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Nothing happened today, my birthday blog



Seriously, nothing happened today.


I woke up, checked my emails, thanked people for wishing me happy birthday, then I watched a movie.


No special party, no drinking games, no surprise inside a cake (I'd love to have that happen with a hot male stripper), and no real thrills. It was just me by my lonesome. Everyone is busy with their own lives, careers, and stuff. I am grateful to get happy birthdays, but I miss the old birthdays with actual parties and games.,


I guess I have grown up


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You are never too old for a birthday with games and cake and drinking games and ice cream and more games and more cake.


I love going to my cousin's kids birthday parties as they are still young enough to have the cake and ice cream.


I never plan to grow up.


And I hope you had a happy birthday :hug:

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Aww. Happy Birthday. Trust me it only happens when you are single that it sort of gets forgotten. Usually your partner takes over where your parents leave off and the college excuses to go out for it end. Still hope you have time to enjoy your day. It is only early afternoon. Maybe someone will take you out for dinner. :hug:

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You suck

































































































































































































You can come to my birthday next year. I'll show you how it's dunnn boiiiiii

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rather be a sucker than a f!


Anyway, something said by some great man or other to remember:


We don't stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing. :P




| |

| |

_____ | |_____





There's a wee cake for yooooo! xx

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