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Boss Nanny - 11. Summer

Matt whined and shoved his head further under the pillow. When the monitor squawked again, Matt groaned. Didn’t Aidan know he wasn’t feeling well?

The answer was no. Not that he cared if Matt spent another night with his friends. The first six months of his twenty-first year were mild if you didn’t count Aidan, but now that he was back home and reunited with his old friends, he was making up for it, hard. As hard as one could go when you still had to feed your kid dinner and get him to sleep.

Brad was generous, but Matt still had to do the legwork. Dinner, bath, putting Aidan down for bed. Those were Brad’s rules. Matt also had to worry about the mornings.

The Excedrin sat on the nightstand, so close, yet it felt so far away as he peaked out from under the pillow. He painfully reached for them. He just needed a few minutes for it to kick in before Aidan’s patience wore out completely.

No dice.

Matt cried as he rolled out of bed and slowly made his way to Aidan like a troll emerging from the shadows of his bridge.

There he was, standing in his crib, trying to break the railing like a baby Hulk. The poor kid had one giant tear hanging from his bottom lash. It was adorable, but not as adorable as the way he perked up when Matt walked in.

Mah!” Aidan called out. His little hands went into the air, waiting for Matt to pick him the fuck up.

“You only love me because you can’t do anything yourself.”

Aidan didn’t argue, just kicked his legs and gibbered away. Aidan’s diaper had soaked through his jammies. It was horrendous. Matt didn’t think urine had ever smelled so strong. He took a few practiced breaths, not using his nose as he changed his brother. After a quick bath and new clothes, they went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Even Aidan’s formula smelled worse than normal. Being hungover with a kid was no joke. Matt wasn’t sure it was worth it. It wasn’t like he enjoyed the taste anyway. He only wanted to be twenty-one and make memories with his friends.

Him and Aidan usually fought over TV, but Matt would let his brother watch anything if it meant they could lie on the couch in silence. Aidan was content with his show and his bottle. He was a little squirmy for Matt’s current condition, but not enough to complain about it.

He sent Seamus a text, just a little something to say ‘hi’ and ‘give me a call when you’re not busy with work’, which had been the case lately. Matt had been home for three weeks and they’d seen each other. It just hadn’t worked out. They talked every day, though. As much as Matt enjoyed his free time and enjoyed his friends, he really missed Seamus. He was homesick for his boyfriend in a bad way. He knew he could go see him any time he wanted, but Seamus had been busy and Matt didn’t want to bother him. Which was stupid, of course. He knew Seamus would welcome him any time.

It wasn’t until later that day that the decision was made for him.

Matt was showered and feeling better. He’d skipped breakfast but managed a late lunch. Aidan was over the whole lying low thing and was pulling himself up on every piece of furniture he could find.

House was playing in the background. Matt was half watching the how and half watching Aidan as he stood by the ottoman, smashing toys together. It was cute. Matt liked listening to Aidan talk gibberish to himself. What the kid was thinking? Typical boy stuff he guessed.

Aidan kept looking back at Matt, making sure he had his big brother's undivided attention. Then he smiled that two-tooth smile that lit up the room and made his blue eyes sparkle. Sometimes, he held up a toy as if explaining to Matt what he was doing. Matt would talk back to him, ‘oh really? That’s so cool!’ Aidan would get all excited. One time he got so worked up he lost his balance and fell over. At least Matt didn’t have to rush over. Aidan could finally pull himself back up.

Aidan kept holding out his toy for Matt to see.

Matt waved him over. “Bring it to me?” he challenged. Aidan smiled. That seemed to placate him and he returned to what he was doing.

When Matt looked at his brother again, the little guy was facing Matt, smiling, and holding two toys. One in each hand.

He wasn’t holding anything.

He wasn’t leaning against the ottoman for support.

He was standing on his own.

Aidan smiled brightly, took a step, and wobbled. Matt jumped off the couch and snatched Aidan off the floor.

