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    Guest Prompts #14 & #15

    It was me...It had to be. I kinda meant '1 five week old fetus in each of the cryogenics pods But, Hey, you can stuff 5 kids in one pod if you want🤪 Hugs Tom
  2. Tom

    Chapter 28

    nothing like surprise threadfall to put things into perspective!!! Loved the chapter...okay, okay, it's not just a dragon thing 😀
  3. Tom

    Chapter 29

    I hate to point out, Jack Really is a bad influence...or maybe a catalyst. Luke knows how to 'fly under the radar', yet has gotten himself into a lot of trouble since kissing Jack. I just found this story last week, so I am glad to see a new chapter so soon Always liked your stories Krista!!! Hugs, Tom
  4. Tom

    Chapter 5

    yep, sure sounds like he found an alien puppy 😁
  5. Tom

    Second Time Around

    ❤️...it's a dragon thing...love any story that has dragons
  6. Tom

    Chapter 10

    At this point, I would not be surprised if Shayna was the rouge wolf
  7. Tom

    Chapter 22

    😢😢😢😭😭😭...It's over....no more....time to pull the shades closed, climb back into bed, curl up into a fetal position, and wait for my computer to signal a new story
  8. Tom

    Chapter 18

    4 left......Really, I'm trying to not pout.....but for some reason my lower lip keeps sticking out 😁
  9. Tom

    Chapter 10

    only 14 chapters?? Can I start pouting now or do I have to wait till chapter 13 comes out??
  10. happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me


    Yep, 50 going on 5  :)

  11. careful what you ask for...LOL We received a really skid-dish dachshund that took almost a full year to get acclimated to the household. at two years she finally figured out what stuffed animals with squeakers were for. for ten years, she would bring her toy in, sit down in front of me, and squeak the daylights out of it till I took it from her and threw it...repeat continuously till dinner time, continue 20 minutes after meal till 9P.M.(bed time)...Dang, I sure miss those days
  12. I might be getting forgetful. last time I changed this was over a year ago

  13. so violent depending on the type of manure, this could be considered really mean hugs, Tom
  14. even better defense, when 'aimed' properly, urine can control/cure most foot fungi, even when rinsed off quickly hugs, Tom
  15. okay....so....you know the music they play in some of the gas stations and mini marts. sometime it is almost impossible to not dance down the ilses waving one liter bottles like marrocas when a good song starts up hugs, Tom
  16. okay, it's gross....acording to my partner....really gross...get the biggest bar of chocolate you can find, one tin of kippered snacks(canned fish) and a box of garlic triskets...eat the kippered snacks with the triskets, adding the chocolate between each bite of fish. it's my anti-depression go to food, so I don't eat it as much as I used to hugs, Tom
  17. For me, if it's easy to change between settings, I'd most likely use different settings for different authors, how much I've read, heck, even where the sun is will affect what settings I would use Rotten
  18. the world turns grey and shrinks yet again the keys that unlock my door to the outside blur and avoid my hands a cold chill passes through as I think of the souls that have paid the ferryman with hope eternal, that all that have enlightened my world, have had the fare May we all meet Robert (Trebs) again on the other side of the river
  19. I find this topic to be a little confusing. I just turned 45 a few days ago and I am still being told I need to grow up Hugs, Tom
  20. Mid life crisis??? frankly, I've been in a crisis my whole life. why should I add another layer just because life wasn't what I was told it was gonna be? if anyone tells me I'm old enough to have a mid-life crisis, I'm gonna sit on them till they take it back Hugs, Tom
  21. love it.....love it......want more.....want...no, need more.....but....I still wanna know.....still dying to find out.....realllllllllyyyyy wanna know....What/who comes through his office door???? Hugs, Tom
  22. Tom

    Trash TV

    but....isn't Ted Allen openly gay?...and the host of chopped? I think having a gay host should be enough representation Hugs, Tom
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