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Circumnavigation (99+38) Manipulating The Beast

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Sydney is certainly spectacular to approach by boat. The mention of the monorail reminded me that it is soon to dismantled. The state government here has decided that it's cost outweighed the tourism value. Personally I like it and will be sad to see it go. Bridget seems to have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. She's a devious lady but with so many things going on it would have to make it easier for her to get burned. Lets hope the fire is nice and HOT!Posted Image

As usual another great chapter CJ

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Only the faintest scent of a cliff in the distance - I wonder when that print reporter will submit his story for printing? Enquiring minds want to know...I not only smell but see the edge of a cliff in the distance!


Bridget sure seems to be pretty smug right now as is her norm. I wonder how quickly that will disappear when the asset list is published? Maybe the 3 heads that fear her will be emboldened to approach the big boss and point out what a bad idea it was to have the American woman in their midst...at that point I can see our dear Goat playing pieces of the story against each other...Which will happen first? Will Bridget get her just desserts before her contract is carried out by Gray against our boys and his family on K'burra?


That will be a doozy of a cliff that even the Goat would be hard pressed to continue doesn't exist in his stories...


Thanks CJ- I'm looking forward to seeing if my crystal ball is fogged!

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oh you could have shane dance with the sydney dance academy actors tom green or jordan ... see if trevor can get jealous ... and see if he can get the message don't come a knockin when you see the boat a rockin

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Its hard to believe you have counted down to 5 or so more chapters. It seem s like only the last year or so you were saying 8.


I'd imagine its sort of disheartening to put so much effort into writing so much for so long to get no feedback.


Whether we get to hear anymore from Trevor or not, I have enjoyed reading this story and learning a bit about the geography of Australia, and hearing way too many ways to die at sea than I ever wanted to Posted Image .

Now, to what I wanted to raise heck about...As this story begins to wind down, is it my imagination, paranoia maybe, or are there still quite a few cliffs on the horizon?

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CJ: Thanks for the latest chapter.


It's a funny thing about names. I find I often have a pre-set liking or disliking for a person based on nothing more than their name. It isn't fair, but it just happens. I used to really like girls named Bridget, even before I met them. Now the name is a definite turn-off. Wonder how that happened.


Your entreaty and threat regarding receiving feedback was upsetting. It's a shame when one writes for a black hole. Is there anyone out there? Can anybody hear me? Is anybody reading this?


One possible reason for feedback torpor is the length and complexity of the story. There have been doldrums and times I sensed we were just drifting. It's hard to stay awake and pay attention during those times.


At this point in the story, there is impending action everywhere, including having the worst guest possible attending the star-crossed lover's wedding. Can't wait to see how all the threads come together.


Thanks, CJ!

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Great story as all of your stories are. The twists & turns as well as the cliffs you leave us on. The devious Bridget is once again showing how wicked she is. Wonder what disguise she will use if she does attend the wedding? And will she reveal her identity, then disappear/vanish back into hiding.


When the asset list is published, could that possibly alter the contract on both vessels? Inquiring minds wants to know. Posted Image


Totally enjoyed this chapter!!! Keep 'em coming.

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CJ, I cannot begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed following the adventures and trials of Trevor. I was so afraid for him as he drifted across the Indian Ocean and so sad that he was on the run do to a misunderstanding with his father. If only people could be honest and open with each other. Visiting Australia has long been a dream, making your descriptions of all the places Trevor has been specially interesting. I look forward to reading the conclusion to Circumnavigation with mixed emotions. Maybe, at sometime in the future you could write a sequel updating us on the life of Trevor and Shane.


I have also read your other stories on GA with great pleasure and encourage you to continue writing. Your stories are well organized with interesting plot lines and well written. Thanks for many hours of pleasure.

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Another outstanding chapter. The visions given about Sidney are outstanding.

I can't wait until Bridget is knocked off her throne.

I am guilty about not replying in the forum, since I have been fussed at by CJ, I will try to do better.

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Just to let you know that I am enjoying your story. I don't know how you can finish the story in just 5 chapters. Trever and Shane have to finish going around Austrailia, then journey across the Pacific and get thru Panama or around the Horn. Then the have to get home for the wedding and set up a business. All of this while being set up by the Cartel. Keep the story coming. There are a lot of us that don't like to go on to the blogs or forums. Thanks a lot.

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Hello there,


I must admit, I am one of the guilty ones who hasn't given you feedback on any of your chapters. It's not that I don't like your story at all. It's just that I am porbably reading about 25 stories that are ongoing and I don't really have the time or patience to give feedback for every chapter. I'm sorry that I seem to have missed your story in terms of feedback but I'll give it to you now.


Your story is amazing, in terms of how much detail you put into each segment of each chapter. I mean, even the smallest detail you include can become a big part of your story down the line. I really like the plot as well but I have to say that by this point in time...I WANT BRIDGET DEAD! She is by far the most persistent and irritating of your characters, she's almost like a cockroach in how she evads capture or death and I really really want her dead or imprisoned for the rest of her life! Anyways, rant over...I love your story and I am sad to hear that it is coming to an end soon. Will you be starting a new epic after this, or are you going on a break for a while?


