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Luc's Dementia

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Things come in 3's



Nothing profound here tonight Sorry.


Things come in 3's, or so they say. I really hope that is true. Last night my nearly 3 year old cat Tribble died suddenly, and I mean suddenly. I went upstairs to watch hockey and she was fine. About a half hour later, Sam comes out o his room and then comes running into me saying that Tribble fell over on the landing. Sure enough, there she was just lying there. I gave her some water and she drank it, turned over and died. She was always healthy.


A few minutes later I notice Babes lying by herself in a corner of the hall. I touched her and she stood up and meowed plaitively and fell over. I gave her some food and water, she ate and drank. I put her in a box in the bathroom near the litter boxes--hoping she would use them if needed, and found her at 5 am in the litter box, dead. She has been on borrowed time since she was a week old. She had a huge swelling in her anal gland then and the vet gave very little hope for her survival. He told me all I could do was hot pack the swelling and hope it was an infection and rub her stomach gently with a warm, wet washcloth. I did that and her 2 mamas washed her and fed her and kept her warm. She spent the first 4 months of her life either on my shoulder, inside my shirt or in between her mamas. She was never quite right. she would fall over (her grandfather had balance issues that he passed on to many of his descendents) and had a herpes infection in her eyes that left her blind in one eye. Her tail drooped from her early problem and when she wanted to flick it around, it would spin and whip like a propeller. She was the most loveable pain in the ass you can imagine. As needy and clingy as they come. She was 2 years old. So she had nearly 3 years longer than she was expected to have.


So I have been fairly shut down emotionally all day. I talked to Snowy last night and actually had a conversation about math. It made use of that other side of my brain and actually kept me distracted enough that i could sleep--having engaged in very satisfying brain sex. Which was a good thing.


Thrn tonight i went down into the basement to do laundry before the Islanders game. sam comes down a few mnutes later in a panic and says that Miss Kay is dying. I had him bring her down to me. Sure enough, she was. I held her until she died. I talked to her a lot. She was my baby. I would sit at the dining room table and she would launch herself from wherever onto my shoulder, or she would climb up my side to sit on my chest with her head on my shoulder. That is how she died, with her head on my shoulder. She kneaded a little while i talked to her. Then she just died. She would have been a year old next week. She was always small and not always well. She was on antibiotics of one form or another most of her life. She was very inbred, which I know weakens them. but she was special, so very special to me. Every day I would hold her and talk to her and tell her she had 'big ass footies' which she did. no princess feet there. And I would tell her she looked just like her daddy--which is also her older brother. She was special. My favorite kitten. i completely lost it while holding her in the basement.


So tomorrow is another day. I'm going to play Chess with Sam now and hope he doesn't kick my ass like he did the last time. It's sad when a 12 year old can beat you at games. The little shit.


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Oh Luc! :hug:


I'm so sorry.


Not to be an alarmist, but are you sure there isn't something really bad going around?


Take care, and I hope nothing else bad happens,


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