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the Scuffy - 1. Chapter 1

“Uncle, this week-end looks good for fishing. We haven’t gone for a while and the fish are calling us.”

“You’re right Kevin, we need to get back out there. I’ll round up three more mates, and we’ll leave Friday as soon as you get home from work.”

Uncle Amos had owned a fishing boat that now belonged to me. He has been in charge of that boat and the fishing as long as I could remember. I pretended he still owned the boat, that was how he made his living. During fishing season, I helped him on week-ends and my days off. Helping Uncle Amos was the number one priority for me. He was the only family I had. Besides, the work kept me in shape.

I left work early on Friday, went home, changed clothes, and headed toward the boat. It didn’t take me long to walk to the docks. I lived about three blocks away. As I neared the docks, I saw Uncle Amos stocking the boat for the week-end.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain.”

I always said that, Uncle just laughed and hugged me. The boat had two cabins that slept four plus a captain’s cabin just off the bridge. The cabins had a bunk bed that slept two. There was a head at the end of the corridor that was only big enough for one person at a time.

I helped to cut bait, and if amount of bait he had was any indication, he was expecting a good haul. With all of the bait ready and in the livewell, we waited for the rest of the crew to show up.

“Kevin, one of the crew is from the Falcon and has experience. The other two I don’t know, so I can’t judge whether they have any experience or not. You’ll be first mate, I know I can count on you.”

I went on shore and picked up some water and snacks. When I got back, the other three where on board. I remembered Ron from the Falcon, the other two I didn’t know.

“Lou, Glen, this is my nephew, Kevin, who will be first mate and you Ron, second mate.

“Kevin, show them to their quarters and then we can shove off.”

I showed Glen to my quarters and indicated to Ron to take the second cabin. There was something about Lou I didn’t like, a feeling more or less. I thought if there were any issues, Ron could handle it easily.

I went to the helm to check the map. We would be heading to a different spot from where Uncle usually fished. We hadn’t fished in this area for several years. I took a bottle of water and headed for the stern, brought the anchor on board. As soon as

Uncle started the engines, Ron and I went and untied the lines from the dock cleats. We were free of the dock.

I used the time it took us to head for the fishing spot to get to know my mates. Ron was all business, and I was okay with that since this was my Uncle’s livelihood. Glen was quiet, listening to Uncle as he was explaining the nets and how to handle them. He listened, I knew from experience, Ron was listening as the Falcon was a for-hire boat for people who liked to go deep sea fishing. Lou and Glen are amateurs, Glen admitted that and said he was ready to learn. Lou wasn’t paying attention, he was more interested in Glen.

By the time we got to the fishing spot, the sun was setting. “Kevin, let’s get dinner, then call it a night. We’ll need to be up early to set the nets.”

Dinner wasn’t anything fancy, microwave food. It was hot and eatable, that was all I cared about.

As we headed to our quarters, I could see Lou whispering something to Glen. Glen shook his head no, Lou put his arm around him and began to pull him in the direction of the head.

Glen turned and saw me, “Kevin, do we have water in the cabin?”

“Yes, I have several bottles for drinking. Come, I’ll show you.”

Glen pulled away from Lou, who didn’t look too pleased, followed me into my cabin.

“What was that with Lou?”

“He wants me to change cabins with Ron, I told him no. Then he wanted me to meet him on deck after everyone was asleep. I don’t like him. He gives me the creeps.”

“Stick with me, he’ll get the message.”

“I have to use the head?”

“If it’s just to take a piss, follow me.” We went up on deck and added our water to the sea.

Walking back to our cabin, Lou came out of the head. As he passed Glen, he reached over and groped him. Glen smacked his hand away. “That’s private and not for you, leave it alone, or you might be swimming back.”

Glen’s reaction shocked me. Lou was five inches taller and seemed to be able to handle himself. I wasn’t sure who would be swimming back if a fight broke out. That night I got my answer.

“Glen, I normally sleep in the nude, if that bothers you, I’ll sleep in my shorts.”

“No, that doesn’t bother me. I’d think it could get pretty hot in here.”

I quickly took off my shorts and jumped in the top bunk. I watched Glen as he took off his shorts. For a short guy, he had a solid build and looked like he could handle Lou with no trouble.

“Better get some sleep, we’ll be up early tomorrow.”



Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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Wow you're getting very prolific.Kevin is what in his 20's?He mentioned his Uncle is his only family and hasn't mentioned anything else about his back story.Lou is bad news.

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2 hours ago, weinerdog said:

Wow you're getting very prolific.Kevin is what in his 20's?He mentioned his Uncle is his only family and hasn't mentioned anything else about his back story.Lou is bad news.

More about Kevin is coming


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