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VAMPIRES (rambling)



Ok here are the true Vampire facts that I unfortunatly learned


Within hours of being bitten, the victim develops a headache, fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms as the body tries to fight off the infection. These symptoms can be easily confused with more common viral infections, although the presence of bite marks on the body are usually enough to confirm the diagnosis. This stage generally lasts between six and twelve hours.Within 24 hours of being bitten, the victim will slip into a Vampiric coma. During this phase, the pulse slows, breathing is shallow and the pupils are dilated. The large numbers of people mistakenly buried alive while in Vampiric comas gave rise to the myth that Vampires sleep in coffins. While it is commonly thought that anyone infected with HVV turns into a Vampire, in fact only a small percentage of people survive Vampiric comas. Generally, the young, the old and the feeble never come out of their Vampiric comas and eventually die. The vast majority of people who survive Vampiric comas are males between the ages of 18 to 35. Vampiric comas last about 3 weeks ;. A bite victim who survives the coma will awaken fully transformed into a Vampire. An acclimation period follows, characterized by confusion, despondency and paranoia. Most Vampires begin to hunt within 24 hours of transformation. Although some do not'


The first few days after coming out of a Vampiric coma are especially difficult for a Vampire. A newly transformed Vampire awakens disoriented, its judgment clouded by competing impulses and memories of its previous life. But all those are drowned out by a fierce, intense desire for blood. This urge for blood eventually snaps a Vampire into focus, and it sets about finding a way to fill that urge.


Powerful sense organs gave Vampires an advantage both in hunting and eluding capture. Sneaking up on them virtually impossible, as they are aware of your presence long before you are aware of theirs.


Sight: in Vampires, the iris in each eye becomes hyperdilated, giving them what appear to be black eyes. While this iris dilation gives Vampires excellent night vision,


Smell/Hearing: both senses are extremely acute, as Vampires have double the receptor cells in their noses and ears compared to humans. In fact, Vampires usually smell or hear a person coming long before they see one


Teeth: during Vampiric coma, the upper and lower eyeteeth experience growth. Additional enamel is deposited on the crown of the tooth.


Muscular/Skeletal System:

Adaptations in their skeletal and muscular systems give Vampires significant advantages over humans.


Muscles/Connective Tissue: about 90% of vampire muscles are of the fast-twitch variety (compared to 50% for the average human). Fast-twitch muscles enable short bursts of maximal force, ideal when hunting prey. Also, Vampire ligaments and tendons thicken in response to the workload imposed upon them by the muscles.


Skeletal system: Vampire bones thicken, an adaptation necessary to support their newly-powerful muscles. no Vampire on record has ever died of natural causes Vampires do not age on a molecular/genetic level, Contrary to the opinions of many theologians, Vampiric longevity is not the result of some pact with the devil, but rather an ability to ward off the DNA damage that occurs during cell division in normal humans. Specifically, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes known as telomers get chewed up over time in humans, but not in Vampires. Many a Vampire hunter has made the mistake of underestimating them.




Vampires sleep in coffins:

Source: this myth probably arose from gravediggers and others who observed Vampires emerging from coffins and crypts.

Truth: if a Vampire did spend the night in a coffin, it probably had nothing to do with sleeping preference. In the old days, many victims of Vampire bites were interred while still in a Vampiric coma. The truth is, Vampires will sleep wherever they feel safe.


Garlic repels Vampires:

Source: most likely based on observation.

Fact: Vampires have sensitive noses and can momentarily be driven off by pungent odors. However, this method of deterrence is unreliable and certainly won't work on an experienced Vampire.


Crosses repel Vampires:

Source: Christian religion

Fact: crosses have no effect on Vampires


Vampires are killed by driving a stake through their heart:

Source: Christian religion.

Fact: because their blood is circulated by skeletal muscles, Vampires can easily survive injuries to the heart


Vampires burst into flames upon exposure to sunlight:

Source: most likely based on observations of a Vampire's extreme reaction to sunlight

Fact: sunlight renders Vampires, with their hyperdilated irises, blind. It also causes neural pathways to fire randomly in the Vampire brain, creating an extreme epileptic reaction. As dramatic as this reaction may appear, it will not be enough to start a fire. Thus is why we wear very dark lensed sunglasses.


Holy Water burns the skin and flesh of Vampires:

Source: Christian religion

Fact: holy water, or any water for that matter, has little effect on Vampires.


Vampires can fly:

Source: observation of leaping Vampires; association of ampires with bats.

Fact: while they do possess extraordinary leaping ability (Vampires have been observed leaping over fences 20 feet high), Vampires cannot fly. unless they are in a airplane.


Vampires turn into bats:

Source: association of Vampires with bats.

Fact: no, Vampires cannot turn into bats.


Vampires are not visible in mirrors:

Source: Christian religion. It was thought that a Vampire, or any creature lacking a soul, would not produce a reflection in a mirror.

Fact: Vampires are visible in mirrors, although interestingly enough, they are often quite discomfited by their own reflections.




Don't turn other people into Vampires by drinking them dry, but by pumping their own blood into the person


Can move at incredibly fast speeds, which they call "flitting".


Are much stronger than humans


Are able to enter a house without being asked in


They can experience sunlight without any drastic side effects.


They don't usually sleep in coffins.


They are not frightened by Christian crosses.


Garlic does not repulse them.


They do cast reflections in mirrors.


They have shadows.


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Hi Justyn!


It's good to have you blogging with us. :thumbup:




Yeah? Thank You James :P (it is James right ?) I really like this site. :D Seems like a real kewl friendly no drama place to hang. B) Now all I gotta do is make a few friends :thumbup:

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