Oh no. No no no no no, Matt thought. This can’t be happening.

With Aidan safely on his hip and not on the floor walking, he swiped his cellphone off the arm of the couch and called Seamus.

“Hey, sorry, I’ve been swamped all day with work,” Seamus said in a way of greeting.

“No worries. Aidan and I have been lying low today. Being lazy. Watching tv and sleeping.”

“You went out again last night, huh?”

Matt laughed. He couldn’t hide shit, except Aidan walking. Hopefully he could hide that. “Yeah, we went out. I don’t regret it.”

“I didn’t think you did. What are you two up to? Are you going out again tonight?”

“Actually, I was going to see if you were busy? Maybe you’d like some company? Aidan and I were thinking of going for a drive.”

“You’d come visit me?” Seamus asked with definite hope in his voice.

“Aidan’s being persistent about it.”

“Just Aidan?”

“I called you, didn’t I?”

Seamus laughed. “When can you be here?”

“When do you want us?”

“Three weeks ago.”

Matt smiled.

Aidan was watching like he knew who Matt was talking to, so Matt put it on speaker. “Tell Seamus what you’ve been talking about all day.”

Aidan said nothing, just looked at Matt like he was an idiot.

“You gonna come see me, Super Thighs?” Seamus said. “You miss me?”

Aidan’s eyes widened. He stared at the phone in wonder.

“I miss you,” Seamus continued through the speaker. “I bet you’re so big now. You better not be walking. Are you walking?”

“Nope,” Matt interjected. “Not walking. Not even one step. Isn’t that right, Aido?” Matt looked at his brother, who now had a death grip on the phone. Matt laughed. “Keep talking, Seamus.”

“We could go out for dinner. What do you think about that? You feel like eating at a restaurant? Getting all the attention from the wait-staff? Or would you rather eat in? We could get pizza for your me and your dad and I’ll make you sweet tadas you like so much. Not that jarred crap your big brother feeds you. We can watch a movie and then you can go to bed early.”

Matt laughed. “Don’t be gross in front of the kid.”

Aidan grabbed the phone with both hands. He held the phone in front of his face and watched it with wide eyes.

“When can you guys be here?”

“We could head up in a bit. Be there before dinner.”

“Okay, text me when you’re leaving and I’ll meet you at the loft. Is Aidan still there?”

“Oh yeah, he’s waiting for you to manifest out of thin air.”

“Oh, poor guy. You come see me, okay? Tell your brother to step on it. I miss you bunches.”

They said their goodbyes and Seamus disconnected the call. Aidan wouldn’t let Matt pry the phone from his fingers. He was waiting for Seamus to come back. When Aidan realized that wasn’t going to happen, he started breathing hard. His blue eyes swelled and his bottom lip quivered, but he never looked away from the phone.

Matt picked him up and hugged him. “Hey Chubs. We’re gonna go see Moose right now, okay? I know you must miss him so much.”

He managed to send quick text to Seamus and then Matt was packing their stuff. No need to wait. Matt was desperate to see Seamus.

The drive took no time and Aidan perked up as they made their way through the lobby. He knew where they were. The closer they got to the door, the more excited he got. Aidan kept looking around, waiting for Seamus to be there, waiting for him.

“Are you excited to see Moose?”

Aidan started fidgeting in Matt’s arms, anxiously kicking his legs. Matt laughed and unlocked the door. The second Aidan saw Seamus walk into the living room, he started crying. Matt couldn’t pass him off fast enough for Aidan’s liking. With Seamus there, Matt meant nothing. Aidan’s entire focus was on his nanny.

While Seamus wrapped Aidan in a big hug and swung him back and forth, Matt stood there, stunned. He didn’t realize how much he missed Seamus until he saw him. Watching him reconnect with Aidan, smiling and talking happily, made his chest tight and his stomach tingly. The feeling was foreign and overwhelming. It was a first and he had no idea how to react, so Matt grabbed their bags and put them in the room.

