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Please don't think I'm trying to derail this topic ... There is always more to the story.


In this case, let me say that I am fully in agreement that the boy is being denied his right to use the gender appropriate bathroom. I totally feel sorry for this kid.


The thing that is troubling is the hint that the parents are using a child to further their cause. If this is true, then the parents should be ashamed of themselves.


The boy's father is his biological mother.


His father began the process of gender reassignment shortly after his daughter was born. The child began identifying with a girl about a year ago, when he was six.


Let me say that I have absolutely nothing against transgender persons. One of my best friends is transgender. It is the optics of this. Can a six year old make a conscious decision to change genders? What ever happened to TomGirls? How many kids have been labelled as gay at such a young age and turned out completely different?


Too many questions, sadly :(



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It's tough to call, but there are plenty of kids who find their gender identity at an early age, me included. A lot of people assume that gender identity is learned through parenting and gender roles in society, but it's not entirely true. There was a man named David Reimer, who was born male with his identical brother, but lost his penis in a circumcision gone wrong. His parents decided to change his sex into a girl to avoid the burden of being a male without a penis. He never acted/felt like a girl, and when he parents confessed, he immediately went to being the guy he was, but it was a lot of damage, and he committed suicide. :(


I do think it's a little odd that his father is transgender as well. I hope no one is pressuring his decisions for him, or it could have traumatic effects. I'm constantly on the fence about transgender children taking hormones. I know it's better at an earlier age, but there is no guarantee that what they want is a sure thing.

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