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Brandon Smiling: From the Billy Chase Chronicles (1) - 5. Entry 5


My Dad and I needed a break after yesterday so we went to the Round Table Pizza at the mall. We had pizza and he had a beer. Not piss warm though. He wouldn't get me any though. :( LOL
We walked around the mall and did a little window shopping. Dad must have a shoe fetish because he has to look at each men's shoe store to check for deals. It doesn't take long, there are only 3 men's shoe stores in the whole mall where there are about 20 women's shoe stores! I call Sexual Discrimination!!
He also had to go into the attached Sears store to look at the Craftsman tools. To my sorrow, he was scoping out new lawnmowers. Guess who gets to use it if he buys it. Oh joy. Just what I always wanted. :/
I liked the ones you could ride around in but my Dad said they would be impractical for our small lawns. Shoot! I thought I almost got the chance to learn to 'drive' there for a bit.
Though we were there to forget our sorrows about my Mom, I did have a very....well....special experience today.
I...kind of saw somebody today.
He was there with a friend who was kind of another one of those tall blonde and blue eyed jock types with that smugness in his face that I don't care for. Cute enough, but I only had eyes for his slightly smaller friend.
He also had blonde hair but he had the most beautiful brown eyes. Almost the color of a horse's eyes. Deep...so deep you could drown in them and yet they sparkled and you could see his irises and pupils. He was looking up at his friend with such happiness and...longing. His pale face just glowed with it. He had this puppydog expression when talking to his friend that just melted me.
OH....and he had the most beautiful full pink lips. I felt my tongue dart out and lick mine as if to taste his. His long neck swept back into the collar of his white shirt that was unbuttoned just a bit to expose his collar bone. It gave a taste of what the rest of his body might be like: lithe, compact, strong, and smooth. So...kissable. I flushed and was glad I was hidden behind a shirt rack at The Gap.
Then my sin soaked eyes caressed the rest of him as he walked by the store and I got a closer look. Oh yeah...this boy was perfect! The curve of his back, the shape of his thighs, the plump calves that would narrow off into his feet. This last part I could only imagine because he didn't wear those pegged jeans that seem to be the rage among other boys his size.
As his back came into view my heart fluttered and my groin ached. His ass! Oh my gawd!! His jeans were just tight enough to show me the beautifully round cups of his cheeks. Two full round mounds that puckered into a perfect crease. I was transfixed. His walk rolled his hips unconsciously making his cheeks flex as he walked. He'd have no idea how sexy his walk is. He was wrapped in his animated conversation with his friend. He was just naturally sexy like that.
My lustful eyes followed him as they went into GameStop. He never once caught a glimpse of me. Just as well. I think I was drooling, to be honest.
I believe I was just witness to the most beautiful boy I had ever seen...and I was instantly crushing on him!
I had a mind to follow him in there just to get a closer look, but my shyness got the better of me. I couldn't do something like that just yet. Maybe...someday.
Then I heard a knowing chuckle behind me. It was familiar.
I turned and was faced with the other blonde I'd seen a little over a week ago. His sharp features, perfect hair, and sparkling blue eyes were even more striking up close. As my gaze fixed on him and he gazed up at me I could see his pupils dilate a bit and his breath catch slightly in his throat. I saw a blush rise to his cheeks. He must have thought the same. It caused me to blush in turn.
He recovered smoothly. He was so very cool, this guy. He smirked that half smile I saw from before.
"He's quite an eyeful isn't he?" The boy's voice had a rather nasal lilt to it.
I must have had a deer in headlights look or like a kid with his hand caught in a cookie jar. He covered his mouth to suppress an out and out laugh at my expense as he continued to look up at me coyly.
"Oh...don't look so surprised. It's ok to look. Guys can look at guys all day long. It doesn't mean anything." He smiled reassuringly...which looked so wise which again looked so weird on his young face.
I must have blushed more and gotten an irritated look on my face because his smile dropped a bit. I quickly turned away back to 'shopping for shirts'.
"I...I wasn't looking at anything..." I lied badly.
"Shurrre. Whatever you say, Handsome." That made me look back at him, stunned, and then quickly turn back to my shirts pretending to ignore him.
I felt a finger go into my back pocket and it caused me to tense. It felt so good through the thin material of my jeans.
He twisted around at my side to look me right in the eyes. His finger still hooked into my back pocket.
"My name is AJ. Let's have lunch sometime. Just friends, ya know?" He gave me a wide charming smile...and then sauntered out of the store. I remember he smelled like peppermint like he had been chewing gum.
I followed his butt out the door with my eyes. Nice as it was it was nothing compared to the Boy with the Brown Eyes' ass. This AJ was extremely cute, to be sure, but he was kind of obvious too. He was gay and he liked me. He was also very forward...which made me nervous. My suspiciousness kicked in gear. I was reminded of Joe for some reason.