An hour passed. Matt still hadn’t gotten the proper hello he was eager for. His fingers itched to touch him but Aidan still wouldn’t let Seamus go. At this rate. Matt didn’t think he’d be able to get Aidan back in the car seat when it was time to go home. His brother was a smart cookie. He had let Matt drive off once. It probably wouldn’t happen again.

“Looks like I might have to extend our stay,” Matt joked.

“That’s okay with me.” Seamus leaned back on the couch with a tired Aidan on his chest. “I miss having you guys around.”

“Yeah, but I bet you’re getting a ton of work done without us to look after.”

“It’s not worth the tradeoff. I’d rather tote this guy around all day and then come home to you.”

Matt blushed. He’d never been with someone like Seamus. Months later and it was strange, but he quite liked it. Matt leaned over and kissed Aidan’s head, then Seamus’s cheek. His life had changed so much in one year.

Matt laid his head next to Seamus. “I’ve missed you.”

Lips pressed against the top of his head. “I’ve missed you, too.”

They hung out for the rest of the evening. Seamus ordered pizza like he promised and Aidan got those yummy yams he loved so much. Matt tried to get Aidan to walk, but Aidan didn’t trust that Seamus wouldn’t disappear if he let go of him. So, they watched TV while Aidan filled his Seamus tank.

When it came time for bed, Aidan refused. Seamus pouted like it was such a hardship that Aidan wouldn’t let go of him. Matt wasn’t fooled. It didn’t upset Seamus one bit. The pout turned to a smirk as he carried Aidan like a trophy to the master bedroom.

Matt’s chest swelled as he watched the two snuggle into bed. They took turns looking at Matt to see if he was watching them. Aidan looked proud that he had his Seamus again, and Seamus was content to have his Aidan back. But Matt was the real winner.

Seamus reached over and pulled Matt in, making Aidan the meat of their love sandwich. Aidan smiled, his eyes were heavy with sleep. Even still, the little guy refused to let go. His little fist clung to Seamus’s shirt for dear life.

Things were far calmer the next morning. Aidan was less anxious after waking up between Seamus and Matt. After breakfast, Matt encouraged Aidan to walk.

Seamus sat cross-legged and held out his hands. “Come give me hugs!”

That was all the motivation Thunder Thighs needed. Aidan only took five or six steps before Seamus lost his shit and swooped Aidan into his arms. He squeezed him then tossed the tyke in the air. They spent the rest of the morning celebrating.

Being home with his dad was awesome. They were always going places and doing things. Hell, they did more now than they ever did before. But being at the loft with Seamus was...good. So very good.

He’d been waiting for Seamus’s attention to shift away from the clingy one-year old all day. He was a patient man, but it had been three weeks. Seamus hadn’t so much as looked at Matt with bedroom eyes since they arrived. It wasn’t that big of a deal, not really. But the time was up.

Seamus was on the couch watching a movie. Aidan had fallen asleep on his chest a while ago.

“You should put him in his crib.”

Seamus looked down and smiled. “He might wake up.”

It was the same thing he had said an hour ago. It was late, Matt was getting tired. He also wanted his boyfriend.

Matt grumbled as he stripped his clothes off in the bedroom. Two could play. Once he was naked, Matt casually walked across the living room. Hmm, there had to be one good DVD here. He shifted, putting a hand on his naked hip as he looked through all the titles.

He had his boyfriend’s attention now.

“Do you have a preference?” Matt asked as he pulled a movie out of the stack and pretended to read it before putting it back. Boring.

“What are you doing?”

“Finding a movie to watch.”

When Seamus didn’t respond, Matt peeked over his shoulder and smiled when he found Seamus’ eyes glued to his ass.

Maybe he needed a movie from the bottom row.

Seamus was off the couch in an instant and carrying Aidan to his bedroom.

With how quickly Seamus returned, Matt wondered if he hadn’t carelessly tossed Aidan into the crib.