Love you and your story,



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Posted Image ...................Goat island??? 2 in this story? Posted Image Hmmm, somehow I think Kent Moorcroft's story is going to be squashed by his boss, Kline and the boys did too good of a job. So that means the asset list still remains a secret, Bridget is going to have problems if the head cartel man dies of a heart attack or some natural way. Seems she doesn't have many friends, in fact her list is getting pretty short Posted Image , oh well maybe she can run into Julie!! Great chapter goat!
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As requested, I am leaving feedback. I'm really enjoying your story. I look forward to reading it every Tuesday and I'm disappointed when there is a delay.


I don't send feedback just to repeat the same things that I've said before. If I like a story, I will usually send a message to the author. (although, I've noticed that I am not doing that enough on this site) I won't continually send messages saying the story is still good, usually it is. The fact that I keep coming back and reading shows that. If people are reading your stories and keep coming back, then you can be sure that they are enjoying it.


Take Care,



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Hey CJ,


Another wonderful Tuesday! Thanks.


So, the plan is for our boys to distance themselves from the press... But couldn't this work against them if they need their help? Wouldn't always being in the eye of the press a form of security? Especially as Kent is planning on publishing the Asset List... Who, by the way, is he communicating with in Florida?


Speaking of the press, I love CJ's use of this story to chronicle current events. The powerful and potentially vile press, their disinterest in one of our political candidates at the expense of the other. Does this represent the 'Sheep Effect'? Does this mean the current president is a 'willing subject' and not appropriate for criticism?? Well, enough of that given the 'taboo' personal subject of politics, does make one think however.


Can't imagine what is in store for our dashing duo in Cairns..."I think there is a part of it they haven't told us," laments Trevor, followed by Kline's 'didn't wish to spoil the surprise planned for Cairns.' Maybe it's a homecoming party for Shane, complete with all the funny named eats indigenous to Australia!! So vividly brought to us by our trusted and faithful writer!


Once again I can't tell you, CJ, what fun we are having living this story with you, the other forum contributors, and all my coworkers. It truly is, with all the other stresses we endure, a part of the week I look forward too. We love learning about the geography, googlemapping everything and enjoy imagining the characters traversing the landscape. It's probably the closest I will ever get to these places in this lifetime and can't thank you enough for making it come alive. I also loved the images you included in chapters past, makes the story even more personal seeing a picture within the text.


So speaking of love, let the wedding plans with Bridget unfold, the homecoming in Cairns evolve and most of all appreciate the LOVE that we as readers bestow upon you, the 'Master of 21th Century Suspence'.



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First off.... I read your rant and I know I used to comment every now and then but I pretty much stopped. I don't think I've even commented on this story at all.


It was interesting to see that Bridgett is still intent on blowing up Ares, but I have a feeling her "asset" list will be published before blowing up the boat, but with your twist and turns it may not happen. I don't think Trevor would take to well to his mom dying again. That would probably just devastate him even more.


Media Whores..... hmmm that may have an interesting turn out. Maybe he will get American media attention as you know we love that stuff.


I would love to see Bridget turn up at the wedding with everyone there. It would make an interesting end to the story.


Great Chapter CJ!!!

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Hi , I have followed the story since the first chapter, and allways can't wait for the next chapter. Thank You for you writing and giving us the enjoyment of following on this voyage. I just hope Bridget will get her just desserts as they are long in coming. Just want to again say Thank You for sharing you story here on Gay Authors .

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I am one of those that is guilty for not leaving feedback recently. I assure you it isn't because I'm not enjoying this story. I do think the length has had an effect on saying great story so many times.


I do think if Shane and Trevor were to publish the tape and list on the net, the Cartel would be much too busy to worry about a couple cats at sea.

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Wow. What a lot of feedback.


CJ, you must really be overjoyed by now, and you deserve every bit of it! This story is indeed magnificent, even if I do hate it, when the cliffs are too high. (I always did have a fear of heights.)


And before you go on to say "Cliffs? What Cliffs??", you may consider to just leave it. I and many others know, that even if there were only distant cliffs in this particular chapter, you are probably planning something really, REALLY evil for the next chapter. Which is, of course, why this story is so captivating.


Thanks a lot for one of the best reads I've had this year.


All my love


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This is my first post. I am very much enjoying the story with its many twists and unexpected turns. On several occasions I have awoken very early in the morning so I could read the next chapter. Sometimes I have been disappointed when I discovered there would be a delay, but I understand that writing is your avocation, not your vocation. One reason I have not replied earlier is that signing in is a challenge, although I appreciate the reasoning for this. I suspect there may be many others out there for whom this may have also impeded their willingness to comment. I look forward to the conclusion, although it is very difficult to speculate how it will end. As I recall some of your earlier stories, things don't always end happier ever after for all the characters involved. Sometimes the 'bad' folks win, at least to some degree.

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Another Great Chapter, Thank You For Keeping This Story Going And Going And Going. I Am Again At Fault For Not Writing Or Commenting on This Great Story, I have And Are Injoying Every Wendesday Morning (In Aust) When The New Chapter Is Released. Thank You Once Again For Such A Great Story. Alan

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Another great chapter, CJ! Has anyone ever approached you about publishing this saga? I think it would be a GREAT movie! I will feel like I have lost a friend when you wrap up Circumnavigation. Posted Image

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