ... you must have it memorized by now...

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4 hours ago, MichaelS36 said:

Excellent story, tim, as I expect from you. I will wait for the next … or are you thinking about giving us something earlier?  A mid-week treat?

Maybe... thanks for Your comments, Sir xoxo

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40 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

Thanks A ... you must have it memorized by now...

Yeah, I should. LOL With as many times as I read the chapters while Beta Reading them for you. Even then, you've made a few changes before posting.

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