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World Series


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Well, we (the Cards, I think I just joined their organization) are the come back kings... Tis why I wasn't bothered by a 5-0 lead by the opposition. We've came back from 11-0 in extra innings (18 I think) to prove that point. I was up til about 2 am watching that game. No Doubt, It's Red Bird Season :D Now we have to get our clutch hitters, aka Molina, and Freese to hit with men on. Make that boi MVP 2 years straight :D

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So, the Cardinals have still another chance tonight to put it away. Is the third time a charm?


Doesn't matter. I'm calling the series now: Tigers in six.


Have a nice day.

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Cards' batting has stayed cold as the Giants have hit their stride. One last chance tonight for both teams in a winner take all game.


As far as the World Series, 2010 and 2011 both went to the National League team. The Tigers have some good pitchers and a few good hitters. Either National League team could beat them but, like life, anything can happen over the course of a 7 game series.....Posted Image

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No offense Daddy, but STL is vs the Giants Posted Image Rangers were gone long ago Posted Image


I fixed it. I started out to talk about last year and lead into this year but changed and then screwed up! That's my story and I am sticking to it!Posted Image

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With age comes, well,... no comment... I did laugh about it, so hard I tipped backwards and fell over on my guitar,,smashed it to bits. I have a feeling that tears will be shed later...


Sounds like a good country song to me.

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Not that I'm interested after my beloved Reds got ran out of their home field by the Giants.... what is the outcome of the Giants/Cards series? I honestly haven't watched any baseball since the reds hit the shitter... I don't know who I want to win.. I despise the Giants this year... but I'll probably always despise the Cardinals...


So Goooo Giants.. :D (My present to you Cardinal fans.. the Giants are doomed now).. Posted Image

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While I was rooting for the Giants, I was hoping for a much closer game. I don't believe I've ever watched a game where absolutely everything went in one team's favor. The real kicker was Hunter Pence's hit in the bottom of the 3rd - where the ball hit his bat 3 times as it (the bat) broke apart. There was the suggestion that this messed up Pete Kozma's defensive response on the play with him moving to his right first (just a tad) and then to his left just missing the ball. had Kozma caught that ball, things might well have been different.


I was cheering for the Giants as I'm a big Buster Posey fan. Buster didn't do much at the plate in this series. I'm just so impressed with the year he had after coming back from that horrific injury he suffered in 2011. I understand he won the comeback player of the year award for that and he's still in a contender for the MVP award for the NL for 2012.


I was happy about Marco Scutaro getting the NLCS MVP award. He certainly earned it. He makes the last out to boot - all part of this "fairy tale" game.


I would also say that Mike Matheny warrants consideration when MLB hands out Manager of the year awards.


I believe my team, the Blue Jays, is still fighting for the cellar in the AL East with the Red Sox. Posted Image And the Red Sox just stole our manager.

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Jim Leyland, the Tigers' manager, made a great comment following tonight's game. He was asked if he was concerned about the Giants' momentum after taking 3 straight games in the LCS and now game 1 in the Series. Leyland responed that he didn't believe in momentum. He said momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher. Great perspective.

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Giants win Game one with Sandoval hitting 3 homers. Final was 8-3.


Sandoval joined an elite group - Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols - by hitting the three homers in a single World Series game.

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Jim Leyland, the Tigers' manager, made a great comment following tonight's game. He was asked if he was concerned about the Giants' momentum after taking 3 straight games in the LCS and now game 1 in the Series. Leyland responed that he didn't believe in momentum. He said momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher. Great perspective.


True, but he started game 1 with his best pitcher and Verlander was no match for the Giants.....

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These next two games will be key, Game 3 especially. If San Fran were to win Game 3 in Detroit, then I'd say the Tigers are all but cooked. :P If they win Game 2...it doesn't look good for Detroit, but they'd have another shot to win in San Fran by winning all three at home.


Detroit is the team that has yet to lose at home this post-season...though one should keep San Fran's NLDS in mind, where neither they nor Cincy won a single game at home. :P

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