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Remembering Matthew Shepard- 20 years later


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Judy Shepard has issued an inspiring public letter to young activists in the latest issue of Out magazine. Find it here. It's well worth a read.  :yes:



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Today is National Coming Out Day (October 11). If more of us are Out, it makes everyone safer. And the wider the variations young people are exposed to, the less likely that are to feel isolated and alone.


I’m really glad things have improved over the years since I was in high school. Back then Rock Hudson, Billy Jean King, Elton John, and Ian McKellan were all still in the closet! Comedians like Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Lynde were flamboyant, but did not admit they were Gay. Others, like Liberace, sued to prove their ‘heterosexuality.’ Gay sex was legal in the UK, but not in the US.


Unfortunately, in parts of the US, it is still legal to fire someone for being Gay. It is still legal in many parts of the country to refuse to rent to someone who is LGBTQ. There are parts of the country where they still refuse to allow LGBTQs to adopt children. And Transwomen of Color are still being murdered at alarming rates!

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I was only a little child when Matthew perished, but I became familiar with him when "The Matthew Shepard Story" (2002) was released. I educated myself on his story in my late teens by reading books and watching documentaries about him. Progress has been made, but it isn't enough. We must keep fighting. Things are so much better than they were ten years ago in many ways, and they will keep improving if we don't give up. Matthew's death was not in vain. We have made significant progress because of him. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. May Matthew forever rest in peace. Thank you kindly for posting this.

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Everyone over the age of 30 who views this, can't help but be moved.  Those under 30 who know their LGBQT history will be moved too!



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(PBS) World Channel is showing Considering Matthew Shepherd, a three-part oratorio by composer Craig Hella Johnson and the choral group Conspirer. It’s a repeat from last month. Check your local PBS station’s sub-channel to see if they’re showing it in your area.

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