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The content presented here is for informational or educational purposes only. These are just the authors' personal opinions and knowledge. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are based on the authors' lives and experiences and may be changed to protect personal information. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Making of a Slave - 9. New School, New Lessons

The end of the summer meant the start of a new school year and a new school. Most of the kids from middle school went to the local high school but some went to nearby Catholic high schools, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception or OLIC as everyone called it, which is where Zack, Patrick and I went was one of the best. It was very difficult to get in. It was also good that of all the swirly perpetrators, only Finn made it into OLIC.

Zack didn’t elaborate on the extent of his relationship with Patrick but most of the time I invited Zack over, he’d show up with Patrick. To be fair, he did invite me to go with him to Patrick’s house at times and not just to be a look out. I didn’t know the extent of their relationship but I got the sense that, since Patrick’s accident, they were closer than ever before.

On a Saturday, a few weeks after school started, Zack and I went to Patrick’s house to hang out in the basement. Patrick was sitting on the couch with his leg up. His younger brother, Connor, was also there and they were playing You Don’t Know Jack. Zack and I joined the game. I wasn’t in the best of moods and was still trying to figure out their relationship. I liked Patrick but there was this underlying sense of jealousy in me. I didn’t like hearing compliments exchanged between them and Patrick was very big on complimenting Zack. As the game progressed, Patrick’s constant fawning was starting to get to me.

“Damn bro, you are smart,” said Patrick after Zack correctly answered a question.

“Yea,” I replied, “you must feel lucky that you got into the same school as him”. Patrick let out a slight chuckle but didn’t say anything.

A few minutes later during the game, Patrick got a seemingly easy question wrong and then Connor got the correct answer and I said, “it’s easy to see who got the brains in the family. Did Connor take the OLIC entrance exam for you?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Zack had a displeased expression on his face. It looked like he was trying to make eye contact with me but I purposely avoided it. There was no real reaction from anyone else.

I didn’t care. I went on and made another few comments to which Zack just said in a stern tone, “Andrew!”

I knew he was getting pissed but I just rolled my eyes and went on playing. I stayed quiet for a while. Patrick didn’t say anything in response to my comments but it didn’t stop his continuing adulation of Zack. “Wow, that was a tough one, how’d you know? He raved.

When Patrick missed another easy question, I complained, “Ugh, how’d you not know that!”

“Yo dude, chill, it’s only a game,” said Patrick.

I replied, “I think OLIC has remedial classes for dumbasses, maybe you should sign up.”

This time the comment didn’t go unanswered. “Andrew! What the fuck!,'' replied Zack in an angered tone. “You’re unbelievable, you just can’t control yourself. It’s as if you didn’t learn anything about why you got your head stuck in a toilet.”

With that, Patrick chuckled and Connor laughed out loud making it obvious that Connor knew of what happened to me at the town pool bathroom.

“I was just kidding,” I replied.

With a blank look on his face Zack said, “Maybe you need a reminder.”

“Are we going to give him another swirly?” asked Connor excitedly.

“No,” said Zack, “Not that, but he needs a reminder.”

“Come on, I was just joking,” I interjected.

Turning to me, Zack said sternly, “apologize to Patrick for what you said!”

I knew he was right and I immediately felt shame as I felt Patrick and Connor staring at me to see what I’d do. I decided to comply and didn’t hesitate. Looking down at the floor I said, “Sorry Patrick I was just joking around. I didn't mean anything by it.”

Patrick smiled but didn’t say anything and there was a short silent awkward pause. He seemingly wanted to acknowledge my apology, but gave Zack a second to jump in - and that’s exactly what happened.

“That was a good apology,” commented Zack, “but I think some form of reinforcement is needed.” He put his hand to his chin as if to ponder the options, and continued, “I think a positive gesture is warranted. Kneel in front of him and kiss the top of his feet.”

“No, c’mon Zack, I was just trying to be funny,” I pleaded.

“Yes, that’s exactly what gets you into trouble and why you need to learn. Do it now.”

Patrick and Connor remained silent as Zack controlled the situation. “Please, I was just kidding,” I reiterated, my tone changing to more of a pleading whine.

“You’re wearing down my patience,” said Zack, “either do it now or we can talk about other stuff like the time with your brother’s friends.”

“I was really just joking”, I whined.

Zack interrupted, “do it, or else, your choice.”

“C’mon Zack, please,” I begged.

“Last chance,” he warned.

