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Chapters of your life

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Hi all,


Considering that we are at a literary site, I thought it might be fun to kind of reflect on our lives in such a way that we could apply it to the book/chapter frame of reference.


So what chapter is your life in?

Is your story part of a sequel/prequel?

Have all the main characters already been introduced?

Do you feel the book is moving along to the conclusion you're hoping for?

Any other comments are footnotes?


My own response:


I think that the way in which ones organizes the "chapters of their life" depends heavily on their current perspective. Of course it's probably not completely fair or accurate to view the past through the lens of the present; however, this is probably unavoidable, so I'll just embrace it.


If I were going to organize my life (thus far at least), I'd probably divide it into several "books". The first book chronicling my life from birth through the end of Junior High. The second book covering high school. The third dealing mostly with college, and the forth covering my life since leaving college through now.


So I guess, since I expect to remain in my current area for another few years then move again, I could call this book "Houston". I also feel like the first chapter is drawing to close and that I'm about to embark on the second chapter of this story. Exactly what that chapter will entail I don't know, but I guess I could take the easy way out and call it:


Houston: Chapter 2 - The Next Step.


I definitely don't think all the main characters of my story have been introduced, I feel like maybe all the main characters in this chapter have been introduced, but in all likelihood there'll be a few more surprise entries.


Yes, I'm very happy with the direction my story is taking right now, and I'm eager to read this next chapter.


So what's your story and what chapter are you in?


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Going by a 30 chapter Novel, which is a pretty long novel these days.. lol. I would say I would be in the 8th chapter. Just starting to get into the "meat" of the book after the introduction and the early struggles. To the Part of the book where decisions of the characters are being thought about or made waiting for the concequences, set-backs, successes, or tragedies of those decisions through out the rest of the book to drive it to it's ending. :)


I don't think all the characters are introduced yet.. lol. Maybe they are, but eh, I want to think I'll meet tons more people in my days. :P




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Let's see....


Book 1 : Birth to Kindergarten.


Book 2 : Kindergarten to grade 6.


Book 3 : Hostel Years (Grade 7 to Grade 11)


Book 4 : Mamma's Boy (Grade 11)



Currently Book 4 Chapter 4. (What lies Ahead??)


All the characters haven't been introduced yet...Hell, my S/O hasn't been in the picture!!! As for the conclusion...I don't know...and I don't care!!!




The BeaStKid



MY 400th POST!!!!

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Mine; I've just completed chapter 8:



Chapter 1: The Early Years; Birth to Age 5


Chapter 2: Elementary School


Chapter 3: Discovering Boys: Intermediate school


Chapter 4: A New Kid in the Neighborhood: The Crush


Chapter 5: A New Kid in the Neighborhood: First Love, First Lover


Chapter 6: Commitment: Boyfriends and Lovers Forever


Chapter 7: The Awakening: High School


Chapter 8: Senior Year: Coming Out and Graduation


Chapter 9: The University Years: The Freshman (to be posted soon)



The main characters in this story have been introduced. Colin, the author and the protagonist. Colin's parents. Colin's two younger sisters. Colin's best friend Ron. Colin's boyfriend Doug who Colin will love forever. Colin's cousin Chris who has been adopted by Colin's parents and is now Colin's brother. Chris's boyfriend Steve. Many, many other minor characters including some on this forum. The story is a chronology told in flashback by Colin. Some have called it disjointed, but it is only as disjointed as life itself. Others have complained that it's taking too long to have new chapters posted, and to them I apologize but time is something the author cannot control.



Colin B)

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Considering that we are at a literary site, I thought it might be fun to kind of reflect on our lives in such a way that we could apply it to the book/chapter frame of reference.


Life is for all the same. from the beginning till the summit (AKME in old Greek) you are dreaming about the future. and from then till the end, you are looking back trying to make the inventory of your experiences.

The fun is that I'm just writing such a book, from the story of my great-grand parents from both sides till today. My future is open but only for a few years (my statistical life expectancy : 90 years, so it remains 12 years, but I hope more !).

So the answers of your questions :

So what's your story and what chapter are you in?

about chapter 18 ! I have a lot to write : where I come from, what I did (business and private), what I felt, all my experiences (bad and good), all the people I met, not to forget my sex-life !...

Is your story part of a sequel/prequel?

Its a sequel ! First the story is going on, second what will happen with my children, grand-children and grand-grand children are the next part of my book.

Have all the main characters already been introduced?

Certainly not ! I'm not living in a closet. Each day I have the opportunity to meet new friends. I'm open minded and like to talk with new people.

Do you feel the book is moving along to the conclusion you're hoping for?

I don't hope anything ! I feel that the way my life is going depends of a Power above me. I just hope to stay happy till the end as I'm now.

Any other comments are footnotes?

I'm sure my story doesn't interest other people! So I will keep it for myself :P .Or email me ! :lol:

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I'm in the final chapter of the next-to-last volume.


Some characters from the first two volumes have been reintroduced in the current one, bringing some unexpected plot twists. The closing volume will introduce a surprising number of new characters, even if you don't count health-care professionals..


