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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Tom


      oh yeah, that is today  :)

  2. Tom

    Mom? What do you do when you catch it?

    careful what you ask for...LOL We received a really skid-dish dachshund that took almost a full year to get acclimated to the household. at two years she finally figured out what stuffed animals with squeakers were for. for ten years, she would bring her toy in, sit down in front of me, and squeak the daylights out of it till I took it from her and threw it...repeat continuously till dinner time, continue 20 minutes after meal till 9P.M.(bed time)...Dang, I sure miss those days
  3. Happy Birthday Tom!

  4. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Tom! :)

  5. I might be getting forgetful. last time I changed this was over a year ago

  6. Tom

    Gallery Images On The Main Index Page

    that's not a bad price James. If they wanna see mine, they gotta add a fifth of spiced rum and sunglasses if it's daylight(the glasses are to cut the glare off my pale behind ) hugs, Tom
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. For me, if it's easy to change between settings, I'd most likely use different settings for different authors, how much I've read, heck, even where the sun is will affect what settings I would use Rotten
  9. Tom


    follow the author...never thought of that...guess I could try stalking one or two Thanks Myr Hugs, Tom
  10. Tom


    there are two things I would like and I'm not sure exactly how to explain them...heck, I'm not even sure if they have never been asked for. first, is there any way to follow a series?, and if not, can it be added? The second(and more likely impossible) can 'date posted' be added to a stories 'table of content'?? I know it's going to be impossible to add it most of the older stories, but is it possible to have it added to stories that are recent and ongoing? hugs, Tom
  11. Tom

    Rip: Trebs

    the world turns grey and shrinks yet again the keys that unlock my door to the outside blur and avoid my hands a cold chill passes through as I think of the souls that have paid the ferryman with hope eternal, that all that have enlightened my world, have had the fare May we all meet Robert (Trebs) again on the other side of the river
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. love it.....love it......want more.....want...no, need more.....but....I still wanna know.....still dying to find out.....realllllllllyyyyy wanna know....What/who comes through his office door???? Hugs, Tom
  14. Tom

    I'm 24

    Silly kids....it's rather upsetting the first dozen times they don't ask for your I.D. hugs, tom
  15. Happy Birthday Tom, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year guy :)


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