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Weekly Wrap Up (May 21 - May 27)



Another week, another day, another hour :) . I had a nice short week last week as in Canadia we had the Victoria Day Long Weekend last weekend, and I believe some 'mericans have the Memorial Day Long Weekend going on right now. I believe our friends back across the pond in the UK have this weekend as one of their Bank Holidays. Tomorrow I do believe the French have Whit Monday, I also think in the Australian Capital Region they have Reconciliation Day on Monday, but does the the rest of Australia have anything as well? New Zealand, let's hear from you!! With the exception of the Southern Hemi, usually this week is the official kickoff of the summer holiday season. So let's go summer!!!!

We have a lot of people that have reading lists here at GA. Maybe something caught your eye like in a Signature Author Feature, like @Dodger's feature this week, or maybe a Review from our Review Team and you have put it on your reading list. What about the CSR, any stories from there? So I want to know, what story is on your reading list to be tackled next? Yes, your opportunity to get a plug in for an author's story here in the Weekly Update.

Being the 4th week of May, we tend to be a bit busier this week than most :yes: So let's get to wrapping it up ;) 

Monday, Cia was kind enough to bring us an all new Signature Author Feature with a nifty little signature that you can use if you are not currently using yours for something else:

Don't forget on Wednesdays, we have the Signature Feature Excerpt:

Continuing on the secret theme, Val took us back to 2016 to look at another set of stories in a 'secret' contest:

Friday, Cole brought the new prompts. Spurned by a real life event, he had some interesting takes on pets that I'd like to read one or two about:

Interesting article that Comicality wrote for Saturdays blog. Something that I might have to really pay attention to and give it a shot ;). Maybe he can teach this old dog some new tricks:


Words of the Day included:

ravelitheberylaxolotlquatraineucalyptus, robin


Upcoming Writing Events 

Secret Author Story Contest! All Submissions due Saturday, July 1 - get the information here!

Leap of Faith Anthology! All Submissions due Sunday, October 1


Here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets!

Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew 

Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories

  1. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus
  2. The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus
  3. Broken Path, Starless Tail by Cia 
  4. Sneak Away by Comicality 

Recently Updated 'Classic Author' Stories

  1. Paradox Lost by Libby Drew
  2. Seth on the Road to Chaos by Ronyx 
  3. Bending the Iron by Libby Drew 
  4. Secrets: The Truth is Slowly Revealed by Bill W
  5. Conversations by Dabeagle 

Recently Updated 'Promising Author' Stories

  1. Engineer Benson by Wayne Gray 
  2. Retail Ninja by astone2292 

Recently Updated 'Author' Stories

  1. The Mantis Corruption - Book Three by Adam Andrews Johnson 
  2. Playlist by coriander 
  3. The Summer of the Selfless by James Carnarvon
  4. Forever My Love by vanalas 
  5. 593 Riverside Drive by RichEisbrouch 
  6. ARROW by CLJobe 
  7. Soulmates by Ajbt2001
  8. Chasing Rusty Parker by Laura S. Fox 
  9. The Icebox by JujuTheDruid 
  10. The Theocracy - The Blackened Cross by ValentineDavis21 
  11. Thicker Than Water by John Henry 
  12. Twist of Fate by Remijay 
  13. Desafinado: Slightly Out of Tune by LJCC
  14. Incandescence by Demiurge
  15. Gender Bender in a Blue Blender by Thirdly
  16. Consulate Boy by quokka
  17. Higher Education by WolfM **Complete** @Rkench said, "A wonderful continuation of the “Running With the Pack” series. While you certainly can read it first, it would be far more impactful to start with the first story.
    Trevor — a self-proclaimed man whore with the ladies — packs about as much personal growth as you could possibly expect in one summer internship, and  not just with sexual horizons. He quickly develops from one of the least-interesting characters in the “pack” series to one of the most compelling.
    With each new story of his saga, @WolfM builds on the world and themes of the whole, told through compelling, relatable characters with action, humor, lust and love. Oh, and I can’t forget the intricately detailed depictions of interesting places found along the way  
    Personally, I think this is one of the strongest entries in the series.  Hated to see it end. Looking forward to catching up with these guys again.
  18. Connor and the Wolves by Yeoldebard
  19. The Second Circlet: The Old Places by MrM 


Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (Don't forget to Recommend too!)

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