Seamus pressed his chest against Matt’s back. “You’re naked.”

“And you’re not.”

“You look better naked than I do.”

Matt laughed. That was the most ludicrous thing he’d ever heard. “I think all the people who approach you on the daily would argue otherwise.”

“They haven’t seen me naked.”

“No, but they’d like to.”

Seamus turned Matt around and slid his hands over Matt’s hips until they rested on his ass. He gave it a squeeze and smiled. “I love this ass.”

Matt groaned. “It feels like pudding. I need to do some squats.”

Seamus chuckled then walked backwards toward the bedroom, pulling Matt with him.

“What do you think about this?” he asked, sliding his finger down Matt’s ass.

Seamus pressed his middle finger against his hole, making him shutter. “I think I’d like that.”

They hadn’t properly kissed since he’d come back. It was slow and welcoming with just enough tongue to make both of them hard. Seamus pushed Matt onto the mattress then slowly stripped naked. Matt like that. Seamus was gorgeous.

They’d lived together for a few months and Matt had never heard Seamus mention the gym, let alone seen him go to one. But that couldn’t be the case. There was no way you had a body like that without some effort. He wasn’t shredded, but he had traces of abs and the soft outline of a v-line. Unlike Matt, Seamus had definite muscle definition from head to toe.

Seamus crawled on top of Matt and they continued to make out until both were rutting against each other. Then Seamus moved down and slowly took Matt in his mouth. He worked Matt over, bringing him close to the edge before backing off. Then he used his fingers.

“Are you ready to take my cock?” he asked as he kissed Matt’s neck and pressed himself against Matt’s ass. “Because I want you.”

Matt moaned and shifted his hips, trying to catch Seamus’s cock. “Give it to me.”

Seamus grabbed a condom, roll it on himself, and spread lube around without breaking eye contact. He pressed the head of his cock between Matt’s cheeks but paused before fully penetrating. Matt couldn’t catch his breath. It had been a while and the anticipation was killing him.

“I wish I was sliding into you bare,” Seamus said as he pressed harder, making Matt feel all of him. “Fucking you raw. You fucking me raw. Feeling every inch of you.”

Matt moaned. It was sexy as fuck to think about bare backing. The sexy talk was working. He was rock hard despite the burn that held tight as Seamus pushed him to his limit without actually being inside of him.

“God, I wish you were,” Matt groaned. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Seamus grunted and pushed through. It was as if he couldn’t stop himself. Matt’s breath hitched as he tried to catch his breath. They held still for a moment, both breathing heavy, then Seamus started moving.

“You feel so good. So tight.”

“Only cause you’re so big,” Matt replied in gasps. “You fill me up so good.”

Seamus bent Matt in half a little more, then thrusted harder, making Matt cry out. He hadn’t had a cock in his ass in two years. Good thing Seamus knew what he was doing, and that he did it well. Better than anyone Matt had been with before.

He was rubbing the right spots and Matt felt his balls tightening. “I’m getting close. I want you to cum in me,” he said, keeping the heat going. “Wish you’d give me everything you got. Every drop.”

The words hit their target because Seamus started fucking Matt harder.

Matt was riding the edge, his body on fire as he tried to hold himself back. “I’m close. Are you going to cum in me?”

Seamus nodded and bucked his hips. He had Matt pinned and helpless as he did what he wanted. The domination drove Matt crazy. He loved this side of Seamus. It was a glimpse of the intimidating guy he met all those months ago, and it was totally sexy.

He could feel the moment Seamus came inside him. The friction of Seamus's body on his weeping dick was all he needed to be pushed over the edge with a cry. Seamus pressed himself deep, making sure he didn’t come out, then collapsed on top of Matt.

Eventually, settled next to Matt and Matt turned and burrowed into his chest. He really, really missed Seamus. There was nothing more important than breathing him in and committing his smell and feel to memory.

