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Raising a Rebel Chapter 7 is Live- Author's thoughts



Chapter 7

Can you believe that I have written 7 chapters into this fanfic prequel series! :o 

Anyway, this chapter opens a few concepts, including some uglier aspects to Ancient Chinese history, i.e. the concept of the Nine Familial Exterminations, which are historically a form of ancient Chinese genocide against certain clans or peoples viewed as dangers to the empire. It was one of the practices that started during the Shang Dynasty, which contributed to its overthrow. Within my story, it highlights the brutality of the ancient imperial system that offered no quarter, especially during this chaotic period of Sixteen Kingdoms. Faced with such fears, it was better to commit suicide rather than be subject to such harsh punishment for aiding an enemy of those in power. 

I also introduced 2 canonical male partnered gods. In Chinese folklore, it's never explicit that they're lovers, but they're not brothers, they live together, they sleep in the same bed together, and are deeply connected to one another in various myths that feature them, so honestly, it's not a stretch to welcome them to team LGBT :P  They're an odd couple in the folktales, considered demons at various points and gods in others, so they are sort of within that line that separates rebels and supporters. 

I also went ahead and offered the first of the three Taoist treasures to everyone. These are important principles within Taoist philosophy concerning action and inaction. The phrase is directly from Ancient Chinese Taoist teachings. 

For readers, tell me if a 5PM publication time is okay or if earlier is better

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