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OMG, I'm Crying Right Now!!

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Seriously, this has me in tears!! I'm so proud of this kid, both as Ryan Buggle and Noah Benson! I'm glad that "Noah" has the confidence and self-awareness to know who he is at such a young age. And a job well done on the acting! Congratulations, little dude!  😭😭😭😁



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OMG! That is so cool! I love that. Just give the kid a few years, he's gonna be fighting off the girls, and the boys!

Kudos to NBC for writing that into that show.

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30 minutes ago, Comicality said:

I knew Ryan Buggle was on the show, but I didn't know he was a regular! Awww...sweet moment!

Hehehe. My favorite part is when he said "It's not fair that some people get left out." So adorable!  :heart:

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