The feel of Seamus’s fingers skimming his back made his eyelids heavy. They probably laid there for thirty minutes without a word said. It was lovely.

“What do you think about that?”

It took a lot of effort to crack one eye open. Matt was almost asleep. He found Seamus watching him intently. “I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow, but it was great. Though, just laying here with you is pretty damn amazing. I’ve missed this.”

Seamus smiled, his chest vibrated with a deep, but mostly silent laugh. “That’s not what I meant, but thank you. Laying here with you is pretty great, too.”

“Oh? What did you mean?”

“What do you think about forgoing the condoms?”

Matt paused. Woah. “Like, for real?”

“Yes, for real.”

“Oh,” shit. “I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Let’s talk about it. What’s your initial thought about moving in that direction?”

“I don’t know. That seems like a big step.”

“It is,” he agreed in a very patient, even voice.

“That’s like—a serious commitment.”

Now it was Seamus’s turn to tense. “Are we not exclusive?”

“We are,” Matt hurried. “We definitely are. I’m just saying that this is big. It’s hot to talk about not using condoms, but we’re not even at the ‘I love you stage’.”

The look on Seamus’s face was all Matt needed to know. Seamus was there. Matt was not.

“Oh God.” Matt wasn’t stupid. He knew Seamus was there. He should’ve seen this coming.

Seamus rolled until he was on his back. “If you’re not ready, then you’re not ready.” The words were sincere, but so was the disappointment that laced the delivery.

“My mind hasn’t gone there. It’s been a little preoccupied with life.”

“Too preoccupied to consider your feelings for me? That’s awesome.” Seamus pulled his arm away. “I’m starting to worry that your moving out is a bigger deal than you made it out to be. Maybe I should be worried.”

Matt leaned back so he could study Seamus. Yeah, Seamus was pissed. Legitimately pissed.

“Woah. Hey. You sprung not using condoms on me and now you’re pissed because I wasn’t like, ‘throw those fuckers out’ and because I’m not ready to say the L word? This doesn’t seem totally fair.”

“We’ve been raising Aidan together and living together and you’re telling me that your mind hasn’t considered if you love me or not? That doesn’t seem totally fair.”

Matt and Seamus stared at one another, neither willing to back down. When Matt added nothing, Seamus shook his head, turned off the light, and laid with his back to Matt.

Being an emotional drunk wasn’t the only thing Matt got from his mom. They were both real fucking idiots when it came to relationships. Matt’s entire history was one cringe worthy moment after another. Several of those cringy moments revolved around not using condoms. He had also told several that he loved them and, at the time, he thought he did.

The thing all his relationships had in common was how they crashed and burned in the end. The other thing they had in common was that Matt couldn’t be trusted to know what was real and what was some alternate dimension in his own mind.

He finally had a good, solid thing going with Seamus. But then again, he thought that with every guy. This is why he didn’t want to rush into this kind of thing.


Matt didn’t sleep. His mind went nonstop all night. He must’ve fallen asleep at some point because Seamus wasn’t there when he did wake. When he made his way to the living room, Seamus and Aidan were watching cartoons. As much as he loved watching those two together, it now had anxiety.

He took a deep breath and walked to the couch where he gave them both a kiss on the head. Seamus barely reacted, so Matt went to the kitchen.

He liked Seamus. A lot. He wasn’t denying that. And Seamus was right, they did everything together. Matt knew he was reliant on Seamus, he’d even admitted as much. Now Seamus wouldn’t look at him and the fear of that reliance was blinding. What if Seamus got tired and left Matt? He would be screwed.

All his relationships had ended tragically and Matt hadn’t lived with them, co-parented, or otherwise depended on them for every major thing in life; like work and daycare.

Because of that dependence, Matt was afraid of saying anything that might capsize the boat that was suddenly rocking. He’d been honest last night and that hadn’t gone well.

“We’re heading back this morning,” Matt said as he stood in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal and watching TV at a safe distance. “I have a bunch of stuff I need to do around the house before the guys come over this evening.”

