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Happy New Year!

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I'm feeling a little jittery and excited right now! Hehehe, 2018 is less than an hour away! And, more than anything, I'm looking forward to this being my 20th year online! I want to start the celebration right away! Like...TONIGHT! Hehehe! But I'll have some restraint. Promise. At least for a little while. ::Giggles::


Let's all agree to do things even bigger and better in the new year ahead of us! Let's share love, spread good vibes, and stop being so petty. We're being given an opportunity to be better than we were yesterday. Let's take advantage of that opportunity. K?


Also...'Teen Pop Nostrodamus' is returning for 2018!!! It's been a while since we've played the game, and a lot of our favorite cuties have grown up to be handsome men over the last few years! But a new generation is just getting started! And with some support, they can be a part of the future! Come back and vote for your favorites on Jan 26th! Our bets have been pretty solid the last three votes we had! Let's see how close we get this time! After nearly 100 cute boys...there's gotta be some good bets in there somewhere!



Ps- I had gotten a little rusty on making a TPOP video! LOL! I forgot how HARD it is to get everybody moving to the same music! But after a few weeks of weirdness, I got back in the groove again. So...SCORE! :P


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