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28 Ways You Know You Went To A Performing Arts School

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    This was so dead-on  and I loved how much it captured about the experience.


    28 Ways You Know You Went To A Performing Arts High School


       Some things they missed:


29. If you were in a school production, you were able to get out of class on the days they had school matinees.


30. Rent and Wicked were referenced by people ad nausea.


31. Being that the school was 1 guy to every 3 girls, if you were a fairly good looking straight guy, you were suddenly the school stud.


32. If someone walked into school wearing drag, you wouldn't be surprised.


33. If you found two guys or two girls making out, you wouldn't be surprised.


34. If your teacher or high schoool principal was openly gay, you wouldn't be surprised.


35. You didn't know it wasn't normal to randomly break out into a song until you went off to college.

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29 worked in my "normal school", but only if you had not fallen behind because of late rehearsals.


30 and 32 thru 35 seem like they are generational.  My crowd would probably reference Cats. Neither Rent or Wicked had even been written yet!



And I have to agree with Ron. Visuals, Jeremy, visuals!

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