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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Brandon Smiling: From the Billy Chase Chronicles (1) - 18. Entry 18

April 23

Well, I think the disappearing ship mystery has been solved. Somebody in the Navy said that the lost ships had 'succumbed to terrorist piracy" and had been sunk. I didn't think there were such things as pirates anymore! I thought they'd gone the way of Captain Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones. But, I supposed modern day pirates are easier to believe in than sea monsters.
Cedrick still insists it's sea monsters doing it and that the media is just covering it all up with the piracy thingie. I think Cedrick is like totally spending waaaay too much time fighting imaginary monsters in online role-playing games. Either that or he's doing drugs. Either way . . . just say no to sea monsters!
Gym was fun today! Amazing right? I got to play racquetball with Stevie all period this time since it was 'Free Day' where we could do any physically active activity we wanted (with clothes on). He's starting to give me a serious run for my money now! I was like totally sweating and panting after he got done mopping the racquetball court up with me today. He was holding back before! He won most of our matches today! Never underestimate short and skinny dudes! They will surprise you all the time.
In other news: one of those jock assholes bumped into me on purpose at lunch today and made me spill my milk all over the floor and partly on my pants. I SO wanted to roundhouse kick his teeth in but I saw the lunch hall monitor just waiting for me to do something so that he had an excuse to pounce. Not a word to the Jock dickhole. Mostly because he was all like "Oh, 'sorry', Dude! I'm soooo clumsy!" His smirk told the story that his 'sorry' was pure bullshit, but it gave the hall monitor an excuse not to be interested in him. He was interested, instead, in getting *me* in trouble. So, I just backed off and finished the rest of my lunch outside away from everyone. I hate that school! Seriously. Who do I complain to about corruption in the hall monitor staff? Do I need a lawyer? Do I even know that means? No. Hehehehe!
I didn't get a chance to see Billy today again. I hope he isn't avoiding me. Did I scare him off already? Awwww! I hope not! My little days just aren't the same if I don't see his sweet vanilla smile and those sparkling brown eyes! Maybe it's because I haven't been spending as much time in the library as I used to. I actually have people to socialize with a little now and so I forget to go in there. I shall have to start going in there again in hopes my little Sweetie will find me.
Billy is soooo adorable! He's just . . . squeezable like juicy marshmallows! I could carry him around like a teddy bear all day if he wasn't careful! Hehehe! Can marshmallows be juicy? I dunno. ~sigh~
I think I need to start avoiding Jamie. I don't want to hurt his feelings or anything, but after the incident with the milk it got me to thinking. His friendship has put a target on my back. His evil little imp friends will take it upon themselves to 'protect' Jamie's popularity by trying to smash me somehow. Whether it's a physical attack or they pull some fast one where I look stupid in front of the whole school (and Jamie in particular), I'm sure they'll try to do something to drive a wedge between me and their Handsome Prince. I wonder if that's why the hall monitors have it in for me too? Probably.
Oh, holy hell! Why does school have to feel like I'm at San Quentin Prison? A place where not only the inmates have it in for you, but the guard staff too! The hall monitors! That bitch librarian! My disgruntled English teacher! My depressed science teacher! My only decent adult mentor in that whole place is Mr. Webber my Geometry teacher and somehow I get the feeling that once that jerk-wad dummy we have for a Principle finds out he actually HELPS his students he'll have Mr. Webber transferred to Siberia or somewhere!
I honestly can't wait to graduate. I've gotta get out of there. Someone is gonna get dead if those fucktards don't wise up! I hope our parents will wake up to the fact that their tax dollars are being put to work screwing their kids up royally. Everyone is asleep when it comes to us kids, I think. When I grow up I'd like to change that, maybe.
Why does the word 'lawyer' keep coming into my beady little brain? I'll have to brave that stupid bitch librarian and go in and start reading up on 'lawyering'. Maybe that's something I should think about? Lawyers can be advocates. They also use big words like 'advocates'. Hehehehe!
