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Bill W - Castaway Hotel: Next Generation

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I had to start this new thread to be able to leave a review for chapter one, as my reviews haven't always come through properly since the GA site update recently.


I'm so excited to read the sequel to what has become one of my all time favourites.

You really do feel like Josh's family exists out there somewhere, and feel like you become a part of it.

You go on a journey with them through all their ups and downs, and now I can I look forward to begining this new journey with them.


In fact I've decided to read the whole series once again (which is one mammoth of a series Ha-ha), though I'm worried how I'll cope with Brent & Cody's part. That was a really heartbreaking moment of the story Posted Image, One of the few stories that have actually made me tear up. However it is a part of the story, and I'll live through it Posted Image


So thanks once again, Bill on taking us on a wonderful journey in CHGR, and I look forward to wherever this new journey, The Next Generation, takes us . Posted Image


~ Mike.

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First, I'd like to apologize for my long absense, but life throws many curve balls and sometimes they get the best of you - I know they have me.


Anyway, I'm so glad some of you are looking forward to this sequel. I had a few people ask me to do this, but I never thought I actually would, seeing it's such a daunting task. However, I hope you enjoy what I have in store. You will occasionally see the old cast of characters as they return home from time to time, but this is mostly about Josh turning the reigns over to the next generation.


Thanks to all of you for your continued support and thanks to Myr for all of his help.

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However, I hope you enjoy what I have in store. You will occasionally see the old cast of characters as they return home from time to time, but this is mostly about Josh turning the reigns over to the next generation.


I'm sure we will Posted Image I'm particularly looking forward to meeting the newbies who will need the curries' help, and how Danny and Brandon will deal with the new challenges that come their way.

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Ok, we're almost there. The first ten chapters are meant to reaquaint everyone with the family again and chapter 11 will mark the point when Danny and Brandon start to take over the reins from Josh. I hope you've all enjoyed this so far, but I also hope you'll enjoy the surprises I have in store for you as this story continues.

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I cannot adequately express my pleasure that Castaway Hotel is continuing, I recall just how disappointed I was when you "ended" the story while recognizing that the story had hit a natural end point.


In addition, the superhuman speeds at which you are posting chapters has me squealing (mostly in my head) in delight.


As Mike said, I am also looking forward to the next round of "save the kid" which is my personal favorite genre, even before this new book was started I remember thinking that the senior Josh and Jake could move into the house next door and leave Danny and Brandon, post degree the main house to reopen the Hotel, I even remember thinking that a few of the other "kids" could / would come back to help out, considering there are a slew of teachers and a state policeman among the crew, I can imagine a series of add-ons to the main house to facilitate the return of the older generation to help out with the new. Whatever direction you take the story, I will look forward to chapter 10+.


Also, I do recall, even before the ending of the original 9 books, wondering how that family in Arizona, you know the homeless one that Josh helped out, is getting along. It would be interesting if the 2 kids from that homeless family, whom I believe are college graduate age about now in the story, were to reunite with the clan.


Thanks for all the work and I will eagerly look forward to future chapters.

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I'm really glad people are happy that I've continued this story. I really thought that after nine books everyone would be more than a little tired of the series. I hope this new book holds many surprises and much enjoyment for each of you.


As far as the boys that Josh and the family met while they were in Arizona, there were three and we do see them afterward. First, there was the runaway, Nick, who is now Shannon's partner. He led them to Carlos and Josh helped Carolos and his mother move to Philly, where Carlos now manages a restaurant. Finally, there was Mark, the waiter on the Grand Canyon Trip, who is now the family's financial adviser. Did I miss or forget something? It's possible, seeing I included so much into this series.


I hope you continue to enjoy this story. .

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Actually I was talking about the homeless family that Nick leads the Curie's to in Arizona (it may have been someplace else). Josh got the father and mother a job at a local school I think and arranged for a place the family could stay. I believe they had 3 kids, a younger boy and girl and a slightly older boy that Nick befriended and tried to steal for. It was this theft that initially hooked Nick up with Josh.


BTW, that is all from memory so I could be mixing up a completely different story with this one, if so, apologies.


Again, thanks for the new book.

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No, flashpoint, your memory is good - mine not so much. I had completely put that family out of my mind. Maybe sometime we can find a way to work them back into the story.


Trevor, thanks and I hope you all enjoy this new addition. He comes having suffered a major trauma and it will take some time to work through each of his issues. I hope you're ready for a long, bumpy ride.

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Hi, Bill. I think this is the right place to discuss what was started in the reviews for your last chapter. Actually, Flashpoint2008 pointed it right, Josh asked Ricky about Danny and later Ricky and Danny about Dustin. After that (or was it before?) the boys gave him green light to take new boys without discuss with them before, yet Josh remained reluctant to do so. Now, Elliot gave his fathers no such permission and I was really waiting Josh will remind them to ask his input, because that’s how Josh always was. He never before did anything important without made it clear with others who may be affected by it, which Elliot and Jesse are in this case. So it really feels like you were writing about different Josh here. Sorry to be so adamant here, but I feel this to be big inconsistency in your story.

