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SWEET!!! It's official for Ruel now! XD


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16 minutes ago, Comicality said:


Damn right it does!!! 


See? Amazing voice and stunning good looks aside...he's a truly beautiful PERSON! You know? That counts for SO much more! 


Thanks, dude!

You're welcome, Comsie.  :hug: He finally has a page on Wikipedia, so I guess that means he's big on the media radar.  :lol:

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I can't say it enough...he's SOOOO dreamy! LOL! And funny, and charismatic...I have a legitimate crush going on here! 😮


By the way...I would LOVE to hear him sing "Highway To Hell"! I can't even imagine what that would sound like! LOL!




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A super SUCCESSFUL tour, at that! My sweetie is an award winner now! ::Giggles::


Sighhhh...love you, Ruel! So dreamy!


A new, mellow, remix of one of his most popular songs! Keep going dude! I wanna hear more! MWAH!!!


Awesome way to start my day! I'm gonna smile all weekend now! XD



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