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I've been told that gay men only wear thongs...


Really? The mere thought brings tears to my eyes. I think you've been misinformed. Personally I've always worn boxers, ever since I started buying my own underwear and vanquished to the bin, the Y-fronts that my mother used to buy me. :lol:


My b/fs have always seem to have worn something similar too, so I asume they wear boxers for comfort like I do. There's no way I'm torturing myself for anyone; I'm not into pain for pain's sake!


Anyway, boxers provide room for expansion and things to, um... move around a bit. :lmao:

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I feel like im rummaging around in a dirty clothes hamper by diggin up old posts, but what better way to say hello.


The pressure from the 'cool' kids to wear boxers in school was so strong you could taste it (pun intended) But I just couldnt stand them. It seemed like it would only take 5 mins befor I would squish my balls, walkign fast or just sitting down. Thats fine I never did anythign just to try to fit in.


besides theres nothing more schexy then a boy in pearly white. :worship:




some masks are too tight

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Depends what kind of mood I'm in and where I'm going. Boxer-briefs for work because added support is a good thing, boxers for every day stuff and then on the days when underwear makes me feel claustrophobic its commando all the way. :boy:



Never, ever wore a thong, though. No butt-floss for me. :thumbdown:

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Guest bluesdreamer

Depends on my mood, at times I like them all. Thongs on a regular basis, boy I don't think so, those suckers end up hurting.


All time favorite thought is the old Jockey style and I really do perfer the Y-fronts

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Guest bluesdreamer

And the real question here is


What do I want to see on my Man???????


Tighty Whites :2thumbs: drool!


Oh I am being a very bad boy!

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Guest bluesdreamer

Hmmmn Silk Boxers,..............I must admit that I really do enjoy the feel on myself, and also to feel them on others!


I really like Silk, I don't care what the style is

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