I unconsciously felt in my back pocket and found something there. A little piece of paper. It had 'AJ' on it and a phone number.
My first experience being hit on?? I've been grinding over that all night. But, mostly I've been dreaming!
Dreaming of the Boy with the Brown Eyes. The most Beautiful Boy in the mall!! The most Beautiful Boy in the World!!!
I wonder who he is? I wonder if he lives around here? I don't remember him at either of my old schools. I would have remembered him. I would probably have come out of my shell enough to talk to him a little if I had...or would I have? I don't know. He looks about my age. Will we see each other at school? Will we share classes? One can hope!
Most importantly, would I ever have the courage to meet him if I did see him at school?
Probably not. :(
Why do I have this ache in my heart when I think of him? I've never felt anything like it before. It's a sweet ache that makes me swallow hard and makes my insides have butterflies. It's like being nervous or scared but it feels good, not bad. When I think about his body...I can't help but picture him naked.
Would he be warm or cool to the touch? What would he feel like pressed against me? What would his kiss be like? I've never kissed anyone before in that way. I'd love it if he could be my first. My first kiss!
What would his naked butt feel like in my hands?
He made me do 'It'.
I had slipped off my underwear as I dreamt my dreams of him. My cock was stretching them out and it was coming out the side. I kicked them off. I smoothed my hands down my hips and took hold of a cheek of my own ass. Squeezing.
I thought: "It would be better than this. His ass is so much fuller and rounder than my skinny one."
Oh...I got so hot just thinking of touching him. I caressed my groin and fondled my balls. Oh yes! I thought of him touching me...there! My finger found my pucker and I inserted it a little into myself.
I wondered: "What would he be like...right there? Siggggh!"
My other hand smoothed down my belly and grasped my cock. Oh...fuck. I could have cut diamonds right then. I'd never been so hard before. I began stroking slowly while fingering myself. Hot sugar tingles and surges spread out from my dick down into my ass and out from my groin and down my legs. My toes flexed. I had felt a whimper escape my throat as my stroking had become faster and my fingering deeper.
Oh gawd...I thought of his hand on my cock stroking me. His fingers probing me. My dick swelled in my hand and the pulsing sugar fire became more insistent. It had me moaning a little and my hips started thrusting my cock in and out of my hand.
All this hotness quickly caused me to flip over and position my pillow under me folding it just so over my raging hard on.
I teased myself: "Would his ass feel like this with my cock in it? No...it would be so much better. It must be."
I started thrusting my dick in and out of my folded pillow. I was sitting on my haunches, kneeling as I was thrusting. The sugary sparks of pleasure intensified rolling through me in small orgasms up my spine and I became acutely aware of my heels in my ass crack. My humping became a grinding roll.
My dick started to pulse and I felt a little precum come out. Ohhh fuuuck! This boy had made me such a slut in my own bed tonight!
I bent over on top of my pillow and braced myself with my elbows on the bed. My butt was sticking up as my thrusting became faster. My dick was continually oozing precum at that point. I took my other pillow and bit down on it to stifle the sounds I was making as I got closer and closer. The sugary fire became a raging continuous electric inferno as my balls tightened and stomach tightened up. Waves of pleasure had flashed from my dick out from my groin through my ass down my legs and up my spine with each pulse.
My thrusts become harder and sharper until my bed springs started to squeek. At the last I buried my face in the pillow I was biting and attempt to stifle the barking noises I began making as my orgasm exploded through me.
My body went stiff, my toes straightened, my dick seemed to become impossibly bigger and harder, my balls drew up and my whole groin began to contract rhythmically. Each agonizingly pleasurable convulsion had brought another bark from my throat. At the height of the contractions and at the max of my ecstasy my cum came up from me and out my dick like white fire. My hips and butt pumped in spastic convulsions driving my spurting dick deeper into my pillow. I must have cum eight squirts into it.
Before long the rocking orgasm had settled and my noises became pants. My tightly closed eyes opened and my mouth drooled a bit into my poor bitten pillow. My hips continued to roll as the last drops of my spunk dribbled out of me. My entire body collapsed into a puddle on top of my poor raped pillows.
I had been afraid that my dad may have heard me, but there had been no indication of that. My room had smelled of my sex.
I had never had an orgasm that hard before.
What had this boy done to me...this beautiful sweet angel.
I didn't even feel guilty about it!
One day this would be him beneath me sharing this ecstasy.
One day, he would be mine.
This is Brandon...Dreaming.
(One day I will know your name Pretty Eyes. This I swear.)