Us kids could sure use an advocate against these dingbats that have us under their absolute horrible power. The parents are too busy trying to put food on the table like my poor overworked Dad to monitor the schools at all. Maybe someone else can help straighten these public school types the hell out!
The acceptance of bullying, the unfairness, the lack of respect for their students, the out and out cruelty that these bastards get away with is just terrible! Hall monitors ignoring jocks who spill other people's milk or worse, coaches that allow a little guy like Jimmy to get tormented unmercifully day in and day out because he just really 'doesn't matter' to them.
I wonder why the jocks are so highly honored in high schools like mine? Everyone's gotta know that with a few exceptions (like kind, naïve, and silly old Jamie) the jocks here really ought to be hit with assault charges and put in jail for a while for the things they pull around here. But, the school treats them like a 'sacred' group that are untouchable. Is it a money thing? Is it a prestige thing? If it's a prestige thing then the Principle and his flunkies are even stupider than I thought they were 'cause our jock assholes haven't won a game all season. They are frigging LAZY! Jamie's the only one that's managed to get touchdowns consistently, but that's been 'despite' his useless group of defence douches.
Yes. How 'un-gay' of me. I like to watch our team from time to time or at least read about it in our dumb school newspaper the day after the game. I like to root for Jamie, but the rest of his team can go jump off a bridge for all I care.
Ok, that's enough venom spitting for this evening. Time to go slay some imaginary monsters and try to get Cedrick to shut up already about the 'sea monster' epidemic. He's obsessed with a monster called 'the Kraken'! All I can think of when I hear that is a giant butt with teeth! HAHAHAHAHA! God my mind goes to some weird places sometimes!
This is Brandon . . . studying 'lawyering' today. :)
April 24
A day of ups and downs.
I'll start the ups or rather the up.
I finally got to see Billy Chase today after not having seen him in a while. He caught me on my way to gym class. I'd forgotten my other lock for my gym locker in my regular school locker. This made me have to run over to my regular locker in my gym clothes. Not a big deal, but unusual because the Douchbaggery running the school has a rule about not going around the rest of school in just your gym clothes. Like anyone would do that on purpose? Geeze!
So, I'm on my way back and there he is! Oh gosh he was extra cute today! He didn't have anything extra special on, just a white button down shirt and his usual jeans. However, his shirt was only buttoned up to about mid-chest level so I could see some of his bare pecs. You have no idea how sexy that can look on a guy or maybe you do, whatever. But he looked so creamy under that shirt! I could have just nabbed him right there and nibbled his little nips and chewed on his neck like Christopher Lee's Dracula! I'd eat Billy alive if he'd let me! I've got it so bad for that sweet boy.
You know what? I think he knows it too! He stopped short when he saw me and just looked, I don't know, awestruck. It was such an silly thing really. Why would he look that way at me for? I'm like nobody! It made me feel weird but not weird in a weird way. I felt weird in a good way. Is that weird?
For a moment his eyes got a little bit bigger and his beautiful plump pink lips opened in a perfect 'o'. Then he like . . . looked me up and down and kind of fixed on my legs for a second before bringing his eyes quickly back up to mine. He was DEFINITELY checking me out that time! There was no disguising that once over! Hehehehe!
Oh wow! He totally checked me out! Is it possible Billy does like me in *that* way? I always ask that, but I don't ever seem to get an answer from myself that makes sense.
I'm sure I blushed a little bit but he didn't seem to notice. We smiled at each other and said 'hi', but had to get to class so we had our 'moment' I guess. It was quite a nice moment, though.
I think Billy likes me! I really do! What are the chances, huh?
Well, now for the downs or rather the down. Fortunately for me, it was the only down to counter my up today. But just like my up with Billy was a pretty high up, my down with Jimmy was a really big down.
Jimmy got seriously thrashed today. I just caught the end of it before that fucktard hall monitor finally broke it up before Karl, the Red Headed Butthole, managed to murder poor Jimmy LaPlane right in the middle of the prison, oh I mean 'school' hallway. So sorry. I get confused as to where I am a lot of times when I'm behind bars in there.
