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I hope you guys enjoyed your Halloween!


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Anyway, a few things...

My files are all backed up and organized so they'd be easy to find when I need them, and I spent yesterday putting in the new Windows 10 Update. Because...'no choice'. Good news, though! It didn't completely destroy my laptop like it did the last one! And my files are in tact, but a lot of my programs are acting a bit glitchy. I'm working on fixing those up right now with updates and resetting my settings and cleaning my system to free it up from leftover junk from the upgrade. So that's a definite plus! And our Halloween goodies will be ready for Monday, God willing.

Also, my uncle recently tested positive for Covid-19...sighhh...so we're dealing with THAT again. Him, his wife, and two of his daughters went into quarantine as of Wednesday, so I will keep my fingers crossed. We're going on 8 months now, people. Can you please just...put on the damn mask so you can stop getting my family sick? Please? This is getting ridiculous.

That's it for now! More stories coming this week! Working on articles for Imagine Magazine's November issue! Ebooks on the way! Set your clocks back 1 hour today! And remember to go out and exercise your right to VOTE this Tuesday! (Just step around that goofy, militant, cosplay garbage. They just look so stupid...)

Love you lots! Stay safe! And I'll seezya soon!

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I hope your uncle get's well soon. :heart:

I had to be tested recently and, fortunately, tested negative. But, that could change at any time if people don't continue to take this disease seriously. :(


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Thanks. So far, so good, but how many times are these people going to cause me, my family, and my friends, to roll the dice before one of them actually gets really REALLY sick? What the hell are they even fighting for? It's disgusting to even have to look at it anymore. 

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