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Law Grad Demonstrates How Not to Get Hired

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Being born and raised here ( on the Jersey shore) i despise the Brooklyn wannabees that think they exemplify anything let alone what life on the shore. I'm not real fond of the image the Soprano's have instilled of the Italian heritage either.

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Actually most of the Jersey Shore douchbags are from New York. The problem with New Jersey is that it has no real identity of its own. North Jersey is overshadowed by New York City across the Hudson, and South Jersey is overshadowed by Philadelphia across the Delaware. Theres also a lot of North vs. South rivalry. I go to school with a lot of kids from South Jersey and they absolutely despise the walking stereotypes from North Jersey that seem to embrace the whole Jersey Shore crap.


    You're definitely right about that. A lot of New Jersey people went to U of Delaware, as well as Wesley College, where I went for my freshman year of college. We also get a lot of Long Island people, which is where a lot of that Benny hatred originates from.


     Weirdly enough, as small of a state as Delaware is, there's a North vs. South rivalry here, too. It's not as pronouced as the one between South Jersey and North Jersey, but it's there. There's this saying that if you go "below the Canal", you hit what we call Slower Lower. North Delaware is more urbanized and faster-paced (because we're basically suburban Philadelphia), but Slower Lower is more of a southern-tinged place where the bulk of our state's farms are. They even have a mild Southern accent, whereas we just talk like Philly people.


     I think Delaware's identity revolves around these things: The du Ponts, chicken farms, low taxes, and the beaches. Which is not much, but eh.

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I don't think you're alone, lol  I went on a date once.  He was there first so we sat down and had a good time.  The date went really well, but when he stood to walk me back to my car...he had no legs!  MY legs were bigger than his were.  *shakes head* if you're going to be buff, be buff all over.

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people ask me why i have no FB and i remind them that i am a teacher. Sure, there are teacher's with FB accounts. i think they're thick. not a year goes by when a teacher doesn't end up losing their job over something stupid that they talked about on FaceBook. FB is the easy land of over-sharing. Over-sharing costs people their jobs.


This guy is a prat. God i hope he doesn't breed.


My mum's a teacher, and she has Facebook. Posts all sorts of stuff, too. But she uses her nickname and the Swedish spelling of her surname, so she's not that easy to find for parents and colleagues. Also, with 30 years experience, she'd have to say something really very stupid to lose her job over it, and she's not that stupid. :P

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