Thanks for reading!

Copyright © 2017 MrM; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Ah, finally! :D:thankyou::D
Great chapter MrM!!
I think you caught that scene perfectly.
Now let's hope Brandon continues to believe what his gut told him about AJ.
Also, you reminded me of all the pillows I abused. :blushing:

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On 09/18/2015 01:55 PM, skinnydragon said:

Ah, finally! :D:thankyou::D

Great chapter MrM!!

I think you caught that scene perfectly.

Now let's hope Brandon continues to believe what his gut told him about AJ.

Also, you reminded me of all the pillows I abused. :blushing:

:D Yay!

Thanks SkinnyD! I wrote that last part from...memory. :gikkle:

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I LOVE what you are doing with this story. Not one single discrepancy from the Billy Chase story that I have seen. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

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On 10/26/2015 03:30 PM, Jordan1 said:

I LOVE what you are doing with this story. Not one single discrepancy from the Billy Chase story that I have seen. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

Thank you Jordan! *hug* I want this to be a mirror of Comsie's great work.

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On 01/27/2017 05:44 AM, Dennis191 said:

Okay stop the cuteness...I'm gonna melt now... :P

Hehehe :)

hehehehe :P

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My only question about this chapter is.. what is the deal with sugar? Everything involving his "sexy stuff" mentions sugar. But, other than that question.. I LOVE Brandon's character.. and knowing his side of everything is awesome!! Looking forward to the rest!! ❤💜💙💚💛💗

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On May 13, 2017 at 2:11 AM, Blue Dhalia said:

My only question about this chapter is.. what is the deal with sugar? Everything involving his "sexy stuff" mentions sugar. But, other than that question.. I LOVE Brandon's character.. and knowing his side of everything is awesome!! Looking forward to the rest!! ❤💜💙💚💛💗

It's sometimes hard to describe the sensation of an orgasm, intense one's in particular. I remember the ones I used to have as a teen being particularly potent. I tried to identify the sensations and what they were exactly. The term that always came to me was 'surgery hot'. Basically, a sweet hot shiver that just expands out across your whole body in waves. It's like having hot sugar syrup spreading out through your veins. 


Like I said, those orgasms that I had in those days were really . . . Um, WOW sometimes. :gikkle:



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Yes, I remember this chapter first time around. Really nice, but stay away from AJ. I know he will but Brandon is smitten.

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Posted (edited)

3 hours ago, David Santos said:

Never tried it with a pillow before. I guess I've been missing out, because… damn!


Hehehe! Interestingly, that is a page right out of my memories. It was how I used to do ‘it’ myself. Still do sometimes. TMI? It’s a different experience closer to ‘the real thing’ I guess. Not really even close, but closer than the other way. :P


In any case, as you may have figured from reading Billy Chase, Brandon is quite passionate in his sexual feelings from Billy’s descriptions of Brandon’s reactions. This is just a taste of what that is like in Brandon’s own skin. 

Edited by MrM
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