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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Boss Nanny - 8. Men. They are un-understandable

Matt was on a roll—absolutely killing his classes. There was one month left and he was almost finished with everything he could be done with and his end of year projects were as far as they could be at this point. He met with a small group between classes. He loved it. They each created a business plan and then someone in the group would audit another. It was challenging and involved so many different aspects of what he’d been learning. It felt like a real-life trial. Matt was more excited than ever to graduate. One more year.

When he finished up with class he went to work. Monday was a slightly shorter shift but he worked with Kase and Matt loved that.

Seamus and Aidan were at a table. Seamus was meeting with two men. The three of them seemed to be having a good time as they laughed and talked animatedly.

Aidan was standing against Seamus’ leg. Seamus held him there with his hand to keep him from falling over while the chubby legged toddler happily fisted a set of toy keys like it was his last meal.

Given the circumstances, Matt thought he’d taken well to having his kid brother but Seamus was the real MVP. Where Matt was sometimes overwhelmed, Seamus took it all in stride. He had Aidan almost every day, took him to work and on errands, whatever Seamus did, Aidan was there. And never, not once, did Seamus look flustered or annoyed. He was solid as a rock.

“Seamus is getting old.”

Matt looked at Kase like he was an idiot. “Okay? Where’d that come from?”

“The guy has been stiff as a board, limping around most of the day like he fucked up his lower back or something. I mean, Aidan’s chubby and all but he’s not like that heavy. I carry him around just fine.”

Matt barked. If only Kase knew. “Maybe he slept wrong.” Or got fucked just right, Matt thought.

Kase thought about it and shrugged. “Still old if you ask me. I sleep weird all the time but don’t wake up like a decrepit old man.”

“Why do you care?”

“Care?” Kase scoffed. “I don’t care.”

“Oh, you soo care. But why?”

“I don’t,” his voice was firm. “I just don’t get why everyone fawns over him.”

“Because he’s gorgeous, successful, and kind?”

“Kind? What are you talking about? He is always pissed about something.”

Matt looked at Kase and Kase threw his hands up. “Okay, sure, he’s great with Aidan. I’m great with Aidan, too.”

“Do you like Hilary?” It’s literally the only reason Matt can think of why Kase would suddenly be acting like a fool.

“What the hell makes you say that? God no. No. Gross.” Kase’s face squeezed like he ate something foul. “And if you know what’s good for you, she’ll never find out you said that.”

Unfazed by his friend's blowback, Matt asked, “Then what’s got you so sour towards Seamus? You know he’s not some jackass. You know what he’s done for me, so what’s up?”

“Ugh,” he groaned and semi-violently put the mugs away. “Laura keeps coming in. At first, I thought it was because of me, but then she started asking about him.”

Ah. “You’re jealous.”

Kase glared at Matt, not even denying it.

“You know he’s gay.”

“She doesn’t.”

“When does she usually come in?”

“Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays. Usually between classes. Why?”

“Because. I’m your friend and I got your back.”

Kase smiled. “You gonna wingman me?”

“Yeah Kase, I’m gonna wingman you.”


Kase was in better spirits as the shift went on. Something about Matt having his back like a good friend. He even admitted that Seamus wasn’t a total twart. Kase was still jealous. It was funny when you saw it for what it was; a popular college athlete like Kase could only hope to play on the same field as Seamus one day.

If only Kase knew that he and Seamus were together. He wanted to tell him but wasn’t quite ready. Honestly, no one even knew they lived together. Seamus was his boss after all.

Just like at his dad’s house, Matt was a little nervous that Seamus might be obvious. He shouldn’t have been. Seamus was so fucking good at that shit. He acknowledged Matt like he normally did, brought Aidan over to say hi, but other than that, it was business as usual.

When he arrived home around six-thirty, Aidan was standing at the base of his high chair, holding on as he wobbled around while Seamus got his dinner ready. Matt said hello to Aidan, then to Seamus, the latter getting a little more bang for the buck.

“I heard you were walking like a decrepit old man today.”

Seamus smiled as he opened the jar of baby food. “Well, I wasn’t walking like a spring chicken.”

Man ran his fingers over Seamus’ ass. “How bad is it?”

