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Look At Yourself After Watching This

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I dunno if this is old news or if everyone's already heard of this guy Nick Vujicic, but a friend of mine sent me this link from youtube and I thought this was the most amazing guy in the world and his message is so beautiful and positive and a lot of us often forget how good we have it or that at least we have our health and can always start afresh..if you haven't seen it I recommend you watch it because its really moving.



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Aww. My allergies are acting up.. 0:)


Seriously, I smiled the entire time I was watching him, and I cry easy so when he said, "You don't need hands to hold a heart.." lost it.


Thanks a ton for sharing, the man is really great and I like what his message is all about.

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Pretty much my philosophy on life...there are no obstacles only challenges and everything ends...the bad times eventually go away and the good times are all the more precious because they don't last forever.


I don't achieve it as well as this guy. He's a total example to everyon and this video should be compulsory viewing for everyone.


Thanks Jamie.

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