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Rest in Peace - Songs for the Dead - 1. A Song for Moggy

Moggy and i had spoken in the comments and PM about writing something together based on her piece called Footprints.

This one is for you,
a poet's élan vital we shared.
We'd talked of writing a duet—
a song that will n'er be heard.

I'll write this one for us.
You've stepped on ahead
I'll come along later—
soon, though not today.

And when we meet again,
you and I will both be whole.
You won't then lead
I won't then follow

We'll do of what we'd spoken—
write a poem together.
And in harmony we'll walk,
leaving footsteps in the sand.

Rest in Peace Moggy ... your words will live on.

Copyright © 2018 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.

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On 4/11/2018 at 7:47 AM, BHopper2 said:

I think it's a beautiful tribute, tim. Thank you for writing it.

Thanks for reading it .. makes me sad we never did do that together.

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On 4/11/2018 at 8:33 AM, MacGreg said:

I remember her Footprints poem. This is a thoughtful and fitting response to the love of poetry that you both shared. 

Yes Sir, we did share that...

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On 4/11/2018 at 8:36 AM, quokka said:


It was good of you to look for her and to call. I asked around the people i knew, but no one had contact info. Thank you for doing that.



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On 4/11/2018 at 9:27 AM, Parker Owens said:

Thank you for writing words that speak for the way I feel. This is beautiful.

thanks Parker xo

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On 4/11/2018 at 9:34 AM, MrM said:

The soul still speaks through words well written.


Bravo, Tim.

thanks, MrM xo

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On 4/11/2018 at 9:58 AM, Reader1810 said:

That was beautiful, tim. moggy would have been pleased, no doubt. :hug: 

hope so :heart:  thanks Reader xo

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On 4/11/2018 at 10:47 AM, BlindAmbition said:

Beautiful tribute tim. Moggy once told me that she just wanted to be remembered. It’s clear that she is.❤️

yes she is and will be .. thanks jp xo

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On 4/11/2018 at 11:57 AM, chris191070 said:

Such a beautiful and fitting tribute. May she rest in peace.

Thanks chris ... yes, i hope for that too.

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On 4/11/2018 at 12:29 PM, mollyhousemouse said:

nicely done tim


she would have adored it

i feel terrible for not ever writing that with her ... you always think there's time... but ... xo

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On 4/11/2018 at 10:48 PM, MichaelS36 said:

Let us hope she's found peace, and freedom from her pain. Lovely poem, tim.

Thank you, Michael xo :heart: 

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