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Good advice from a stripper



One of my cousins used to work in a strip bar. Actually, two of my cousins on opposite sides of my family have, and a great-aunt was a whore, but I digress. The first cousin told me about how she had two coworkers, which we will call Lucy and Emily. Emily was a very pretty, attractive woman, and Lucy was, while lively, not anywhere near Emily in looks. Yet night after night, it was Lucy that had the bigger roll of tips to count. My cousin was extremely curious as to why this was, because she decided that if she ever did strip, she wanted to do it for the most money possible. So she asked Lucy, "Lucy, what's your secret?"


Lucy laughed, jiggled her chest, and said, "These," she pointed to her smile, "this," and then she spun around, "and that."


After laughing, my cousin asked Lucy again how she made her money. Lucy, more seriously, said, "I just go out there and get it."


Immediately, my cousin understood. Emily, for all her good looks, was a bit shy. More people might want to worship her, but damn few felt the nerve to approach her. As Lucy put it, "These guys might think they want the good looking girls, but really they're afraid of them. That's why they're here. If they had the balls to go after Little Miss Emily, they'd do it for real, and not have to tip." Meanwhile Lucy went out there, raised hell, and made it clear she was having the time of her life and that every single man who put a twenty in her lingerie was a god. My cousin could see that people responded well to that.


My cousin never did get up to that pole, but she did think the story was worth passing on, and I feel the same now.


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Oh, absolutely. I think everyone needs to know this story, especially those who have ever felt envious of someone better looking.

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