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Horn, as I told Flash, Josh and the boys were away on a trip when all this first happened. When they got back, Danny and Brandon wanted to run it by Josh first, because they felt they needed his support and help, since they both work. They chose not talk to the boys about this yet, because they not sure how soon it might happen, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to talk to the boys about this before the new boy arrives. They've hinted as much, since they said they'll need Jesse and Elliot's help. However, before that happened, the incident with Frankie arose. I'm not sure why you guys are making such a big deal out of this. If he doesn't fit in, they'll let him stay until they can work out a better situation for him, seeing this isn't currently working out for the oncologist. ,

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Well, I still feel it is somewhat out of character for Josh, but OK, I’ll drop it here. After all, it’s your story.


But since I am here, let me point something else. I noticed that this story, as well as others of your stories I read in past, feels excessively patriarchy for my liking. I mean, practically all doctors, school principals and even their assistants, lawyers, judges, all other important professions like this in your stories are men and women are destined to be nurses, receptionists, secretaries, cooks, just anything that’s not that important. Yes, it’s your story and you have right to write it to your liking, but I feel it to be less realistic the way it is. You see, my paediatrician in childhood was woman, my current dentist is woman and so was the surgeon who took care of my mother’s recent health issues. Yes, I am not from USA, but I don’t think the situation there is so much different. I am just saying that slightly better gender diversion may help your stories. Don’t be afraid to put women to these important professions and don’t also be afraid to give men professions considered for woman, like male receptionist, for example. Just my two cents.

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If you will permit just a bit more of the mountain making on my part :).


It seems to me that Josh always made it a point to consider how anything would affect the boys already in his care, sure there were other reasons as well but he seemed to make it a point to have his boys co-own any major decision that he made by discussing it with them before finalizing said decision. I believe in this chapter Danny indicated that the mother dying of cancer had days left and that it was a bit of a surprise that she had lasted as long as she had, it is because of this that I was surprised that Josh didn't point out that Danny and Brandon need to loop Elliot in on the situation sooner rather than later. Sure, I understand the timing as you laid it out visa-vi the mini-vacation to Cincinnati and Danny / Brandon wanting to make sure that Josh is on board first, still, Josh not making the point to involve the kids during this discussion seemed odd. He made it a point to discuss whether they would have time and how taking the boy in might strain their finances and while he did mention that Jesse and Elliot might even be more helpful than himself, he didn't talk about how Danny / Brandon should get them to buy in before finalizing their decision.


Like I said, not a huge deal or anything, I just felt this was out of character for Josh.


Also, like I said, I will just look to future chapters to see how this plays out. Thanks for the super-human posting speeds and your hard work writing a continuation of one of my favorite stories.

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Horn, if I've done the sexist thing, it wasn't done consciously and I apologize. I will also try to pay more attention to this in the future. As for these other issues, you guys keep getting ahead of me. First of all, I write the entire story before I begin to post it so I can prevent inserting something in a later chapter than is incongruent with what is in an earlier chapter. I've seen authors stop writing a story due to something like this, becuase they felt they couldn't go back and change a situation that they'd already written about and posted. I usually read each chapter a minimum of six times before I'm finished, plus I have my editor and possibly others go over it too, to catch the obvious errors. Sometimes we do miss things, but sometimes you guys just get a chapter ahead of me. I think you will discover that when you read today's chapter (44).

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OK, I am here again. I want to react to what you wrote in answer to Flashpoint2008's review. I don’t know who criticized you for your story to be “travlogue”, as you put it, but it’s actually one of my most favourite parts of your story. I dunno why, maybe because I love traveling myself, maybe because I will, most likely, never have chance to visit North America and therefore all the places you wrote. You see, my money income is enough for trips throughout my country along with few neighbouring countries, but unless I’ll win in lottery or something, I will never have enough money to travel any farther place. That’s why I love reading about such places. Just my opinion here, but I feel to lose important part of your story by not reading about this vacation in more details. It always was part of your story and I feel it should have stayed.

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Yes, everyone has their opinions about what I should put in, leave out, emphasize, ignore, etc. I've been told there were too many kids, too many vacations, unleastic situations, poorly done court and medical scenes, too much religion, an anti-Catholic bias, too much sex, not enough conflict, they couldn't have come up with that kind of money... the list goes on and on.


I guess it's like the chorus lyric from the old Ricky Nelson song 'Garden Party.' "You see ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.'

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Bill W said in a chapter review response:


Althugh we will see the older boys from time to time, the focus of this book is on the new additions. As far as another book, I have no plans in that regard. Don't you think maybe 400+ chapters on the Curries is enough?

Nope, although I can see switching from a Josh perspective to somebody else, or even a series of somebody elses, I do not think "400+ chapters on the Curries is enough", or too much, which seems to be what you are implying, "Save the Kid" as a genre, is my favorite and you do it very very well.

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