Jimmy was on the ground pretty much bleeding out from the nose and that FUCKHEAD monitor grabs him up by the arm and half drags him away . . . like JIMMY'S the problem! The bastard could have dislocated Jimmy's arm! Certainly his scrawny little arm is gonna have a big hand shaped bruise on it! Karl went 'quietly' and he just got a couple of pushes to get him underway. He wasn't frigging manhandled like poor Jimmy was. That hall monitor, I think his name is Mr. Frick (Prick to me) the shop teacher, needs to be fired and sued and possibly brought up on child abuse charges! I SWEAR I'm getting a law degree just to get this guy!
I had a mind to take both of those bastards out, put Jimmy on my back, and run to make our escape! My luck the hall monitor is probably armed and would have delighted in shooting both me and Jimmy in the back. GOD HELP US!
Jamie's gonna get an earful about Karl when next I see him. That red headed sonovabitch should be kicked off the team for what he did to Jimmy. What is WRONG with these idiots?
Oooh, I'm glad I'm a young guy 'cause I can feel a vein in my head thumping just remembering how angry I was today seeing that. My Dad talks about his blood pressure going up sometimes and now I get what he's talking about.
But of course, this is me we're talking about here: Mr. Guilty. So, naturally I'm now convinced that I had everything to do with poor Jimmy getting it again today! If only I hadn't interfered. If I had just let poor Jimmy get that small peck on his bottom by a towel he wouldn't be getting beat up now. There's just no winning here. You just can't afford to help anyone in that school because the School Admins are so out of touch that they won't control things themselves and let's face it, we're in the law of the jungle here.
The Jock Pack are the biggest and strongest guys in school. Most of them are solid muscle and can overmatch just about any normal kid in here. If one can't take someone down by themselves then the rest of the pack gets involved and then that's that. Skills and training are great, but not against those kind of odds. So, Darwin at his finest: the strong survive and the weak don't. Swell.
That might work in a real jungle, but guess what Dillweeds, this is the land of crazy people, guns, and religion (I heard that on the news and I'm keeping it).
That's what makes things scarier because I'm afraid one day those idiots are going to pick on the wrong dude. They'll pick on the crazy one with Death Metal playing in his ears all day and then that freak will come in here with Daddy's arsenal and let us ALL have it! I've read about how it happened before at high schools like Columbine. It scares the bejeezus out of me to be honest!
And what does the Principle do? He want's to put metal detectors at each entrance to the school and have us all practically STRIP SEARCHED before we can go to class and probably be penalized for being late. Trust me, Mr. Russell (our Douchebag-in-chief), when Mr. Death Metal comes with his automatic rifle and sub-machine gun he's NOT gonna come through no goddamn front door! STUPID!
. . . and they wonder why kids don't learn anything in school? It's freaking hard to pay attention when you have to keep LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER every 15 minutes for who's going to attack next!
Growl, grumble, grumble . . .
Ok, that's quite enough Brandon!
I'm glad you like my legs Billy!
I like your butt more. ;)
This is Brandon . . . snuggling with my 'Billy' pillow right up close tonight and FUCK school!

Thanks again for reading!

Comments are always appreciated!

Copyright © 2017 MrM; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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I love the way Brandon describes the school.. it was SERIOUSLY just like that when Ifirst started at my high school. I kinda changed a lot of things that happened once I hit a growth spurt and came out and got mean.. I made the jocks pretty scared to mess with the little guys.. because I was the big gay guy with metal music stuck in my head all day. But I didn't want to kill anyone.. I just beat the hell out of the bullies the same way they did to others. Too bad it changed right back once I graduated. And I also love that Billy finally checked Brandon out enough for Brandon to notice!! It's getting close!! 💗 so exciting!!!!

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That school must be even worse than San Quentin for poor Jimmy. I feel for this kid the same as Brandon does.

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