“Nothing bad about it. Though I wouldn’t mind a lower back rub tonight, you know, for all my trouble.”

Matt wasn’t sure giving Seamus a rub down was a good idea. He definitely didn’t think it would end up helping. More than likely it would make it worse.

Seamus handed Matt the baby food. “You wanna feed Aidan? I’m getting ready to head out for a bit.”

That was a surprise. Not to make Seamus sound like a loser but he wasn’t exactly social.

“Where are you going?”

“My best friend Jay is in town. A few of us are going out. I won’t be late.”

Matt about lost his stomach. “Not Kase’s friend Jay, right?”

“No,” Seamus laughed. “Not him.”

Matt set the food down and lifted Aidan into the chair. He pulled another chair beside it and started feeding the little guy. “Is that who was at the coffee shop today?”

“Yeah, that Jay and Scott.”

“Is Scott in town also?”

“Nah, Scott lives here. He’s one of the guys I have lunch with on Wednesdays.”

“I thought you had board meetings on Wednesdays?”

Seamus chuckled. “Yeah, that’s just what we call it so no one questions it. We’re all busy and if anyone knew it was just ‘lunch with the guys’, it would be overtaken with more important things.”

That made more sense. Matt thought Seamus was the sole owner and it didn’t make sense that there would be a board but he never questioned it because it wasn’t his business.

“That’s genius. I say stay out as late as you want. You deserve a night out with your friends. I have a bunch of homework to do and a few apartment applications to fill out anyway.”

Seamus leaned down so his mouth hovered by Matt’s ear. “Sleep naked.” The kiss he gave Matt was enough that he'd have troubles peeing for a while.

Matt fed Aidan then retired to the living room where Aidan played while Matt did school work. Aidan was fussy and tired and ended up going to bed earlier than normal. Matt stayed up a little longer doing school work but still ended up in bed before nine. He hesitated before removing his boxers. He almost never slept naked. It felt weird, especially since he was alone.

Seamus came home late and drunk. Besides a little fondling, Seamus didn’t achieve much more before falling asleep. Fine by Matt, he was dead ass tired and even the promise of sex couldn’t get him to open his eyes.

It was a different story the next morning. Matt woke first. There was no sign of Aidan stirring from the monitor so he moved across the bed. Seamus was on his back. His dick was soft and hanging to the right. A few cursory strokes and then Matt was shimmying down and taking Seamus in his mouth. He loved the feel of a man getting hard against his tongue.

He was hard at work for almost ten minutes before Seamus finally stirred. “Oh yeah. Fuck. That’s good.” Seamus arched his back as he woke. “I’m close. Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum.” Seamus was gripping the side of Matt’s head and holding on for dear life. “Slow down, I want you to come inside me.”

Matt wasn’t a party pooper but there was no way Matt was fucking Seamus again so soon. Instead, he pushed Seamus’ legs up and ran his tongue across his ass. “Touch yourself.”

Seamus started jerking himself while Matt lapped his ass gently, enough to push Seamus over the edge. Seamus flipped them over and quickly brought Matt off in his mouth. Not a moment too soon, either. They hadn’t even caught their breath when the monitor lit up.

Even stale and hungover, Seamus smelled good. Matt hovered over Seamus and kissed his neck and shoulder. “Did you have fun last night?”

“A little too much, yeah.”

“I tried staying up.”

“Well, I was pretty drunk anyway. This morning was good though.” Seamus hiked his legs up, inviting Matt in. Then rolled his hips, trying to get Matt lined up. It was a nice gesture and temping as shit, but he didn’t take the bait.

“You’re relentless,” Matt laughed.

“And you’re bad for my ego. Always telling me no.”

“When have I told you no?”

Seamus moved again, trying to get Matt lined up. “Right now. I'm all but throwing myself at you.”

“I’m not even hard,” he laughed. “You just sucked my brains out through my nuts thirty seconds ago.”

“What if I get you hard again,” he challenged, reaching down and fondling Matt. Aidan chose that moment to call for his people. Seamus frowned. “You planned that.”

Matt laughed. “Yes, I signaled for my eleven-month-old to cockblock me you horny bastard.”

Seamus pulled Matt down and kissed him. “I might not seek out sex with randos, but when I’m with someone, I want it all the time.”

