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Originally I intended this to be a short story, but with the experience and potential I'd had from the defunct 'Baysville' project, I had opened the doors to ask others to join my characters in Sanitaria Springs. Other stories did come, shorts that focused on other characters or places and they added to the tapestry of this real life town that we were embellishing. However another came along and we meshed very well, writing near seamlessly to advance the story and then another started a whole new branch with a different age group.


As I mentioned, I don't own all the stories so I'll be posting the original three from me, here. If you grow to love these guys, Cia has allowed me to post a link to the rest of the storyline. It's not all of the Sanitaria Springs stories, but they are the ones that follow these characters and the newer generation - some of which my friend Cynus has already posted here at GA.


Check it out here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dabeagle/sanitariasprings


There are link so the doghouse Facebook page as well as a page for the complete story of Alec, Sasha and the gang.



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I read them occasional on Awesomedude and I fell in love with them instantly my favorite ones come form Ryan Bartlett, and he know how to tell a good story, and as long as people keep posting them I'm gonna continue reading them.

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