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What do you use?


Computer Choices  

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  1. 1. Which Operating system do you use"

    • Microsoft (XP, Vista, 7, etc)
    • Apple Mac
    • Linux
  2. 2. Which Browswer do you use?

    • Internet Explorer (MS)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Chrome (Google)
  3. 3. How do you use your computer?

  4. 4. Do you use any of the following software?

    • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access)
    • MS Office clone (like Sun Office)
    • Mathematica, MathLab
    • Web based applications
    • Text Editing Tools (Grammerly, Editor)
    • Outlining tools
    • Photo/Image management.editing (Photoshop)

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I use Windows 7, FireFox (tried Chrome and it's okay, but I'm used to FF), mainly use my laptop for writing but have recently put a couple of games on it since my uber cool desktop is being stupid and I'm too lazy to figure out what's wrong with it lol. I also am going to use it for when I actually go back to college and hopefully get some kind of degree (I better or I'll kick myself heh). And I use MS Word (<3), though I have used Writer from OpenOffice before, but I hate it (don't know why, really - it's decent enough). I got lucky when I bought my laptop and it came with a key for MS Office 2010 for just Word and Excel.

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I use many different software, all Windows-based both at work and at home.


For office suite, work is OpenOffice and home is both OO and MSOffice, because I just can't deal with how stupid Calc is compared to Excel.

For website-building purposes I have to check what mistakes IE will come up with to mess up my code, but otherwise I am happy using FF or Chrome.

For any applications that require a server, I use WampServer (Apache server, phpMyAdmin, etc.).

I also use XML editors quite a bit (oXygen, XML Mind...).


Not sure what you meant by web-based applications, James.


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Windows 7 on both my desktop and laptop; IE9, Chrome, Opera; MS Word/Excel/Outlook; Adobe Suite CS5 student version; Mathematica student version, MatLab student version, SOFA, SOCR, Graph; lots of other SW used on campus servers; nookstudy for eTextbooks.


Colin B)

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I have vista and complain about it all the time but then I don't get off my butt and do anything about it. Never have really had any trouble with anyother software or applications. I click and it works which makes me happy :D


I also use mine laptop as a paperweight sometimes, bullet proof shield, oh and cant forget about using it for porn (hehe)

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I use Windows 7 and IE, 'cause they came with the laptop, and they have them on computers at work. I don't like to fuss over software - if it works, it works.


I bought MS Office for the laptop 'cause I know it, and it works. Also, there's no quesiton of compatibility with the majority of computers out there. As a former Mac user, that was a source of a lot of grief. Although I liked the Mac more for standalone, I'll never go back.

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I use Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox and Chrome for browsing depending on the site and what I intend to do. Microsoft Office. More games than I can count on my fingers. Windows Media Player, Realplayer and Gom player for playing music and "stuffs". Corel for photos, And then some other softwares for mixing and studying.

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I think I'm a little outside the bounds of the survey Posted Image


I have a PC that's running server 2008 R2 as a desktop - its windows 7 without all the crap. I also have several virtual machines of various MS operating systems that I use for testing and fixing things (like machine controls and old lab equipment) including Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/XP. My main PC is pretty beefy hardware-wise, its almost server-level. I can run 3 or 4 VMs at a time although it breaks a sweat when I do that.


I use Chrome for a browser. I have office 2010 and I use onenote and excel a lot.


I have a mac mini running snow leopard and I use that for a lot of testing and some web stuff. And its my Boxee host for streaming Internet stuff to my TV.

I have a laptop running Windows 7 that's used for sales-y stuff like presentations/training/demos to customers and accounting.

I have several Linux distros on live CDs that I use for repairing PCs and so if a customer has Linux I can work on their stuff.

My top ten apps: I use Photoshop and Illustrator for some design work I do, irfanview for thumbnailing graphics, and Snagit for screenshots. I use Camtasia to make training videos, CommitCRM to track my work and bill it, the usual Office apps, Calibre for managing ebooks and itunes for managing music.


I also have a really beefy Dell server that I use to host several work-related VMs like web/DB hosting, CRM, and customer system monitoring.

I have an ipad that I use for customer demos and reading.


But what I use a PC for, aside from work: I read a lot of online fiction, watch movies and TV on it, surf some porn and play games.

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I know you said it was on another machine but...


Eww... Windows 3.1? Last time I saw that OS was when I was like 7 using a computer that had a 100MB hard drive, 64MB of RAM and a 33MHz processor O_o.I still remember the nightmares of trying to get IRQ settings and DMA channels right for a new CD-ROM drive my dad built for it. It didn't come with one and had a 3.5 AND a 5.25 floppy drives.




Lol, i still remember the $25 motherboard my dad got for it as an upgrade... whee 100MHz processor, up from 33!

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