By the time Seamus finally let him go, Matt was hard again. He would’ve been up for another round but Aidan was so upset that no one had rushed to his aid that he was now on the verge of hyperventilating. Matt made Seamus deal with Aidan since it was his fault in the first place.

The shenanigans had put him behind and now he had to rush through his shower and across campus. Another minute and he would’ve been late.


After class he headed to work. Today was the day. It was wingman time.

“What time does she usually come in?”

“I don’t know, between class?” Matt looked at Kase like he was a big fat liar. “Fine,” Kase glanced at the clock, “she’ll be here in less than five minutes.”

Matt went to the back and told Seamus to stay put while he borrowed a freshly fed and freshly changed Aidan.

“Here.” Matt handed Kase the baby and then helped secure him with the wrap thingy so Aidan was plastered to Kase’s chest.

Kase looked nervously at Aidan. “Is he safe? Will he fall?”

“He’s fine. I promise. Let go and see.”

Kase tentatively let go then smiled excitedly when Aidan didn’t go anywhere. Kase even moved a little, just to see what would happen, to see if Aidan was truly secured. Potato Legs thought it was funny so Kase did it again. Turns out Aidan loved it. He was belly laughing so hard that everyone around him was joining in. It was contagious. Kase kept dancing like a fool and Aiden kept laughing. Matt took out his phone and started filming. Memories like these had to be captured.

Kase grabbed Aidan’s hands and spun around, doing something that resembled jazz hands, then froze.

Laura stood there, all beach wave blonde hair and university hoodie, smiling at Kase and Aidan.


She smiled then reached out and grabbed Aidan’s hand. “Hey you, looks like you’re having a good time. You got some serious moves there.”

Kase lifted Aidan’s hand. “Thanks.” And then he said nothing.

Kase was being so awkward that Matt almost walked away, almost, except he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“Where’s his dad?”

Matt winced on Kase’s behalf then raised his hand. “That would be me.”

Laura looked confused. “I thought—”

“Did you think the red head was his dad?” She nodded. Matt scoffed. “He wishes. That’s my boyfriend.” It took her a second to realize what that meant, that she had no chance Seamus. Matt continued. “Him though—” he gestured toward Kase, “he’s the real MVP. Kase slays the uncle game.”

“Yeah?” She smiled at Kase, seemingly interested in the uncle of the year.

“Oh yeah,” Matt continued. “He’s always helping out. In fact, he volunteered to babysit Friday night so I can go on a date. I didn’t even have to ask. He was like ‘give me my damn nephew!’.”

Kase looked at Matt, amused for a well laid plan. Laura, however, practically swooned.

“That is so sweet. Seriously, it’s refreshing to see guys support each other like this.”

It wasn’t a total lie. Kase had babysat twice and he did love Aidan. He was usually the first to volunteer to hold him when they weren’t busy at work. Despite society having a way of making guys feel ill equipped when it came to kids or making them feel borderline pedophilia, Kase thrived.

“We gotta ban together,” Kase said, swaying Aidan back and forward. “It takes a village.”

Matt made her drink while Kase sputtered along. For a big, popular jock, he was shit with the ladies.

“Are you taking him for a walk or what?” Matt asked.

Kase barely composed himself. “Yeah, we’ll be back,” he turned to leave and hip-checked the counter.

Matt looked at Laura. “Are you busy or do you think you could keep them company?”

Laura laughed but happily left the cafe with Kase and Aidan. Of course, the second Kase left, the cafe got busy. Then slowed to halt minutes before Kase returned...an hour later.

“I’m so babysitting for you on Friday.”

“Oh, I know,” Matt said as he put all the dishes away that had stacked up while Kase was out.

“No, seriously,” he gushed. “I have a babysitting date with Laura. So, yeah, you need to find something to do. Also, nice save with the boyfriend thing, genius way to let her know he’s off limits.”

Matt didn’t say anything, just continued to put dishes away.

“Wait a fucking second,” Kase whispered. Matt could feel his friend looking between him and the back where Seamus was. “You and Boss Nanny?”

No one was around but Matt still shushed him. “Be quiet about it, yeah? It’s not something I want to announce. Bad for publicity.”

