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Never Too Late To Change 1. Never Too Late

   (3 reviews)

A lonely, older man has spent his life hiding his sexuality. One day, by chance, this changes. Then a young man arrives to help him widen his horizons, as he slowly comes to terms with life as a gay man.

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Timothy M.

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Imagine you’re old, poor and lonely and living in a cold, damp cottage in England. Then you’ll have the main character, Eric, and the setting of this story. Perhaps the only thing Eric has in common with usual main characters in GA stories is being gay and deeply closeted but opening the door. 
The person Eric opens the door to, is Andy, a young charity volunteer. At first they don’t get along at all, but with nudging from Adam, his clever boyfriend, Andy manages to salvage the initial disaster and gradually win the trust of Eric. He discovers how to help the taciturn, proud oldster who gradually opens up to potential friendships and a glimpse into the unobtainable world of gay romance and relationships.
Northie once again has managed to capture my heart with something real; with characters who make mistakes, but strive to improve; with gentle but piercing observations on how society ignores the needs of the poor, the old, and the lonely. Most of all, how the kindness of a few people, who reach out to Eric during the story, makes all the difference in the world to him.

This review is a shorter version of the blog review found here.

Response from the author:

Eric makes a habit of capturing people's hearts. First mine, and now yours. Thanks, Tim.  :)



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When one lives in abject poverty, has denied himself what most would consider "normal" - like heat in cold weather, nutritious meals, and even friendships, one might come to believe that they are not worthy of such "normalities".  Eric seems to accept his station in life, even to the point of seeming to reject help when offered because his pride is seemingly attacked.  Andy, a charity volunteer, also learns how to communicate effectively, albeit occasionally misspeaking without malice, and develops a wonderful relationship which greatly benefits Eric's life.  Eric is finally able to admit to himself that he is gay and has been closeted all his life.  This is not a romantic story; rather, it is a true journey that shows one is never too old to learn peace in one's life.  This is a superb read!

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This was a very "feel-good" story with truly believable characters.  It goes to show what can happen when we, as human beings, reach out to help our fellow man!!  It was refreshing for me to read "Never Too Late To Change"! 

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