I got off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of Patrick. He was barefoot with one foot on the floor and the casted one up on the couch. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

“Ok,” said Zack, “first ask for permission. Do it respectfully. I expect it to be a positive gesture.”

At this point Patrick and Conner both lit up and were smiling. “May I kiss your foot,” I asked in a humiliated tone.

“You may,” replied Patrick as he laughed.

As I moved to lean down to make the kiss Zack interjected, “Do it slowly and respectfully. Keep your face down by the floor close to his foot, then kiss.”

I placed my face just hovering above the floor in front of his foot. I stared at it for a few seconds and noticed it was pretty clean. He had straight toes and the nails were properly cut. Slowly, I moved my face forward and placed a kiss on top of his foot right above his toes.

Patrick and Connor were laughing as Zack smiled and said, “good, now the other foot.”

Patrick moved his casted leg off the couch and pointed it to the floor. Following Zack’s instructions, I moved slowly. This foot wasn’t nearly as clean as the other one. The cast started a few inches from his toes. The beginning of the cast area was a bit discolored and worn. As I moved my face closer there was a stronger, more distinct odor. The smell made me move my head quickly to the side, away from his foot. Patrick saw this and said, “I hope the cast doesn’t smell too bad - let me know if you like it?”

Everyone laughed out loud again but without answering I lowered my head and placed the kiss directly on top of his toes.

“Oh, that’s so gross!” Shouted Connor, as Zack and Patrick chortled.

“OK, good job,” said Zack, “now apologize again and ask for forgiveness.”

I stayed kneeling with my face close to the floor and said, “I’m sorry Patrick for the things I said about you. Even though I was trying to be funny I realize now I was wrong to say them. Please forgive me and I won’t act like that again.”

Once again, there was a pause with Patrick waiting to see if Zack was satisfied.

Zack said, “OK, good, Patrick, do you accept Andrew’s apology and gesture?”

“I do,” replied Patrick.

“OK good,” said Zack.

I got up off the floor and started to head back to my seat on the couch when Zack looked in my direction and said, “I’m wondering, since you also mentioned Connor in your comments, if the same gesture of apology for him would be appropriate.”

Connor immediately and excitedly replied, “Yes! Yes! I think it will!”

“Allright, then,” said Zack.

I thought for a second about trying to protest but realized it would be futile. Once Zack makes up his mind it’s going to end up that way anyway. I headed over to where Connor was sitting, on a chair next to the couch, and knelt before him.

Connor was dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt too but was wearing sneakers and socks. He bent down and started to untie one sneaker when Zack said, “Connor, wait, Andrew will do that.”

Connor smiled and sat back on the chair. I got down on the floor and reached to untie one sneaker. “Andrew!” shouted Zack, “Did you ask for permission? I want the same show of respect that you used for Patrick.”

The feeling of having to ask someone 4 years younger for permission to untie his sneakers just so I could kiss his foot was so overwhelmingly humiliating that I just blocked it out of my mind and just focused on the task at hand to get through it. I placed my face close to the floor near his feet and asked in a sheepish tone, “May I kiss your foot, Connor?”

Connor gleefully replied, “Yes, you can kiss both!”

Zack and Patrick laughed out loud. Trying to preempt more orders from Zack I asked, “Connor, may I untie and remove your sneakers and remove your socks?”

Connor, wasn’t as passive as Patrick and replied, “Yep, “but you better put them back exactly as they were!”

The three of them laughed again as I carefully untied and removed his sneakers. He was wearing white mid calf athletic socks. I placed the sneakers on the floor then proceeded to slowly pull his socks. As the socks came off you can see some white sock lint between his toes but his feet looked otherwise clean. He too has straight toes and his nails were well groomed. His feet looked almost identical to Patrick's, only smaller.

Connor looked down on me as I placed his socks on top of each sneaker. He lifted one foot and pressed his toes against my mouth and demanded, “clean off the lint between my toes!”

Zack, quickly interjected, “no, let him do the same as he did for your brother. Just kiss the tops as a gesture of apology.”

“OK,” said Connor in a highly excited tone. He put both feet flat on the floor and awaited my presentation. I moved my head closer to the floor right above his feet and lingered for a few seconds. His feet did not at all smell bad and as a matter of fact had a bit of a clean soapy scent to them. I moved the rest of the way and placed a kiss on each foot in the same spot right above the toe line. I made sure to make it a complete kiss, waiting a second before moving on, not just peck and move. His feet felt much warmer on my lips than Patrick's. Maybe it was because he was wearing sneakers.