“Well, I’m not all that surprised. I mean, yeah, I’m fucking shocked. But really, it’s actually obvious, I just had my own head up my ass.”

“Which is it?” Matt asked. “Shocking or obvious?”

“Be real,” Kase laughed. “You think Boss Nanny got us into Purple Canary out of the kindness of his heart?”

“He’s actually really nice, dipshit.”

“Yeah, because he’s got a boner for you. How many college kids work here? You think he makes a habit of getting them into his trendy club? Plus, he hung out all night. Plus—” he continued. “He’s all I’ll watch Aidan all the fucking time even though I’m busy as shit. I’ve worked here for two years and he’s never hung out here this much. Now he’s always here, always in meetings while juggling Chubby Legs. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious.”

“Do you think Hilary knows?”

Kase shook his head. “Does she know that you two have boners for each other? Hell yeah. Does she know you’re using your boners with each other? No. She thinks you’re both too dumb to do anything about it.”

“Okay, good,” he deadpanned at the dig. I love Hilary but I really don’t want her knowing, or anyone else for that matter. Just you.”

Kase seemed happy about that. A little secret between friends.

Seamus came out, looking worried because Matt had taken Aidan an hour ago and never came back.

“Shit,” Kase cursed softly. “Boss Nanny’s coming. He doesn’t look happy that I’m wearing what’s his. How do I take this shit off?” He panicked as he tried to figure out the crazy strap system. “This is some real bondage stuff.”

Matt laughed and helped get Aidan out. Kase was right, Seamus wasn’t looking too keen. Matt smiled because that was just how Seamus was in public.

“I’m watching Thunder Thighs on Friday night so you two—” Kase paused, realizing that maybe Matt should be the one to tell Seamus that Kase knew about them. “Ugh, so Matt can go out or whatever.” Kase looked at Matt, his eyes panicked. “I gotta do dishes, bye.”

Matt turned to Seamus and smiled. “You’ll have to come out more, Kase never volunteers to wash dishes.”

“He’s babysitting? So we can—?” Seamus asked, not missing a beat.

“He’s babysitting so he can finally go on a date with the girl he likes.”

Seamus didn't believe Matt for one second.

“Yeah, okay,” Matt caved. “He knows about us. Don’t worry, he won’t say anything.”

“I don’t care, Matt. The only thing keeping me from kissing you right here is knowing you don’t want people to give you a hard time because I’m the boss. But me? I’d stand on the counter right here and announce it to the whole goddamn café.”

“No need for that,” Matt said, blushing. “Maybe when summer is done and I come back from Dad’s? I’ll be in my own apartment and I’ll be a senior. Seems like a good segue to dating the boss.”

Aidan started whining because he was tired of being held so Matt set him on the floor. Aidan gripped Matt’s pant leg for a second before plopping himself on the floor.

Matt glanced at Seamus, aware that things suddenly felt tense. To the untrained eye Seamus looked relatively casual but Matt could see more. His boyfriend was upset.

“Back from your dads after the summer's finished? To your own apartment?”

“Yes?” Matt wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say. His plan had always been to go home for the summer. It’s what most people his age did. And living with Seamus was never a permanent thing, just to get through the adoption inspection. Now that they were dating it was more important than ever to make sure Matt got his own place. “I had always planned on going home for the summer and living in the loft was only temporary, remember? I’ve been filling out apartment applications all week. The night you went out I literally said ‘I have some apartment applications I need to fill out’.”

“Of course.” Seamus tried to hide how completely and utterly blindsided he felt. “Well, I think Aidan and I are taking off. See you after work.” Seamus swooped Aidan up and headed toward the back.

Matt stood there, stunned. He turned to find Kase, who stood there with an apologetic face. “What just happened?”

Kase shook his head. “Men. They are un-understandable.”

As true as those words were, Matt wasn't going to let a little misunderstanding turn a ripple into a wave. He took a deep breath. The thought of confronting an issue head on was terrifying. He'd never done it before, not with any of his boyfriends. This was new territory. Hopefully it was a sign of growth and maturity because Matt was serious when he said he wanted things to work out with Seamus. And if this is what he had to do, then he was going to do it.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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