Seamus nodded to the TV, then said something to Aidan. A few minutes later he had Aidan taking a few steps around the living room before picking him up and taking him to the room. Fifteen minutes later Aidan was ready to go. He even packed Aidan’s bag and sat it by the door.

Seamus was never this eager to see them leave, and that was concerning.

Seamus carried Aidan to the car while Matt carried the bags. When everything and everyone was loaded with almost no words exchanged, Seamus kissed Matt. It was pathetic and terrifyingly cold. When Seamus pulled away, Matt grabbed his sweater. He couldn’t let whatever was happening happen.

“I think we should talk about last night.”

Aidan realized what was happening and started screaming. Seamus glanced at the backseat then gave Matt a tight smile. “Don’t stress on it. It’s not a big deal. You were right. It’s a big step that neither of us are ready to take. I was just caught up in the moment.”

Seamus gave him another light kiss, then stood back and waited for Matt to pull out.

Matt stared at Seamus, desperate to call him on his bullshit but too scared at the same time. There was no way Seamus hadn't meant what he said last night. Matt saw it in his eyes. Maybe

With a rock in his gut, Matt pulled away. Maybe Seamus needed a day or two to reflect. Maybe Matt did, too. Lord knows these conversations were new to him.

Aidan screaming bloody murder in the backseat helped nothing.


Mat, Zak, and Spanks came over around seven. They’d been friends forever. After high school they went their separate ways. Matt expected the separation to be harder than it was, but he made new friends and hardly missed them at all. That didn't mean he wasn't excited to see them again. They'd been making up for lost time.

They sat around the kitchen table with a few beers and ate gooey, hot pie while Aidan sat in the high chair and begged for scraps.

Ooohh, look what I have—” Zak taunted Aidan with a piece of pepperoni.

Matt threw a paper towel at his head to make him stop. Aidan was still pissed they'd left Seamus behind and didn't need to be teased with food. “Does teasing a one-year-old make you feel like a man?”

Zak popped the pepperoni in his mouth and looked annoyed that Matt for calling him out.

“How is the dad life?” Spanks asked. “How’s the husband?”

“Aidan’s good.”

“And the husband?”

“He’s not my husband.”

The group laughed. Zak patted Matt on the shoulder. “Yeah right. You guys are more married than my own parents.”

When Matt didn’t respond, the room quieted.

“What’s going on?” Spanks asked. “You’re usually excited to talk about your boyfriend.”

“I don’t know. We had a weird visit. Seamus wanted to talk about—” Matt wasn’t sure this was something they wanted to talk about. They knew he was gay and asked questions about gay sex but he didn’t usually over share.

“About what?” Zak pushed.

“Well,” Matt glanced around. “He wanted to talk about not using a condom.”

His friends started cackling. Matt shook his head and smiled. They were so immature.

“And you’re trying to convince us you’re not married?”

“I didn’t agree to it. I know it’s a big step.”

“How?” Matt asked. “I mean, you guys live together and you’re raising Aidan. Those are pretty big things. Bigger than tossing the condom.”

“I’m not saying Mat is wrong, but I think it’s worth thinking it through. I’ve told you before that you are way too reliant on Seamus.”

“He helps, but I’m not reliant,” Matt lied. “I’ll have my own apartment when I move back, and we don’t raise Aidan together, he’s our nanny,” Matt lied again.

“Whatever. He does everything for you. Do you really think if it wasn’t for Aidan that you would even be dating him?”

Matt looked at this plate. “I don’t know.” It was something he wondered but had never heard voiced out loud.

“And according to you, you didn’t even like Seamus when you first met him. I think it’s only because he was good with Aidan that you fell for him. He stepped in like a knight and you couldn’t help yourself.”

Matt slouched down in his chair and played with his pizza crust. It wasn’t true, but...what if they weren’t wrong? He didn’t like Seamus at first, and how he was with Aidan was a big draw. It was hard not to fall for him when he was so good to his brother.