Keeping my head low I said, “I’m sorry Connor for the things I said about Patrick and for mentioning you. I was wrong to do so and won’t do it again. Will you please forgive me.”

Connor moved his hand over me giving a fake sign of the cross and said, laughingly, “you are absolved of all your sins.”

Connor and Patrick laughed out loud and I started to put his socks back on. He lifted each foot off the floor to make it easier for me. I made sure his socks went back on tight, pulling them up and then I put his sneakers back on and tied the knots. Connor commented, “That was good, I’ve never had my feet kissed before.”

As I finished tying Connor’s sneakers, Zack looked over to Connor and Patrick and said, “What just happened here stays between us. No one else needs to know how Andrew acted and had to apologize. OK?”

Connor and Patrick both nodded. I got back up on the couch and Zack hit play on his controller to resume the game. They quickly got back into the swing of the game but it felt very awkward for me. I wasn’t paying much attention to the game and let questions that I knew the answer to go by.

I wasn’t sure what I should do. Should I just get up and leave? Should I go on as if nothing happened? With all my thoughts I kept coming back to images of their feet in my mind. My mind stayed adrift with these thoughts until I heard Zack say, “Andrew, you know the answer to that.”

I looked up and chose the correct answer on my controller. That got my mind back into the game and able to move past the incident. We played for a while longer and stayed for pizza, which Mrs M brought for lunch. By the time I had left I wasn’t thinking of the incident, but that changed when Zack and I started walking home together.

The walk started out awkwardly quiet. I waited for Zack to bring up what happened but once it became apparent he wasn’t going to, I said with my voice breaking a bit, “Zack, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I talk like that.”

I stopped walking and composed myself. I wasn’t near tears or anything but felt bad and it showed. Zack stopped with me, put his arm on my shoulder and waited a minute or two. “Are you OK?” He asked in a consoling tone.

“I know I acted like a dick,” I said as I exhaled, feeling fully composed. “I don’t know why. I don’t think sometimes.”

Zack kept his hand on my shoulder and let me continue. “I know I deserved it, and I’m sorry.”

Zack pressed his arm on my shoulder and said, “It’s OK, bro.” Then he pulled me closer to him and we hugged. I put my arms around him in typical bro hug style.

I’m not sure what got to me but when we broke off the hug I blurted out, “I think in some ways I’m jealous of you and Patrick. I know that doesn’t give me the right to be an asshole but that’s how I feel.

“Yea,” he replied. “I kinda thought you felt like that. Listen, I talked to Patrick and asked him if he’d be OK with you knowing what we did in that room and he said yes. Just promise you will keep it between us OK?”

“I promise,” I said with anticipation.

“I jerked him off,'' Zack stated bluntly.

“Was that the only time?” I asked.

“No, since he got into the accident, I’d say about a half dozen times,” he replied.

“Wow, did he do it to you too?” I asked

“No,” he said as he shook his head. “With his wrists like that he couldn’t really do it right so I helped him out. We’re not a couple or going out or anything like that. As far as I’m concerned, you’re as good of a friend to me as he is.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “does that mean you’ll jerk me off too?”

“Sure,” replied Zack wryly, “just as soon as you break both your wrists.”

We both laughed and Zack added, “it would be really nice to never have to jerk off again.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean to have someone do it for you all the time and then clean up your cum,” he replied.

“Did you have to clean up Patrick’s cum?” I asked.

“Na, I just did the jerking for him, he’s on clean up duty,” he said laughing with me laughing with him.

The rest of the walk home was uneventful, mostly just talking about school. When I got home I again reflected on the events of the day. I was happy to know that Zack and Patrick were not in a relationship and I understood why he jerked him off. I was also mad at myself for forgetting the swirly lesson. In a way though, this mild reminder was effective. It brought back all the emotions of the swirly and helped me to realize to think before I speak.

Copyright © 2021 and9993; All Rights Reserved.
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The content presented here is for informational or educational purposes only. These are just the authors' personal opinions and knowledge. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are based on the authors' lives and experiences and may be changed to protect personal information. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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2 hours ago, Arch Hunter said:

I don't know why this story feels so intense to me... I love it

Thank you so much! 

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Well written, intense, gives a good view into the mindset of Andrew as the events happen. Very realistic, and easily a story to eagerly follow, from chapter 1 to now, and into the future

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59 minutes ago, DMP said:

Well written, intense, gives a good view into the mindset of Andrew as the events happen. Very realistic, and easily a story to eagerly follow, from chapter 1 to now, and into the future

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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