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Wow! Sweet! XD


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So...I just looked at the number of hits and visitors for Imagine Magazine...and they are through the roof! THANK YOU!!! This is awesome!


The relaunch issue in August was one of the biggest issues imagine had ever had up to that point, with over 8 THOUSAND visits from you guys! Things held steady through September and October...but the November issue blew August out of the water with a whopping 13 thousand PLUS visitors for that one issue! And December's issue is already half way towards beating <i>that</i> record, with three weeks left to go!


Just IMAGINE what we're gonna do in 2019! Hehehe...'imagine', get it? Sorry. I'm lame sometimes. :P


THANKS to everybody who supported the magazine's rebirth! And MAJOR thanks to everyone who submitted new stories and work behind the scenes to make this project the huge success that it is! I KNEW we could do it! Let's keep going!


Keep reading! And I hope to keep bringing you guys more quality content in the future! Love always!





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There was a story in the earliest issues...it was about a boy who found a "wild child" living in the woods by himself, and he tried to make friends with the kid, even warning him away from the police who were searching for him. I haven't seen that story in forever, but I'd love to read a continuance.  :D

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