Matt felt like he needed to justify himself. “This is exactly why I said no to the condom thing and why I’m not living with him when I come back after the summer. I know how I can be and I don’t want to do that with him.”

Spanks took Matt’s beer away. Matt grabbed it back. Spanks frowned. “You’re getting emotional.”

“Sue me,” Matt shot back. Yes, he was getting emotional. It felt like things were not going well. “This conversation is making me feel shitty.”

“I’m not trying to make you feel shitty. You and Seamus are like one hundred steps into the future right now. I’m just nervous for you. You’re only twenty-one.”

“Seamus was nineteen when he married Kelly.”

“That isn’t helping your case,” Zak laughed.

“What happens if you guys break up?” Spanks asked. “What are you going to do to Aidan?”

“There’s daycare.”

“I thought they had waitlists?”

“They do.” Aidan had been called up at one place. Seamus was happy watching him so they had turned it down. Now Matt was back at square one. “I would figure something out.”

“I know you would. You always do.” Spank’s expression was sympathetic and caring. “I just worry that Seamus was there at a time when you were extra vulnerable. It would be enough to confuse anyone. Especially you.”

“Especially me?” Matt scoffed.

Every person there knew Matt was the emotional one. They’d been there every time Matt had fallen in love and again when said love burned to the ground. They might have been hormone driven flings, but Matt was always quick to fall. They joked Matt would be the first to get married and the first to divorce.

They might have joked about it, but none wanted to see it happen. They wanted their friend to be smart and make good choices. That would be harder with Aidan—a kid would make Matt more prone to emotional attachments.

Matt knew it as well.

Later that night and a few beers later, Matt was still pouting. “I really like him.”

They sat crowded on the couch while an action flick no one was watching played in the background. Matt slumped in the middle like a petulant child. Zak took his beer and set it off to the side.

“We’ve never actually met him you know.”

“Probably for the best. If you met him, then he’d be meeting all my friends and I’d get even more attached to him and you’d make me feel worse.”

Zak flopped his hand over his heart. “We love you. You can’t afford to be broken-hearted this time. You have that cutie to look after.”

“Aidan loves Seamus so much.”

“I know,” Zak nodded sympathetically. “That’s why you have to be super careful.”

Matt looked away from his friends. He really liked Seamus. So much. He really thought that what they had was different. But Seamus had barely looked at him when he left. What if his friends were right? The more he let Seamus be a staple in his life, the more he was setting him and Aidan up for failure if it didn’t work.

Even drunk, Matt knew his friends were no Dr. Phil and he shouldn’t take their words to heart. None of them had been in serious relationships. What did they know?

What did Matt know?

He knew he absolutely didn’t want things to end between him and Seamus. But he had a feeling Seamus wouldn’t be okay with the in between.

He needed to not dwell on this while drunk, and he needed his dad. Brad would know what Matt should do.

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Wonderful chapter but casually  mentioning of Seamus taking Matt for the first time is a little heart breaking

Anyway love Seamus and yes Matt is young and has been vunerable before so understand his cautious behavior but sure he can see in Seamus that their relationship is not only because of Aidan as he had already mentioned before that he fell for Matt the first time they crossed path.

Matt hope your talk with Brad opens up ur heart and see the real love Seamus has for you and u realize that ur feelings for Seamus are just not because of him being nanny but go much deeper

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44 minutes ago, empresslovesreading said:

RIGHT!?!?!?! I left late for work this morning because I had to finish reading the chapter. Only to good thing is it's school vacation apparently, and I forgot it's a holiday in Mass. No traffic!

Unless you're on the route for the marathon!

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    You probably have a crazy and hectic schedule and find it hard to keep up with everything going on.  We get it, because we feel it too.  Signing up here is a great way to keep in touch and find something relaxing to read when you get a few moments to spare.

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