There will need to be a supplementary volume for notes, appendices, maps, and corrigenda. Lots and lots of corrigenda. I hope the maps section will be much greater then than it would seem now to need to be.

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Mine would be quite complicated, as I'm sure many of us I'm sure share.




My Mom

My Dad

My Brother

My best friend Scottie

My best friend Justin

Lorena, the whore

My best friend Jeremy

My friends Sarah

Other various friends and teachers


Book 1 : Birth to 6th Grade, skipping over spans of time until the main character picks up some interesting traits, such as, err...talking? This book would pass most of the toddler years and pick up when I was about 5, when my best friend Scottie died. I chose to end this book at 6th grade when I met my best friend since Scottie, the infamous Justin. Thought I'd end it on a happy note ;) .


Book 2 : 6th Grade to the middle of 8th Grade. In this book, I would show our my and Justin's growing friendship throughout 7th grade and into 8th grade. Towards the middle/end of 8th grade would be when Lorena passed me the note to ask Justin if he would go out with her. That chapter would end on him looking up at her with a confused, somewhat disappointed look on his face. The book would end when I asked him what was going on with that girl and he replied, "I got it taken care of, don't worry."


Book 3 : Middle 8th Grade to End of 10th Grade. This book would pick up by Lorena adding me to her MSN list and me finding out that they're actually going out. This book would deal with my great trials and tribulations with Justin, him dumping all of his friends for Lorena and my self discovery of being gay. Having had enough of Justin treating me like crap, I decide to try out for the school musical and meet a TON of friends in drama. The book ends with me happy once again.


Book 4 : End of 10th Grade up unto the Present. This book opens up at the beginning of my 11th grade year. I now have tons of drama friends and have a new best friend, Jeremy. He gets me into Oral Interp and I am in the play once again. We and other friends hang out and do things all the time and it seems like the best time of my life. Around December of my Junior year I find out that Jeremy will be moving to Canada within a few short months. My life seems to shatter right before my eyes. I start feeling like everytime I get close to someone, they die, move away, or just change...my friend Scottie, my Grandma dying, various friends throughout grade school moving, Justin and Lorena...and now Jeremy as well. The months pass and it's February now. Jeremy's family starts packing and I come to a sad realization that it's actually happening when for the last two months I was in denial about the whole situation. We have a going away party for him where I present a huge, huge collage photo frame of many of the memories he's had here with us and my friend Sarah and I show a video in tribute to him, thanking him for being our friend.


I'm getting too involved in the last one since it's so recent. I'll stop now :) .


Conclusion? I hope to stay in contact with all of my friends that I've met in my life, up until the day I die, lol. I hope to find the perfect boyfriend with ease and have a lifelong relationship with him. I wish to be incredibly wealthy without it going to my head and becoming greedy. I want to live to be 100...my boyfriend/husband as well. Speaking of which, I want to live in the time (and hopefully when I am still quite young) where LGBT rights are a part of everyday life, where kids are taught to be who they are and who they want to be and not to discriminate against anyone, that we are all equals. With my husband, I want to adopt like 2-3 kids or have kids of my own with a surrogate mother, because I've always wanted to have kids of my own, reguardless of the fact that I'm gay.


There's my hoping and dreaming! This was fun to reflect. Good idea, Kevin! :D



MY 400th POST!!!!

My 300th Post!! .... Kinda sad for me actually because I've been here over two years :lol:

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Prologue: The Birth, the world through the eyes of a child, and destruction.

- Pre-school and Kindergarten through 3rd grade

- Discovery of pleasures with others (does that make me a slut? I'm still virgin...)

- Sowing the seeds of the future (GM representative took one of the now-lost (crushed) EV's (Electric Vehicle) to show us at my first elementary school. It was exciting, even then!

- The move -- From beautiful south Florida to frickin' Jersey


Book One: The Formative Years

- The rest of elementary school, the making of new friends

- Middle school -- sub plot includes Ice Hockey and a fractured ankle, and the first girlfriend

- High School -- sub plot includes the second girlfriend, now best friend, entering the work force, an accident, and exiting childhood once and for all


Book Two: Make or Break (In Progress)

Plots here include:

- College, majoring in Physics and Mechanical Engineering

- Keeping some semblance of sanity while working in retail

- Coming to terms with sexuality, while not knowing where to begin or what to do about it and avoiding it altogether in name of finishing school.



The future is broad and has yet to be determined, so I'm sure I've hardly scratched the surface in terms of meeting important people and making important decisions. The next book will start when I graduate and embark on my career, severing the final ties with my current life and deciding what to do with the last of the aforementioned subplots of the book in progress.

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I'm on the eight chapter of the nine-chaptered first book. It kind of tells the childhood of the main character before he becomes a man! Each chapter deals with an important event in his life. And the last and unwritten chapter is about his coming out.


How many books more? I don't know.


And all characters are defintely not intrduced. Many are yet to come.


Yes, it is moving according to the whims of the protagonist but it's a very delicate sitation. Anything amy happen. And I mean, anything!


I really wish that our life was a book. I mean, just turn a page and continue. But unfortunately, it's not. :(



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