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Welcome to our newest Editor, Rockette


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On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Editor 



She likes  reading all genres and will accept 2nd and 3rd drafts only. Rockette has a Bachelor's in English teaching and is about to graduate with a Master's of Fine Arts in Literature.

Rockette understands the word "Beta" to mean a critiquer of an author's work. Typically, this involves looking for plot holes, character development, etc. She also understands that both plot and character are important to every story. 


I'm sure Rockette will make a valuable contribution to GA. Please join me in welcoming her to the editorial team



Welcome to the team, Rockette


Happy Editing.

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Hey Rockette


Welcome to the family...


I believe everyone will be happy to be working with you.


Every one has a part to play in a story. Author, Beta, Editor and reader... Combine all of them and you have a super story...

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Thanks for the warm welcome!  I feel like I fit right in.  


Welcome to the club, Rockette! :)


Are you a Rockette? I saw them once at Radio City. =)


I wish!  Unfortunately, my dancing skills do not live up to those of my namesake.  It's just a nickname.   :*)

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