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the Scuffy - 37. Chapter 37

Walking home, “That was fun Dad, can we do that tomorrow. It isn’t as much fun as fishing but they are good to eat.”

“Kev, what’s above the garage?”

“Just empty space. I think Dad was going to create some workshops there. Want to see it?”

I opened the garage door leading to the back yard, “These steps lead to that space.”

“Wait, you have a basket ball net, do you have a basket ball?”

“Yes, in that shed.”

“What else do you have in that shed?”

“I think there’s a volley ball net, use to be some baseball gloves, I’m not sure maybe my old bike.”

“Let’s check the space over the garage and then I’m going to check out your shed, okay?”

“Sure, this is your home as well.”

Opening the door to the area over the garage, I turned on the light. “Looks like someone is bedding down here.”

“The last time I was here, there was nothing. This looks more like rags. Tonight, I’m going to stay here and see who is using this place.”

“I’ll stay with you.”

“No, I’d rather you stay with the boys, if you stay here, they might want to stay here as well and that’ll scare off who ever it is.”

“Okay, I’m going to get the boys and see if they want to play basketball or whatever I find in that shed.”

“I think someone wants to play.”

“I do and I also know you’ll join in.”

I watched Glen go back in the house. I went to check out the shed. I found my bike, it was in good shape. The tires needed air but that wouldn’t be a problem. The basketball needed air, I knew Dad had an air compressor in the garage.

“Dad, Pop said we can play basketball.”

“Yes, but I need to put air in the ball. Come with me and I’ll give the ball to you.”

“Dad, you have a bike, Can I ride it?”

“Sure Charles, it needs air in the tires. Push it in the garage.”

I plugged in the air compressor, once it started I pointed the hose at Charles. He laughed as the air hit his stomach. I took the basketball, connecting it to the air compressor, it didn’t take long before the ball was ready to use. Then I filled the tires while Charles sat on the bike. “Charles, have you ever ridden a bike?”

“No, will you help me?”

I held on to the seat as he moved toward the driveway, he seemed to be balancing ok. I let go of the seat. I watched as he rode the bike down the driveway, I’m sure he didn’t know I wasn’t holding on till he turned around.

Then the smile, “Okay, don't go far and watch out for cars.”

I went back into the garage. “Kev, we need to relocate the basketball net. It’s too hard to bounce on the grass.”

“I guess we could put it over the garage doors, like most people. I used the net to practice baskets.”

“You have a ladder, I’ll remove it put it over the garage doors .”

Well, Glen didn’t do it, Nicky found the ladder and we stood there and watched as he mounted the hoop. Once that was done, he told the boys he had to try it out. They laughed when he missed.


Leaving the boys playing basketball, Glen and I went to the shed. “I really should clean this out. Oh look, I forgot about his. I don’t think my dad threw any of my toys away. Here’s my wagon I got when I was eight years old. I wanted a bike but got this instead. I’d ride down the driveway and some times Dad would pull me in this when he walked to the store.”

As I pulled the wagon out of the shed, “I need to clean this. It’s still in good shape.”

I went and got a bucket of water while Glen continued to go through the shed. “Kev, we need to organize this shed. You have things here which we could use now like these two sleeping bags.”

“You’re probably right. When the folks left, I didn’t want to open this shed. Too many memories, even now.”

“Dad, they won’t let me play.”

“I think they don’t want you to get hurt. Come and help me clean this wagon.”

He smiled as he took the cloth and started to clean. Of course, I got wet and so did he. “Dad, can I ride this?”

“Yep, as soon as we change from these wet clothes, we can go crabbing and you can ride the wagon to the dock, okay?”

Yes, that was okay. “Kev, this is going to take another day, maybe we could get Nicky to do it.”

“Let’s go crabbing” I put the two ice chests in the wagon, “Peter, sit on the top of the chests.” I started down the drive way.

“Where are you going?”

Peter yelled crabbing. That was it, the basketball was put in the garage, door closed and we went crabbing. The boys looked at the empty dock, I saw a few tears, but it didn't take then long to begin catching crabs. I walked to the end of the dock, Glen followed me. Putting his arms around me with his chin on my shoulder,

“You miss the boat as much as the boys.”

“Yes, I know what Tony said about the boat, but that boat held many great memories for me. I spent a lot of time on that boat. Sometimes during the summer we’d spend the whole week on that boat, just Uncle and I. I knew every nook and cranny on that boat. It’s like losing an old friend.”

“Look there’s a mermaid.”

I laughed “Thanks Glen. I needed that. We’re lucky we were able to find a great boat that should be ready next week.”

“Why next week, look!” When I turned around there was our boat heading to our dock. As the boat got close, Tony blew the horn. The kids looked, then crabbing stopped as they watched The Peter Charles docking. Seeing the new boat at the dock, the boys knew, fishing was back on. I had a big smile.

So the story of the Duffy ends, but not for the boys, they have a new boat, the Peter Charles

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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 Your comment said the story of the Scuffy ends does that mean this story is over?There are still a few things left I would think.

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We, (well mostly I) am wondering who is beddding down in the garage space?  Curious I sense an addition to the number of inhabitants in this here tale.  Well potentially anyway!  Thank you for sharing this enchanting tale.

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Good chapter, thanks for this entertaining story, I hope that the next story is online soon

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This has been a wonderful story! I am looking forward to reading the next part. Thanks. 

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These are the kinds of stories I like. Stories where people open there hearts and homes to children who need Love and support. Thank-You for this. Looking forward to the Peter Charles.

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