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interesting house

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Isn't it interesting that they want to survive an apocalypse, but what will they do when their banking system goes down and their money is worthless or there is nothing left to buy.  These people don't impress me as being 'pioneer stock' or the type that could fend for themselves.

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That house is amazing, I would love to live in a house like that.  It's perfect for those places that get wildfires.  I want one! :P  All I need is a few million.  Maybe I should write a book!  :rolleyes:

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Ashi, that place almost looks as if it should belong to Peter, Peter pumpkin eater...


It used to be a very light blue (kinda like igloo), but the new owner painted over with that orange color.  Which is fine I guess, since orange is kind of in nowadays.... (maybe he is a SF Giants fan.  Go Giants!).

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