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Happy 40th Anniversary to D&D

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Dungeons and Dragons marks 40 years of time-killing fantasy


I started playing AD&D when I was at university, back at the start of the 80s. I'm not ashamed to say that I still play similar games regularly, more than 30 years since I started. Currently, the group I'm with are playing Warhammer 2nd edition, though we recently played Pathfinder (a D&D 3rd edition spin-off) for awhile.


Other roleplaying games I've played over the decades include (in no particular order):




Powers & Perils

Runequest (2nd and 3rd editions)



Dark Heresy

The One Ring


Middle Earth Roleplaying Game

Edge of the Empire

plus several others that I can't recall the names of....



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Dang.  I didn't realize it had been that long.  I started playing D&D with my son and his friends in the late 70s and have played off and on since.  How time flies. 

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A group of us started playing D&D once a month in middle school in the late 70's and on into 1981. It was such fun but the group stopped playing. Then I got really cool and became a member of Speech Club and an editor for the school paper.  Lol!

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I remember playing in college, while drinking way too much coffee and staying up way too late even though we had things to do the next day.  Can't believe how long it's been around!  

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I was a D and D player back in the eighties. Me and group from middle school played at each others houses. Of course I also watched the Saturday morning cartoon and now years later own the series on DVD. God, I am old aren't I?

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